BlackBerry Now Filled with a World of Goo

World of Goo BlackBerry 10

World of Goo Corporation is delighted to announce the arrival of World of Goo on BlackBerry 10 devices, available now. “With this release, World of Goo is now available on 99.997% of all mobile devices on the planet,” said World of Goo Corporation’s Assistant Corporate Communications Director. “We are especially pleased to launch the very same day as the new BlackBerry 10!

The Sign Painter was unavailable for comment. But is believed to be watching.

11 Responses to “BlackBerry Now Filled with a World of Goo”

  1. n Says:

    Didn’t know that the market share of Windows Phone would be /that/ low. ^^

  2. MOM4Evr Says:

    Yay for being available on almost everything! That’s plain cool. I didn’t realize a Blackberry port was even in the works. :)

  3. shake Says:

    Hey guys thank you so much for supporting this platform. This is one of my favorite, always replayable games and I was hoping to see you port it ever since playbook came out.

    IF it was an easy port, presume from your iOS branch, maybe you can be evangelical about the effort to port to blackberry and gain more momentum around the community.

  4. Simon Sage Says:

    Awesome job on getting on the platform so early! I love the game, and really hope the port pays off for you guys.

  5. puggsoy Says:

    This is great! I don’t have a BlackBerry nor am I planning to get one, but it’s just awesome to see World of Goo still being ported for new platforms, even over 4 years after it was released! It really shows how wonderful and timeless the game is.

    Now I wonder… will there perhaps be a patch for the PC version to support Windows 8 touch devices?

  6. news Says:

    Cool Post. I think BB10 vs Microsoft is a better match rather than Apple/Google. Good Stuff

  7. Kent Says:

    Would love to see it for BB PlayBook too, we’re still in the 0.003% outliers. Here’s hoping that as (if/when) PlayBook gets BB10 OS, we’ll see it there too. Same porting process, just a slightly different OS for now and screen size, of course.

  8. Lizard Says:

    Wow, great news guys! I’m waiting for blackberry playbook version..

  9. Bruno Says:

    hi, me install demo in world of goo , missing multiple textures in Archos Gamepad, possible update game ?

  10. Dexter Says:

    “2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy!

  11. Fruit Says:

    lol, mom has ruled the Blackberries.