Android Update Available

World of Goo for Android has just been updated to work with more devices, including HTC Desire and Nexus 1.

As always, if the Android Market will not let you install World of Goo, you can always try downloading directly from here: Demo Version and Full Version

Update update: It appears some devices, including HTC Desire, have an apk size limit that prevents seeing apps in the Android Market over a certain size. If you can see the demo but not the full version, this likely applies to you. If so, just use the direct links above.

58 Responses to “Android Update Available”

  1. Sam Says:

    Is there any need to update if it was already working on our devices?

    Any bug fixes etc?

  2. Stanislaw Kardach Says:

    Are there any plans on supporting PowerVR based devices? I own a Motorola Milestone/Droid and the updated demo works almost smoothly so I was wondering is there any space left for PowerVR optimization adaptation?

  3. Geo Says:

    Good question!

    How will those of us that had to download the game through your website be notified of updates? (since we will not see when updates are available in the Android Market)

  4. Andreas Says:

    Great work, and now the market says that my HTC Desire is compatible with the demo version, however, the market still says that the full version is incompatible with my phone.

  5. figuraquattro Says:

    The android market doesn’t let me install the game and the directly links in this post don’t work :( Can you fix them pls? :)

    I bought the full version and need to play soon as possible :D It’s awesome!
    Thank you!

  6. figuraquattro Says:

    is there someone that can give me the right link to full version direct download pls ? :)
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Apologies, the direct links took a while to update, but they are ready now. Does it work ok for everyone now?

    If you get the game directly through our site, updates are always available at the same link you use to originally download the game.

  8. figuraquattro Says:

    Yes links work now, thank you! But I have already bought the game… I no wanna buy it again :(

  9. gareth Says:

    I have a HTC Desire, I still can’t buy the full game in the market, even though it says it’s been updated to allow this.

    I’ve bought the full version through the paypal route, but how do I then sync this with the market, or get updates for the game?

    Seriously what’s going on…?

  10. Razvan T. Coloja Says:

    Thank you! Now it works well on my Archos A101 :D

  11. sg Says:

    I was wondering about the updates too. Will the link that was sent for a version bought through this site point to updated versions in the future?
    Next, the game is awesome! But … I experienced troubles with the sleep mode. As soon as the phone goes to sleep the screen will stay black when the phone is activated again. Won’t respond to any keys either. You have to kill the game and then restart it to continue. (Galaxy Note)

  12. Dzeus-PL Says:

    Unfortunately, demo doesn’t work on my Viewsonic Viewpad 7 [I’ve downloaded demo from your site, cause marketplace claims that my phone is not supported ?:( (but I can’t figure why)].

    Please, consider my case :) – it’s a great game

  13. Gil Says:

    sg: Yes, the updates are available through the same link as your original install.

  14. patalo Says:

    Yay, direct link updated, runs perfectly on galaxy S, thank you very much !

  15. Isfacat Says:

    The problem that I’m running into is that the phone is saying that I have insufficient space for the app. I’ve moved everything that I can to the SD card, but I still can’t install it.

    AT&T Captivate I-897 (Samsung Galaxy S) running CyanogenMod 7.1.

  16. Ayk Says:

    2D… “helicopters”? … yeah… O. K. man. Whatever you say.

    Seems like it is updated now. Thank you.

    However, I have a bug to report. I have written this as a review on the Android Market but it is perfectly possible it got lost among the cacophony. I will try my chance here

    Anyhow, the application seems to be unable to WAKE from the background state. For any reason, if the application gets pushed to the background (home button press, alarm, incoming call etc.) you cannot return to the game. When you try to do that, all you get is the music playing over a black screen. The only remedy is to force stop the app via task manager, or push it off the memory via opening other apps.
    Sadly, both remedies result in the app reloading from start so you effectively lose your level state.

    So when you are working hard on the OCD at the end of a very long level and your wife calls you, tough luck. Lose the level, get served divorce papers.

    Judging from the general population, this does seem to be a device specific problem.
    I have only tested this on Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) Android 2.3.5

    I work for Samsung, so I will try to test this on some other devices as well.

    What would be the best way I can produce more debug info for you? I can run it via the eclipse debugger if you need.

  17. Ben Says:


    Will this ever be available for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 on the Android Market?

