World of Goo Speedrun in 31 Minutes

World of Goo speed run in 31 MINUTES, made possible by cyborgs. Perhaps someone can explain this better than me, but here’s how I think this works: A bright young fan of World of Goo turned on their Nintendo Wii, and then legitimately purchased a copy of World of Goo from WiiWare, and then merged his or her brain with a quantum time vortex computer, and PLAYED EVERY SINGLE LEVEL in like 0.2 seconds each, finishing the entire game in 31 minutes, 99% of that time waiting for cutscenes and animations. Each, animation an eternity. A hummingbird’s wings flap leisurely outside the window.

Many of the special techniques also appear to have been scooped up from the forums and folks at GooFans. Brilliant job, Internet.


7 Responses to “World of Goo Speedrun in 31 Minutes”

  1. Mygod Says:

    Oh my!

  2. Pavke Says:

    Congrats to cyborgs. This is most impressive.

  3. Mark H (aka MOM4Evr) Says:

    Very impressive. Tool-assisted speedruns are pretty wild. If I recall correctly, the non-assisted speed (assuming the world record for time matched in every level) is somewhere around 45 minutes or so? So what’s more impressive is that NOT being a cyborg-brain is only a few minutes behind this. I think those times are calculated minus cutscenes, however.

  4. Pavke Says:

    Kyle, Ron. If you are reading this I just like to point out that humans are still faster on MOM’s Computer and Deliverance ( Recucle Bin) levels… I guess we are better in computers the computer programs /bad joke :)

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    you rock man!! tks for the blog about it.
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  6. Maria Jay Says:

    This looks like a fun game. Too bad I don’t have a Wii. BTW, the eyes you have at the bottom of this page are quite creepy. Really annoying when writing this comment. LOL.

  7. ri3o Says: