World of Goo Now Available on Android!

World of Goo for Android* (*and cats)

World of Goo is now available on the Android Market, and to celebrate the release, it’s 40% off ($2.99) until December 5.

Full version is available here.

Demo version is available here.

The game will run on most phones with Android 2.2 or newer and on all tablets. There are lots of Android devices out there with varying capabilities, so if you have an older phone, we recommend trying the demo first. If you like, let us know how the game runs on your device!

Thank you, from all the Goo Balls, and have fun!

UPDATE: If you are having trouble getting World of Goo on your Android device, try this:

Android Market imposes some device-specific limitations on the size of applications that can be installed.  If you can’t see World of Goo on the Android Market, try installing directly from here:

Demo version:

Full version:

Note: You will need to enable installation of non-market apps.  Usually you will be prompted to do this automatically when trying to install the game, but here are the manual steps should you need them:
1) Go to Settings > Applications
2) Check the box next to Unknown sources

91 Responses to “World of Goo Now Available on Android!”

  1. Antonis Says:

    First! (yeah, I hate this crap tooo but I’m really excited)

    Downloading the full version now!

  2. Chris Boyle Says:

    “This item is not compatible with your device.” – Nexus One running 2.3.7 (CM 7.1). Any idea why?

  3. Anton Says:

    I am sad(((
    The game does not suppourted with my LG optimus one(((

  4. m Says:

    not available for my n1 running cm7.1 :( what the heck.

  5. Jippy Smalls Says:

    Runs great on HP Touchpad running CM7

  6. Chapa Says:

    (España) por fiiiiiin!!!!!!! Que larga ha sido la espera.

  7. Skreedi Says:

    Why only Market? I really want to buy this game but this crappy Google Checkout hates my VISA and not support PayPal…

  8. Brian Swanson Says:

    Any chance you’ll be releasing it in the Amazon Android Appstore as well? I’d love to be able to buy and play it on my Kindle Fire…

  9. Aviral Dasgupta Says:

    Hi :)

    I was really looking forward to playing World of Goo for Android but unfortunately it appears that it’s incompatible with my device. It’s a fairly modern midrange device, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S5830, which runs Gingerbread (2.3.4) and has an HVGA resolution. So I’m making the rather naive assumption that Angry Birds and World of Goo have similar hardware requirements … and it can run Angry Birds without a hitch. The specs are here:

    Could you tell me why it isn’t supported? I think it’s the resolution. If yes, could you work on fixing that?

    <3 2dboy,

  10. J Says:

    Why isn’t supported HTC Wildfire S? I think it isn’t bad phone. For example Angry Birds runs almost perfect…

  11. Suzuki Says:

    I believe there was some mistake when publishing the apps, as the Demo version can be installed to my Galaxy S and the paid version can’t (Market won’t allow, says it isn’t compatible with the phone)….

    Can you guys fix that?

  12. Anton Says:

    Please add ARMv6 libs ! I wait this game two months .
    I and my friends ( your fans) will be happy if you do it.

  13. Aviral Dasgupta Says:

    ^ that could also be a reason. Please release for ARMv6! :)

  14. Eny Says:

    It would be realy awesome if this game will run on ARM v6 devices !

  15. rubejb Says:

    Not compatible with Motorola Triumph apparently? Oh well.

  16. kirill Says:

    join, add ARMv6

  17. sam Says:

    The demo runs great on Xperia X10 (2.3.3)

  18. Roman0 Says:

    No ARMv6 support, no buy. I really looked forward to buying it, but my S5830 isn’t compatible.

  19. Razvan T. Coloja Says:

    Not working on my Archos A101… :(

  20. Mrrix32 Says:

    I have a Nexus One (Running 2.3.6 Gingerbread) and getting the message “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” on both Demo and Full.

    Is there a particular reason for this? I want to play again! :'(

  21. Grrbrr Says:

    I Too must beg for ARMv6!

