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is an indie game studio based in San Francisco, making games the old fashioned way - a team of two, a few ideas, and a whole lot of "love".
Our goal is to make games that everyone can play, with gameplay nobody has seen before.
  Who are you, 2D BOY?

2D Boy is a core team of two guys, Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler. Their swanky San Francisco office is whichever free wi-fi coffee shop they wander into on a given day.

Kyle Gabler is one of the guys behind the Experimental Gameplay Project, and recently a game designer and magic rapid prototyper with Maxis & EA.

Ron Carmel was previously a game developer with EA's Before that, he developed visual fx software and immersive haptic simulations.

Together, they are an unstoppable force on the front lines of the indie revolution.

Ron on the left, Kyle on the right,
2D BOY all around.