World of Goo 99¢ Beauty Sale

Fall has arrived, and Little Miss World of Goo would like to point out that iOS versions of World of Goo have just dropped to 99¢ – now through the weekend. (And the Mac version on the Mac App Store has dropped to 1.99.) Rouge your cheeks, fluff up your hair, and smile for the cameras. This sale is valid for only the most attractive visitors.

Fun fact: Ron and I started 2DBOY exactly 5 years ago today, September 28 2006.


9 Responses to “World of Goo 99¢ Beauty Sale”

  1. Pavke Says:

    Happy Birthday 2D Boy!

  2. DEFE Says:

    Happy birthday! 5 years later; we still love you, 2D Boy!

  3. Tyrone Says:

    For those of us who gladly paid full price, can you explain why discounting 80% makes sense? It’s rare to walk into a coffee shop and find coffee for $0.40 (“today only!”), or even something with 0 variable cost (software) randomly discounted that much.

    25% is a sale. 80% is a bargain, yes, but also makes the regular price look like a joke.

  4. Matt L Says:

    Well…you’ve finally done it. You’ve convinced me to buy my fourth copy of this game. I bought it on the Wii. Then later got it with the humble bundle. Then later I had some more money so I bought ANOTHER humble bundle, just because I love the humble bundle. Now at long last you’ve gotten me to buy it for my iPad.

    Such a great game, can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

  5. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Thanks guys!

    Re: Tyrone and anyone else curious how app store sales work. As you might have noticed on the app store, periodic sales like this (for any game or app) are a common and nice way to move back up the charts, which makes apps visible to those players who would never have heard of them otherwise. From what we’ve seen on the app store, small sales don’t make much of a ripple at all, so when a developer does a sale, it has to be big.

    Also a good opportunity for gifting to friends, while sipping your $4.95 Pumpkin Spice Latte. :)

  6. Leon Says:

    Yo, in the Australian iTunes app store, when I try and purchase World of Goo HD it tells me “This item is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” I’ve been trying all day so it’s already later and still no goo. Please engage the goo for Australians. Australia needs goo too.

  7. Leon Says:

    Thank you for making the goo flow down under. Me and several other cheapskate friends who variously have and have not purchased it and love it on several other platforms thank your diligence, generosity and the particular type of gullible greed – willing to believe that selling so much for so little will result in so much more – that allowed us to purchase (or repurchase) your excellent little game for, frankly, money that the smelliest of hobos would sneer at. I, and to a less handsome extent, the rest of my various pals and ne’er-do-wells (often accomplices or ‘stooges’), look forward to your next game outing with great anticipation and slavering hunger at whatever new profitable outbursts of avarice results from such a venture.

  8. griotspeak Says:

    If you gladly paid full price, what does this take from you? You like the product and paid as much as you thought it was worth. Some other people will pay less than you did, but that doesn’t break your copy.

    most stores have sales of some sort to boost … sales periodically.

  9. Shalin Jain Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I just bought “world of goo” when I really wanted to buy was world of goo HD. The irresistible price caught my impulse. Can you guys do anything?