  22. Joe Says:

    Hi. Please make the game and for processors ARMv6. I hope for your understanding, I love this game :)

  23. Frostbird Says:

    I am sorry but World of goo is not suitable for my samsung galaxy gio.It has arm6.Please,make game version for arm 6 phones.All people will be grateful))

  24. 2dBoyFan Says:

    Unfortunately it’s “not compatible” with my HTC Desire (running HTC Froyo), why? :(

  25. rowi Says:

    Not compatible with HTC Desire (same HW as N1). MSM8255 Scorpion CPU (ARMv7), 1GHz.

    What really pisses me is the Note at the end of the description: “There are lots of Android devices out there with varying capabilities. If you have an older phone, we recommend trying the demo first.”

  26. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Thank you everyone for the compatibility reports. If you haven’t already, make sure you let us know of any compatibility troubles here on our contact page, and we’ll address everything we can in an update:

  27. Aviral Dasgupta Says:

    Kyle, could you please tell us if there’s any plans to support ARMv6 devices in the near future?

  28. Michael Says:

    Would have bought if it were available for the Nexus One.

  29. Sander Bos Says:

    First, wow, fantastic, runs like a dream on my QWare 7inch Pro 3 tablet (Cortex A8 1 GHz CPU, MALI400 GPU 512MB memory, Android 2.3.4, 800×480 resolution).
    I first bought World of Goo in the paid beta form mentioned on Penny Arcade, apparently (just looked this up) all the way back in February 2008. And now I can play it on the go (well, apart from using a notebook).

    Second, some criticism, if World of Goo really does not work on devices like the HTC Desire (mine) or Nexus One (mentioned in the comments above), you should not say ‘will run on most phones with Android 2.2 or newer’, because most 2.2 devices will be equal or lower specced to the Desire. Not saying you have to release it, hey if you can’t get it to run on slower devices I understand. I am just saying: no Desire == no claim for ‘most phones with Android 2.2 or newer’.



  30. TK Says:

    :( I’ve been waiting so long for this and it won’t install on my Nexus One :(

  31. David R. MacIver Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! This is great.

    (And it works fine for me)

  32. Kokusho Says:

    Thank You ! Thank you So much ! It works magnificently on Asus Transformer!
    Thank you thank you thank you , kiss love love kiss love!

  33. Ugis Klava Says:

    I have been waiting this game 2 months but it doesnt work on my Galaxy Ace(( You shoul say that this game will not work on Armv6…

  34. Jan Says:

    hey guys, i had problems installing World of Goo on my Samsung Galaxy Tab (P1000 with 3G). i was getting an error message saying i dont have enough space to install.

    for me, it was an Android Market issue. i had the new 3.x version installed. after going back to 2.3.4 i was able to download & install it without any problems. from the main menu, go to Settings, Applications, Manage applications, click on All on top, then find the Market (or Android Market), click it. now you will see the version of your market and two buttons “Force stop” and “Uninstall updates”. Go for the second one to get the old market which solved the download and install issue for me.

    oh and i love the game! :-D thx so much 2D Boy :-)

  35. Alex Says:

    Great won’t install on a Droid X2 with a Tegra 2? Really? Not enough power? Come on this is a modern phone current generation and everything.

  36. Joakim Berglund Says:

    Just bought it! Good stuff!

  37. sylvain Says:

    fuck ! i had no problem with any game on my n1, why there is a problem with world of goo ?

    please open the demo to all device to test if it works !

  38. sylvain Says:
    look at that. if it works on galaxy s it must work on nexus one !

  39. sylvain Says:

    please replace “must” by “should” in my last post, sorry for my bad english

  40. Antonis Says:

    Works great on my Samsung Galaxy S 2. I can’t believe how awesome it is – just like the PC version running on that tiny (well, relatively tiny) 4.3 inch screen. Love it!

  41. Sliganslogan Says:

    works great on my x10 running cm 7.1 smoother than i thought it would be

  42. Sjoerd93 Says:

    Just finished playing the whole game.

    There’s one thing I noticed: my phone locks during the ending credits if I don’t touch my screen.
    Also, is there no blimp like the iOS version has, I cannot find route 99? :-(

  43. Will Says:

    I am too having problems with the app not being compatible with my devices, which upsets me.

