World of Goo for Android coming soon…

World of Goo for Android devices is coming soon.¬†We’re just working out the final kinks in the machinery. More info on GooDroid soon.

Update: yes, both phones and tablets

Update 2: no, it’s not going to actually be called GooDroid, silly robots!

45 Responses to “World of Goo for Android coming soon…”

  1. Noobos Says:

    Great news!

    Will it be only for Android tablest, or Android phones as well? Are you planning on some “Grab this type of goo menu”?

    What I mean – It’s often hard to grab exactly the type of gooball you need (e.g. a baloon among twenty black goos) on regular PC, with touchscreen it will be even harder. And on small phone screen it would become a nightmare.

    Little icons on side would help – you hold a baloon type of goo on side and then you can only grab baloons. With multitouch, everything is possible!

  2. Forest Gamble Says:

    So what is next for 2d boy? You have ported World of Goo to most of the good platforms so what is there left to do for it? Does this mean World of Goo 2 is on the horizon or is an even better game going to come?

  3. MOM4Evr Says:

    Sweet! I’m more likely to get an android than an iPhone, so this is awesome news!

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  5. TK Says:


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  7. Mighty Mackinac Says:


    I bought WoG a while back and fell in love with it! As long as it plays great, I will pay out the nose for it. You guys made a fantastic game with great music. I WANT THIS BAD!

    Also, if you are doing a prerelease or beta, I would love to be a tester. I put WoG through its paces and would love to test out this one to make sure you guys get it right.

    Good luck guys! I’m looking forward to seeing this!

  8. Ave Says:

    Finally some sense!

    I was really just about the quit your RSS feed and be done with World of Goo once and for all.

    Did you realize that almost all of the posts you have written here since “World of Goo: Analyzed” (June 2010) are almost exclusively about iOS?

    It is 2011 and talking so much about iOS makes 2dboy appear so… behind times. You have released a great game, a monumental milestone for indie gaming only to follow up by spending an entire year implementing on a decaying platform.

    Don’t get me wrong, going for mobile is a right direction. Going exclusive is not.

    I am tremendously relieved to hear you are coming on board with the Android. Finally!

    Welcome to the present. And take my money NOW!

  9. enki Says:

    Great news..just conversion? I finished original on PC 2 times..

  10. Kokusho Says:

    Finally !! Can’t way for it !

  11. Rotkaeqpchen Says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Thanks!!!!

  12. Daniel Says:

    Great news, It’s a must buy!

  13. m Says:

    fuck yeah! looking forward to a beta or the final release.
    got a n1 here, if you need testers.

  14. Bashir Says:

    Great news, we will also waiting for something new from 2D boy ;)

  15. George Says:

    Hey, I loved World of Goo on PC the first time around, and WoG on my phone would be amazing for bus trips and the etc. Will the Android version have all new levels, or is it just a straight port of the PC version?

  16. pararocker Says:

    It will be great, thanks ;)
    Best iOS game now on Android.

  17. Kokusho Says:

    Please don’t change the name into “GooDroid” it sounds like a fake chinese copycat of the real game.
    You got the real deal here, no need to hide from it !

  18. Nao Nozawa Says:

    This is fantastic news! Looking forward to this release!

  19. MTPenguin Says:

    I finished this game on PC (Linux). Love it! Can’t wait for it on Droid. Will purchase for sure. Please let me know when I can. Also, I would be more than happy to beta… I have both tablet (Xoom) and droid (3).


  20. Mike Says:

    Now I can own Goo on four platforms!

  21. Jason Says:


    World of Goo is one of the games that I frequently use as an argument to skeptics who fail to realize that games can be an art form.

    This brilliant and beautiful game you have bestowed upon us is nothing short of a work of art, down to the last pixel.

    Thank you so much for finally bringing this to Android.

  22. Dominik Says:

    Finally! I would pre-order it if possible :)

  23. Abdul Says:

    Great News, thanks guys =)

  24. Alan Lupatini Says:

    Hope it will have new levels, ’cause I have already played World of Goo in the PC!

  25. Anton Says:

    I love you 2dBoy.
    But l have one question.
    Does your game work on ARMv6 devices?(for example lg optimus one,samsung galaxy ace)

  26. Eva Says:

    seconds Dominik, I love you 2DBoy :)

  27. Pathogen David Says:

    You guys werent kidding when I emailed you and you said soon!! Awesome news!

    Written from my soon-not-to-be-goo-less Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet.

  28. Rey Says:

    What about the profanity pack that were promised to the ones that pre-ordered? Would be nice of you actually kept that promise

  29. Beavis Bob Says:

    Sweet! I anxiously await this release! I’d even be glad to help test. Running rooted Nook Color tablet as well as an Android G2 tweaked with CM7.

  30. Antonis Says:

    OMG. I can’t wait to play WOG on my SGS2’s screen! :D This is the only iOS game I have been jealous of. Finally it’s been addressed.

    This is also going to be the fifth time I’ll be buying World of Goo (boxed, twice by download from a couple of places, once through Steam and now through the Market) – but I don’t mind, I love it sooooooo much! :D

  31. Albert Says:

    This is so much fun that even although I purchased this previously for the PC, I am looking forward to buying this again.
    But I agree with other posters, please retain the original name: GooDroid sounds like something you’ll be probably be using DMCA to oppressively remove from the Market.

  32. TK Says:

    Oh yes, I’ve been checking Market ever so often. Glad to see this!

  33. chit Says:

    can’t wait! come on boys, get it done!

  34. maryland157 Says:

    How about World Of Goo for Windows Phone?

  35. Goo Ball Says:

    Is there any possibility for you to bring it to Nintendo 3DS eShop?


  36. BlackFox Says:

    I can’t wait to play this game on my phone ! :)

  37. Zigmar Says:

    Damn, yeah! I’ve bought PC version a while ago, but I’ll buy an Android tablet version without hesitation!

  38. WannaGoo Says:

    I played this on my friend’s iPhone a week ago and was instantly hooked, went home, and found this article. I have been running to the website almost every day tofind out if it’s been released yet on android, i can’t help it, i’m salivating!!

  39. Goodslove Says:

    Nintendo 3ds Eshop version could be really (but really) nice.. Please :(

  40. Harry Sargent Says:

    I second maryland’s comment about windows phone 7. PLEASE DO IT!!! The silverlight mobile platform is just fantastic for gaming; it’s just a shame not many developers are using it. Obviously the marketplace store is going to explode once windows 8 is released as the apps for the phone and OS are both going to be based on the same SDK.

  41. Ori Says:

    Hooray!!!! :D I’ll buy and rate 5 the very minute it comes out! Where do I sign up for a newsletter or something ?

  42. Antonis Says:

    Where’s my GooDroid?

  43. Adam Popejoy Says:

    So whats in the works after Goo Droid, any upcoming project? Are you guys going to do mutli-platforms i.e. andriod and IOS for all upcoming mobile games?

  44. Anton Says:

    When exactly?What the release date?

  45. Bijan Binaee Says:

    It’s a good news

    We wait for it