World of Goo iPad update coming soon…

We’re continuing to update the game with improvements based on your feedback. The next update, which will be submitted to the App Store on Monday, includes significant performance enhancements and bug fixes. This includes a possible crash bug in the World of Goo Corporation area that some players have reported. Thanks to everyone who’s given us feedback so far!

World of Goo for iPad Now Available

World of Goo for iPad is out! You can find it in the App Store here, we hope you guys enjoy! All the little Goo Balls are excited to stream through the internet into their new GooPad homes. Treat them well!

Every launch makes me as nervous as the first time, but our first review is in-  Brad Nicholson over at Touch Arcade says:

the iPad version is easily the definitive version of the game oft-praised puzzler. You get a real sense of connection with the game’s world as you dip your finger or fingers into it, and the technical mastery displayed in this port is near unparalleled. Everything just feels perfect. It’s as if this was the version of the game we all should have played first.”  Full review is here.

Here’s their preview, showing the first few levels:

And for old time’s sake, my favorite trailer for World of Goo:

World of Good Charity Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first World of Good Charity drive. We managed to raise $2400.56 for the charities and non-profits (Children’s Shelter of Cebu, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and AIDS Legal Referral Panel).  Meanwhile, a bunch of other folks did some wonderful good deeds (some not so wonderful…) which you can read about in the comments here.

The recipient of our development iPad with World of Goo go to Good-Deed-Do’er Sandy who made a bunch of sandwiches for homeless folks and handed them out. Congratulations, Sandy the Sandwich Maker!