    I do think that the issue is with the market limitations; the market uses the internal cache partition to download the app. This app is much larger than other apps I have seen and if it is bigger than the phone’s cache partition, I believe it will claim to be incompatible.

  44. chit Says:

    hahaaaaaaaaa,,,,, mine(galaxy s) runs perfectly! griping,suckers.haaaaaaaaaaaa…..

  45. lunary Says:

    Great game!

  46. DiGi Says:

    Just for your info:

    Game *is working* on HTC Desire (CM7). It’s just wrong setting on Market and I hope that 2dboys will fix it.

    Other question about Desire/Nexus One is game size – this can be issue for many customers with default ROM. But on CM7 it take on 0,6MB and rest of game is on SD card.

  47. Sam Says:

    Absolutely Awesome..

    Works absolutelt fine on Acer Liquid Metal (Although its blocked on the market – probably because this device has quite limited internal storage to download the massive APK..)

    The download from 2dBoy works just fine!

    Really it needs to get added on the market though for this device to appeal to more people..

  48. Adam Hepton Says:

    Apparently, the demo is compatible with my Desire S – but the full game is not.

    The link to buy from your own shop is currently not working – a 500 error.

    Will be roughly the 38492803490th time I’ve bought this in some form or other :D

  49. Froyo Says:

    I’m depressed. LG Optimus One can`t run game. ARMv6 device was passed over for this beautiful game.

  50. Mygod Says:

    Downloading… Hooray!!!

  51. Sergi Says:

    I tried to download it, but I see an “Internal Server Error”

  52. Ben Says:

    I’d like to get this for my Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 (running gingerbread 2.3.3).

    The demo is available on the market but not the full version. Will it be made available later? Will the game work if I use the links that you supply above (when they work – at the moment they both have a 500 Internal server error)?

  53. Xitr Says:

    Need arm6, please

    game is very good

  54. CJ Says:

    Such a good game. Everyone should buy it, it’s rare to see a puzzle game of this caliber. Video review:

  55. Johan Says:

    Windows Phone app support please?

  56. Sam Says:

    If the demo works you can be pretty confident the full version will.. you can just buy it direct from 2dboy (which is cheaper anyways)

    The link is above!

  57. Kevin Says:

    Do we have to buy the Android version separately if we already bought it through the 2dboy website? I don’t see the Android version on my downloads page.

  58. бе8 Says:

    What about version for amrv6 ?
    I want to play this great game on my u8230 ))

  59. Levi Says:

    Runs suprisingly well on Sony Erricson Xperia Active :) …

  60. Sander Bos Says:

    Your clever plan to make me pay two times for the Android version has succeeded!
    Yesterday I bought it in the Market for my craptastic tablet, and today I could not contain myself and bought it off your site for my Desire.
    I also once paid 20 bucks for the PC version, I must be among 2D Boy’s best customers (still have not ever finished the game on any platform, slacker that I am).

    It works great on my Desire now by the way. I love you, 2D boy! Now, stop porting this yesterday’s news all over the place (Windows Goo 7?), and make a new game! ;-)

  61. Sam Says:

    Not even close Sander Boa.. I’ve now bought it 6 times although only 5 for me. (PC, Humble Bundle, Onlive, Android, IOS and Wii)

    I think there’s likely to be others who have bought even more lol.

  62. konrad Says:

    Please optimised World of goo for HTC WildfireS please!

  63. MatthewC Says:

    ARMV6 +10 my 800mhz ZTE monte carlo is waiting for the goos :(

  64. xoma4ok Says:

    Galaxy S i-9000 @ Android 2.3.4 JVR
    The demo is available on the market but not the full version, why?

  65. Androidmix Says:

    I am upset((
    The game doesn’t compatible with my LG gt540((

  66. angelusmetal Says:

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know that the full game does not install on my Samsung Galaxy S2. The demo does though.

    It complains about not having enough free space (my applications’ free space shows up at over 1.7 GB free). Again it’s probably a Market issue, but I just bought it and would love to play it (yes, I bought the PC version too).


  67. angelusmetal Says:

    Hey, I found one fix on the web that worked for me: go to the android market through the browser and issue a remote install. Did work now!

    Maybe this will help others with the same issue.

  68. chris morgan Says:

    @Brian Swanson and 2D Boy: Just a FYI, I sideloaded this onto my Kindle Fire (worth a shot at $3 for such a great game I’ve bought for every other platform I own to include the wii) and it generally runs just fine. I haven’t seen any spontaneous force closes, however, I’ve seen one glitch that is easy to reproduce.

    If I open the Kindle settings bars while in any part of the game, say to change the volume, the game graphics go dark and the sound continues but after the settings bar is closed the game’s graphics do not return requiring me to force close the game myself.

    Awesome game and a minor hiccup and, Kyle, if there is a way I can help you iron that out to be able to get it into the Amazon Appetite, feel free to get in touch.

  69. CubeWebGoo Says:

    bought it on my Iconia A500 and it runs like a champ. Will we see a GooTool like the iPeeps have?

    Thanks for a great game!

  70. Dzeus-PL Says:

    Unfortunately, demo doesn’t work on my Viewsonic Viewpad 7 [I’ve downloaded demo from your site, cause marketplace claims that my phone is not supported ?:( (but I can’t figure why)].

    Please, consider my case :) – it’s a great game

  71. sol Says:

    Not compatible with x8!! C’mon..

  72. Jesse Says:

    No Galaxy Ace support!? :(

  73. GodSponge Says:

    Just bought it. Loved the game on PC. I’m sure It’ll be great with a touchscreen. Keep up the great work!

  74. Inge Says:

    Awesome! I found about World of Goo from the Wii and ever since I got an Android tablet, I’ve wanted it on my Android. I didn’t check for a while and I should have, apparently… Now I’ve missed almost a week of gooing!

  75. fuzzybug Says:

    Have only just put it down since installing 2hours ago. The game plays and looks great on my Sony Tablet S.

  76. Haploid Says:

    I can’t seem to find the menu. Where do I go to control the music volume? Preferably I’d like to keep the sound effects on, but the music off or way down.

  77. druif Says:

    The demo is not compatible with a Samsung Gio (GT-S5660) with Android 2.3.3

  78. Samfoo Says:

    Superb game! And it even runs very smooth on Samsung Galaxy S!
    Many thanks to the devs, keep on the rockin’ games! ;)

  79. Sob3r4no Says:

    ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!!! ARMv6!!!!!

    c´mon i can play the Gameloft HD Games on mi Galaxy 5, But i cant play this awesome. Many people have a medium-low devices, because we dont have the money for other phone. ARMv6!!!!!!

  80. Monsieur D. Says:

    Well, I have already bought 2 copies of this game for PC/Mac/Linux (one on Steam the other as part of the HumbleBundle)… Do I really have to buy it a 3rd time to play it on my beloved Android?

  81. Ben Says:

    No go on my ARMv6 ZTE blade alas. (running cyanogenmod7.1.0)

  82. Gabriel Royo Jr Says:

    Will this work on Xperia Ray? Anyways, its not working with my X8 (2.3.7).

  83. Mortis Says:

    Dude, please release version for ARM v6. A lot of ppl will be very happy.

  84. Eileya Says:

    One of the best games, now I’m playing it on PC too.
    I wonder how I didn’t know about it before it released in android.

    I love you too :)

  85. pie Says:


  86. Myrik Says:

    When are you going to support ARMv6 processors?
    Please,I really love this game.
    And there is more people with me,they want it too!!!
    Love you,2D Boy!

  87. arm6 Says:

    ARMv6 please!

  88. Laurentius Says:

    Waiting for ARMv6 version ;)

    …the cat is just so cutee xD

  89. vahn Says:

    Works very well on SGS2, but hangs a lot at 4th chapter (highway information)

  90. Anirudh Dutt / aneroid Says:

    I love this game! I’ve played it since it first came out. I’ve bought it multiple times – via Steam x2 (once directly and once in an Indie bundle), the Humble Bundle and just now from the Android market.

    First time I played it on a PC, I thought – now THIS game needs a touchscreen. I’ve played it on a friend’s iPad1 and it was so much fun.