The Gift of Goo!

World of Goo is a game, and it doesn’t always come in a box, so sometimes it can be tricky to stick a digital game like this under a tree, or in a sock, or wrapped in paper. Luckily, the elves have devised a few options for the adventurous gifters of Goo!

  • Gifting for PC & Mac: Now, when you order the game, you can customize a download page with a recipient’s name, and a message from you! If you like box copies more, you can find them on and Best Buy. You are also welcome to burn the downloaded game to a CD.
  • Gifting for Wii: The Wii version is sold exclusively on WiiWare, so you can use the WiiWare gifting system. Another option, is to get a Wii Points card at any of the big retailers. World of Goo is 1500 Wii points.

If you need any card or wrapping ideas, there is a semi-secret collection of images for printing located here.  Maybe try changing the captions on these happy holiday friends:

World of Goo Dissected

David Rosen of Wolfire Games has made a video analyzing some of the design aspects of World of Goo. He brings up some sneaky little tricks we did that I didn’t think anyone would ever notice.  This might be what it’s like posing as a nude model, but less chilly.  David’s full article here: World of Goo Design Tour