Android Update Available

World of Goo for Android has just been updated to work with more devices, including HTC Desire and Nexus 1.

As always, if the Android Market will not let you install World of Goo, you can always try downloading directly from here: Demo Version and Full Version

Update update: It appears some devices, including HTC Desire, have an apk size limit that prevents seeing apps in the Android Market over a certain size. If you can see the demo but not the full version, this likely applies to you. If so, just use the direct links above.

58 Responses to “Android Update Available”

  1. dzeus Says:

    I’m looking forward to the arm6 version :)

    [Viewpad’s 7 user]

  2. Uwe Says:

    Am I missing something or is the iOS (HD) version only on english? I own the game on WiiWare and Android (I really love the game) and these two versions are in german.

  3. Xaromir Says:

    But when will there be a new product that isn’t World Of Goo?

  4. Dennis Says:

    I played “World of Goo” on PC and would really like to play it on my Galaxy S. The Demo works great but I will only buy the full version through the android market. Please find a way to achieve this.

  5. guidorobben Says:

    Still waiting for the Windows Phone version!

  6. Bill Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for making it available to android! This is like my 5th copy of the game! (Wii, Mac, PC, iPad, Android). However, do you guys think that a Nintendo E-Shop release (3DS shop) would be possible? I think this game would work pretty well with the controls and better yet the 3D would be epic!

    Lastly any update on WoG2/ those moon levels?

  7. Keith Says:

    Now I have World of Goo for Ipod, Ipad, Mac and now my Android phone!!!!
    When are you coming out with a sequel!!!

  8. arm6 Says:

    Any news on the arm6 version ? Give us an answer please… There are many many users who have arm6 phones and like to play this beautiful game…