Goo Oozing Into Europe (Finally!)

PC version officially launches in Europe this Thursday, December 11.  It will be available on Steam,, and retail stores across Europe (we’ll post a list as soon as we get one from our publisher).

WiiWare version is currently going through lot check and will be out as soon as it is approved.  Oz will get World of Goo on the same day as Europe.  We’ll post an exact release date as soon as we have one.

The PC version will go for 20 Euros and the WiiWare version will be 1500 Wii Points.

Big thank you to European gamers who have been patient and understanding towards us!  This was our first launch and we learned a lot about what NOT to do in the future :)

The Gift of Goo!

World of Goo is a game, and it doesn’t always come in a box, so sometimes it can be tricky to stick a digital game like this under a tree, or in a sock, or wrapped in paper. Luckily, the elves have devised a few options for the adventurous gifters of Goo!

  • Gifting for PC & Mac: Now, when you order the game, you can customize a download page with a recipient’s name, and a message from you! If you like box copies more, you can find them on and Best Buy. You are also welcome to burn the downloaded game to a CD.
  • Gifting for Wii: The Wii version is sold exclusively on WiiWare, so you can use the WiiWare gifting system. Another option, is to get a Wii Points card at any of the big retailers. World of Goo is 1500 Wii points.

If you need any card or wrapping ideas, there is a semi-secret collection of images for printing located here.  Maybe try changing the captions on these happy holiday friends: