One Million Downloads!

World of Goo was released on iOS a little over a year ago, and some time in the wee hours of last night, someone was the millionth person to buy World of Goo on the App Store.  Whoever you are, we wish you a long, healthy, and prosperous life!

Most of the sales came from the iOS App Store, but a non trivial amount came from the Mac App Store as well.  Here’s the breakdown:

On a related note, the Android version, which we released on the Android Market a little over a month ago is also doing really well.  On Android we released a free demo (same as on the PC) and a paid version for the same price as the Universal iOS version ($4.99).  So far, the free demo has been downloaded about 450,000 times, and we’ve sold about 70,000 copies of the full version.

For comparison, during the same period of time after the iOS launch, we sold about 180,000 copies.  This is not a fair comparison for a variety reasons, but it does indicate that the Android Market is no longer the tiny upstart it was a year or two ago.  Another thing worth pointing out is that even though most of the time the Android Market top 10 list contains only freemium/F2P games, there is an opportunity for high visibility paid games to do very well on Android.


15 Responses to “One Million Downloads!”

  1. MOM4Evr Says:

    Nice! I’m glad the iOS and Android versions are doing nicely for you guys! Maybe one of these days I’ll get a smartsomething and it’ll definitely be the first app I get. :)

  2. Robert Cummings Says:


    It’s good of you to share figures like this, it’s inspiring for many. However, how much of those sales do you attribute to world of goo already being a known brand?

    I’d love to imagine that all you need is a great game to succeed, but a lot of the time great games just vanish on mobiles. What is your opinion on that, and how much was marketing a factor in your success?

    Grats on the great successes btw :)

  3. Jon Draper Says:

    Cheers for sharing the sales percentages and numbers.

    It makes for an interesting read from an indie dev point of view. I tinker with game design in my spare time and I’m about to finish (after some final testing and in game store additions) my 4th and most indepth title for iOS. Hopefully it’ll do well enough that I can take game design up full time, and give up my full time job as a motion graphics animator for the corporate world.

    I played World of Goo on the wii when it came out and sat and completed it that same night with a friend whilst enjoying copious amounts of beer…quite honestly World of Goo and wii Wii Bowling were the best times I had on my old wii a good few years ago now.

    One day I’ll check out the ipad version.

  4. Boštjan Says:

    I guess the Android version would sell just a little bit better if you would make it compatible with more phones.

  5. Shirley Says:

    Im well chuffed for you! I love World of Goo, have it on 3 platforms, and have introduced it to lots of people, who also love it and have bought it.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  6. Ron Carmel Says:

    @robert: the number of people who buy a game can be thought of as the number of people who know about your game multiplied by some constant X, where X is a constant and different for each game, so how well a game does DEFINITELY depends a lot on how well you publicize it (but it also has to be a good game or X will be very low and not many people will buy it).

    that said, we don’t have a secret sauce for how to do marketing. you just have to figure out how to get the word out there and get other people to talk and write about your game. the most effective way we’ve found for this is to be a finalist or an award winner at different game festivals like IndieCade and the Independent Games Festival. Your game has to really stand out in quality though, to get that kind of recognition.

  7. Alberto Fonseca Says:

    Congratulations on your success! Deefinitely inspiring for indies everywhere and thanks for sharing the revenue percentages by mobile market, very insightful.

  8. SamF Says:

    So, you’ve made more than an order of magnitude more revenue from a little more than double the number of downloads from the Apple app stores compared to the Google Market.

    That sounds like a pretty shocking disparity to me.

  9. Kevin Says:

    @SamF: Why would you count the demo in the number of downloads? Its a demo, you can’t make money on it. They made the same amount of money per download for both platforms, so the Android sales have been better in both numbers and revenue than the Mac app store sales.

  10. Teovald Says:

    @SamF : that is a very bad comparison : the ios version has also been out an order of magnitude longer than the android version. You can’t expect them to have the same total number of sales in those conditions.
    2DBoy comparison is far more relevant, Using the same period of time after the launch can give you a better idea of the sales on different platforms. If you wanted to really compare the platforms accurately you would need to imput a lot more factors in the equation (for starters, to do not limit the study to only one game).

  11. blueskirt Says:

    What about PC/Mac/Linux sale figures? Care to share anything about them?

  12. pietroz Says:

    Maybe if you release arm6 compatibility you can sell almost twice Android version…

  13. Dimension x2 Says:

    Now we want an eShop version of it!

  14. Bo Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Your posts are always interesting for small developers like us to read.
    It’s really good numbers for only a month on Android.

  15. Dane Says:

    Thanks for sharing your sales data! Good to know I’m on the right track with universal, and it really is a kick in the ars to move my stuff over to android too. cheers and congrats on the landmark!