    I prefer to buy it from there, so any updates get pushed to me automatically. I’d rather not have to check back here wondering if there are any updates.

    Thanks for any feedback – even if it’s just “we don’t know”…

  18. tobei Says:

    Well it’s same here I have an HTC Desire but I don’t want to buy a separate APK file, I wanna buy tru the market so it updates itself like any other app and can be reinstalled later that easily…. is there no way to solve this thing? contact google?

  19. Michi Says:

    Just bought the full version, downloaded the APK on my Galaxy S and installed it. Works like a charm – and the current price is really low for such a great (and big) game. Thank you, 2D Boy.

    I just noticed one little bug as of now: using the german translation, the “skip level” button in a level’s pause menu is not translated.
    As an additional feature, it’d be nice to have the possibility to choose the language manually. I’d like to play with the original english text (as I did on my PC), as some of the sign painter’s jokes get lost when translating.

  20. mrKaizen Says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S SCL i9003 with
    CPU: 1.00 GHz TI OMAP3630 – Cortex A8 – ARMv7
    GPU: PowerVR SGX 530 GPU

    and 650 MB RAM.

    Can’t install from the market but downloaded the demo from here and works PERFECTLY.

  21. Жека Says:

    Galaxy Ace – still crashes. Will you make support for ARMv6?

  22. Goo Ball Says:

    Kyle, are you considering a eShop version of World of Goo?

  23. S I R E N Says:

    THANK YOU 2D Boy for finally getting WOG for Droid :D
    I’ve done some quick testing on my HTC Desire Z (purchased from the marketplace just fine), and it runs BEAUTIFULLY. I did check to see if I can homescreen and/or open other aps and switch back to goo – no interruptions or restart. Even turning off the screen/sleeping the phone brings me right back to it. I will post if I come across any problems, but so far, so goo-d. :D Thanks also for the nice sale price!

  24. S I R E N Says:

    oops forgot to mention I’m running Android 2.3.3 Thankies!

  25. ryan Says:

    I using HTC flyer, when I playing the world of goo(demo), I turn my device into standby mode (which mean switch off the monitor), and switch on again, the game doesn’t work anymore (only sound, can’t see anything except black) I need to use the task manager to kill the task.

    I love this game so much, pls fix this bug:)

  26. ryan Says:

    I think I get the some problem with siren, I ‘m running 2.3.4

  27. arm6 Says:

    make it compatible to arm6 as well…

  28. Mygod Says:

    There’s a bug: collidegeom sound is always too loud…

  29. taffey Says:

    purchased off Android Market, but will not load. Error message says that I do not have enough memory to install even though I do — at least 7 GB available on my Samsung Tablet running Gingerbread. Got auto refund right away which is good. Just playing the demo version now. Would buy, but unable to do so.

  30. Ayk Says:

    Hi again.

    I have tested on Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and Galaxy Tab 10.1 for now. The problem only seems to appear on Galaxy Note though… For the life of me, I don’t know what is so different in the OS architecture that it would cause something like this… Galaxy Note will be very hot in a few weeks and I believe you will get more info then.

    Anything I can do to help? Please?

  31. Sławek Says:

    helo, I buy this game for paypal, for my samsung galaxy s, and how i Can download it? I touch get full version in the demo and then pay and i have not full version. How I can download it?

  32. Candido Says:

    I’m getting the “music-playing-with-a-black-screen” with a Galaxy Tab P1000 (the first 7-inch one). How odd. Ayk, you say it only happens on a Galaxy Note?

  33. Jeff Collins Says:

    I bought the game from the Android app store, and of course it will not allow me to install it on my Samsung Galaxy S. I’m reading on this forum that there’s a link to download the game, but the link I see at the top of this page takes me to the order page. I already paid for it! This is a major mess that the guys running the Android App store have to know about, yet have done nothing to fix the problem. I download HUGE files well over 50MB off the Amazon app store over Wi-Fi no problem, so it’s the store not our phones. I loved this game on the PC and was so excited to play it on my phone, now all I am is pissed. BUMMER!

