5 Years Old this Weekend


Help, it appears time is speeding up! On sale this weekend for 99c, everywhere goo products are sold (Apple App Store, Google Play, Steam, and directly from our website).

Meanwhile, World of Goo was happy to be a part of this year’s Indie Games Concert 2013 – performed by the Dutch Game Music orchestra consisting of an unusual arrangement of oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophones, trumpet, horn, piano, harp, violin, cello, string bass, and misc percussion. You can find the World of Goo medley embedded below, with the full concert including selections from Cave Story, Awesomenauts, Sword & Sworcery, and a bunch of other lovely indie games at the link above.

5 Responses to “5 Years Old this Weekend”

  1. MOM4Evr Says:

    Hooray! Happy Birthday, World of Goo! I should probably do a birthday playthrough, but exams and stuff.

    Remember that tiny percentile of people who bought World of Goo in stores? That was me. I probably never would have discovered indie games if it weren’t for a friend who said I’d like the game, and if I hadn’t been in Target within the next week (A store I almost never go to). The beautiful box art captivated me, and as soon as I bought, installed, and started playing the game, I was amazed by how absolutely brilliant the whole thing was. That got me on online forums, where I discovered the world of indie games, and the amazing people who make them. Thanks, guys! Keep doing what you love. And thanks for pushing through and getting World of Goo in stores, even if it didn’t seem worth it at the time.

  2. DEFE Says:

    Yeah, my story is similar. 5 years ago I heard about World of Goo on GameFAQs and grabbed it on impulse from the Wii Shop. World of Goo made indie games relevant to me. To this day it stands out as one of my favorites. It’s weird now to think of a time where indie games weren’t as big as they are now.

  3. JamesOfGoo Says:

    Happy 5th birthday, World of goo! Five good years of towers, bridges, and goo-product.

  4. Pranjal Says:

    Hi will i get a steam key, i mistakenly bought the game from your website and thought it had a steam key. Anyways thanks for the price drop :)

  5. raindog469 Says:

    I got a retail copy too, back in the day. I think it was from BJ’s Wholesale Club of all places. I also bought it on the Wii Shop, through the Android Market (literally the first app I ever bought for Android), and several more times through Humble Bundles. Somewhere in there, I got a kind word at an appropriate moment from one of you guys that made me want to support you more than buying a single copy. I’ve also bought Little Inferno twice and enjoyed it, but still hope to see something new from this team in the future.

    Still never completed it 100%, let alone OCD. Happy birthday, and thanks for 5 years of awesome. I love you, 2D Boy!