Humble Bundle for Android!

World of Goo is part of the first ever Humble Bundle for Android, along with three other games we love: Edge, Osmos, and Anomaly. You can get the bundle by clicking the purchase button above or from the Humble Bundle website directly.

16 Responses to “Humble Bundle for Android!”

  1. John Evans Says:

    Ah yes, the “humble bundle”. So if I pay too little, I feel guilty about scamming the developers and charities, but if I pay too much, I feel angry about being ripped off…Quite the marketing coup there, guys.

  2. Ron Carmel Says:

    i guess the only choice left is for you not to buy it, eh? :)

  3. Joao C. Says:

    Is there a minimum android version requirement? Or minimum resolution?

    Android 2.3.4 here, and it just does not run (it installs, but then it fails ‘unexpectedly’ – nothing ever shows up).

  4. Mark H (aka MOM4Evr) Says:

    Delayed response on my part, since I knew when the launch would be a day ahead of time, but cool beans! :) I now have bought World of Goo three times. And now I have yet another reason I need to get an Android. :P

    If anybody sees me on chat support, say hi!

  5. Kristian Says:

    Could we get desura key?

  6. Anon Says:

    I wonder, if this means that when buying from your website from now on, the Android version will be included as well?

  7. Drizzt Says:

    @Joao C.: According to the minimum requirement for World of Goo is Android 2.2 or higher and a ARMv7 CPU (marketing name for those is Cortex). The second requirement is a little bit nasty, because many of the smartphones still sold at the entry level have an ARM11 (ARMv6). See e.g. for a table showing this correlation. It might be interesting to know what ARMv7 feature is needed by WoG…

    @John Evans: How about giving a decent sum? E.g. the average or a bit above that is given by Linux users (/me leans to “above the Linux average”, as I find 8 US-$ a little bit low, when it’s divided among the four studios and Humble Bundle and maybe the charities). As I don’t know whether money is an issue for you or not, I dare not give a definite suggestion (in fact, if money is a bit tight, then it’s totally acceptable to give less from my POV), but maybe these “guidelines” help.

  8. Techrocket9 Says:

    How is it that simple games and even the Android keyboard stiffer on my phone, but WoG runs flawlessly at 40+ fps?

  9. Ron Carmel Says:

    because my brother, gil, who developed the android version is a much better programmer than the people who made those other apps :)

  10. S. M. Das Says:

    Desura please! We love you 2D Boy!

    Desura please… please Desura, it is Steam for Linux and we love it, and we love you, and Desura keys would be awesome, and I’ve purchased Goo three times now, and love it and given it as a gift (ok, so bought four times, then) and want a Desura key, and, and, and…


    Desura keys, FTW.

    Did I mention that I purchased specifically for Linux and Android versions? And again with the HIB? And that Desura is fantastic? And that we love you?

    Please? :-)

  11. Douglas Bentley Says:

    Are you guys working on another game? I’m keen to see something new from 2D boy, something to get excited about. I haven’t been following the blog for a while so let me know if I’m severely uninformed.

  12. Tetram Says:

    Hi !

    Just to tell you I just bought it : I’ve bought World of Goo on Steam when it was out, then on my Wii, and now on my smartphone (Nexus S)

    By the way, it would be great if you could make it work on armv6 devices, like Galaxy Ace. Those smartphones are very popular and it would allow you to sell more.

  13. besta Says:

    ARM6 please… Realy realy want this game!

  14. Jake Says:

    Just purchased…it feels good to give back. Glad to support devs and their games, as well as charities. Its a good mix.
    Speaking of devs, does anybody know the IPO status of the World of Goo Corporation? Do they have stock options for those who buy the “Humble Bundle,” or do they just use the money for new piping? Heck, I don’t know what the “World of Goo Corporation” is doing with my hard-earned goo-dollars. Maybe they are planning to open up a second location…on another planet…also available for download at your nearest internet connection…does anybody see where I’m going with this? Regardless, thanks devs! Keep up the good gooey work!

  15. Maria Says:


    Thanks you but can i get desura key? pleaaaase

  16. Dimension x2 Says:

    Now the Nintendo eShop?