  34. Luis Says:


    I also experienced the same bug as Ayk states on November 30th, 2011 (World of goo seems to be unable to WAKE from the background state.) screen keeps blank but I can hear the music playing. I’m forced to force close the game and lost the current level.
    I’m using samsung galaxy tab 7″ wifi only (galaxy tab P1010)

    By the way, I couldn’t install the game from the current version of android market (3.something) with a no enough space error, I have to force a previous version of the market to be able to install the game (ver 1)

  35. Flawless victory© Says:

    please make armv6 version, many peoples cannot play your awesome game.
    sorry for my English)

  36. Jeff Collins Says:

    OK so what the heck did I do wrong? I just bought the game straight from this web site?!
    I got a Receipt , but no link to download. What happens when you guys bought the game off this site?? I’ve been dealing with this crap all day. I just want the game.
    Was I supposed to put my cell # for the phone # on the order form? I didn’t think about that and put down my home phone. Is that what I did wrong??

  37. Jeff Collins Says:

    OK OK so people that buy this game and use Hotmail/Live mail will find your e-mail with the download link in your JUNK folder! I was just going to give up for the day, and then I thought, Gee Jeff check your JUNK folder because a lot of important e-mail ends up there. So all is well after a really fun filled day!

  38. druif Says:

    The updated demo is not compatible with a Samsung Gio (GT-S5660) with Android 2.3.3

  39. Otávio Says:

    I bought it in the Android Market and had the cache size problem so I can’t download it from there. The link posted here takes me to the shop, but I don’t want to pay for the game again. Any solutions for this?

  40. Truefire Says:

    Works great on my HTC Glacier / MyTouch 4G! I’ve been wanting to buy this game for at least a year or two, and the chance to buy it for my PHONE was too good to pass up at a few bucks!

  41. Xitr Says:

    Need arm6, please

    game is very good

  42. Ugis Klava Says:

    when will be version for arm6?

  43. David Says:

    There is a way you can go past the size limitation… Simply have some of the contents download themselves to the SD card from within the application. That way you can use google’s market ecosystem to reach a wider audience.

  44. Martin Damboldt Says:

    I can install the package file directly on my Samsung Ace running Android 2.3.3. But I’m unable to launch the game. Right after launching it, the app quits with a standard termination process has been closed.

    Any hint how to run this on Samsung Ace?

  45. Myrik Says:

    Please,support the ARMv6 processors.
    It would be great.
    Is it possible?

  46. Danny Says:

    I was able to download demo version from market it works fine, but i couldnt download the full version, market says my device (galaxy s) is not compatible with the game.

    The direct links returns server error 500!!!
    anyway yo fix this?

    Thank you

  47. Nikita Says:

    2d boy please make a ARMv6 version!!!I love this game!!

  48. pie Says:

    Please tell us if a arm6 version has been programmed…

  49. Jessica Says:

    I have purchased on both android market and directly from your site and still do not have on my phone. Please help.

  50. nallat Says:

    Following purchase of World of Goo for Android, the download location only offers me versions for Windows, Mac, Linux (tar.gz), Linux (deb) and Linux (rpm). Are any of these right for an Android phone (and if so how do I install them), or have I been directed to the wrong place?

  51. dzeus Says:

    I’m looking forward to the arm6 version :)

    [Viewpad’s 7 user]

  52. Uwe Says:

    Am I missing something or is the iOS (HD) version only on english? I own the game on WiiWare and Android (I really love the game) and these two versions are in german.

  53. Xaromir Says:

    But when will there be a new product that isn’t World Of Goo?

  54. Dennis Says:

    I played “World of Goo” on PC and would really like to play it on my Galaxy S. The Demo works great but I will only buy the full version through the android market. Please find a way to achieve this.

  55. guidorobben Says:

    Still waiting for the Windows Phone version!

  56. Bill Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for making it available to android! This is like my 5th copy of the game! (Wii, Mac, PC, iPad, Android). However, do you guys think that a Nintendo E-Shop release (3DS shop) would be possible? I think this game would work pretty well with the controls and better yet the 3D would be epic!

    Lastly any update on WoG2/ those moon levels?

  57. Keith Says:

    Now I have World of Goo for Ipod, Ipad, Mac and now my Android phone!!!!
    When are you coming out with a sequel!!!

  58. arm6 Says:

    Any news on the arm6 version ? Give us an answer please… There are many many users who have arm6 phones and like to play this beautiful game…