World of Goo is an award winning a physics based puzzle / construction game. The millions of Goo Balls who live in the beautiful World of Goo don't know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.  

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"This isn’t just the small matter of being one of the best games of the year, it’s also the emergence of a stellar new talent in gaming... a game that constantly reinvents itself, reimagining the possibilities, evolving and throwing out surprise after surprise."
full review at Rock Paper Shotgun

"easily the best WiiWare game to date and, perhaps, one of the best this generation"
full review at NintendoWorldReport

"A game so utterly charming, so pregnant with charisma, and so simple in concept, that it belongs in another era."
full review at Eurogamer

"brilliant, stunning, and ridiculously fun ... World of Goo is so good that it oftentimes feels like a title developed internally at Nintendo"
full review at IGN

"The comedy is implemented in bucket-loads, parodying the power of cynical marketing and the corrupt exploits of major corporations... and at this point I struggle to find a way to put into words how a puzzle game can explore so many themes. It's just incredible."
full review at The Dead Pixel Post

"I honestly don’t know where to begin on this one. This game is so startlingly brilliant on so many levels that it’s difficult to say ‘oh yeah that’s the stand out thing’ and then begin with that."
full review at Poisoned Sponge
"I myself gasped at a few points at the sheer brilliance of what I saw in front of my eyes. Words cannot describe how good this game is."
full review by Chris Evans
"Not only is World of Goo easily the best WiiWare release to date, it's also proof that you don't need a large development team or millions of dollars to create an outstanding video game. In an era of video gaming where style is often emphasized over substance, it's refreshing to see a title like World of Goo that somehow manages to feature an abundance of both."
full review at WiiWare World
"Before long, you're actually building your way out of a creature's stomach. First you've got to make a raft on the sea of his digestive juices, obviously ... ingenious and heart-warming."
full preview with PC Gamer


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