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World of Goo Speedrun in 31 Minutes

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

World of Goo speed run in 31 MINUTES, made possible by cyborgs. Perhaps someone can explain this better than me, but here’s how I think this works: A bright young fan of World of Goo turned on their Nintendo Wii, and then legitimately purchased a copy of World of Goo from WiiWare, and then merged his or her brain with a quantum time vortex computer, and PLAYED EVERY SINGLE LEVEL in like 0.2 seconds each, finishing the entire game in 31 minutes, 99% of that time waiting for cutscenes and animations. Each, animation an eternity. A hummingbird’s wings flap leisurely outside the window.

Many of the special techniques also appear to have been scooped up from the forums and folks at GooFans. Brilliant job, Internet.