World of Goo for Mac App Store is Ready

Continuing World of Goo Corporation’s gradual takeover of the little Apple fruit factory, WoG Corp PR representatives would like you to know that World of Goo is now available in the Mac App Store.


20 Responses to “World of Goo for Mac App Store is Ready”

  1. Zack Says:

    YAY!!!!! Not that I care, I don’t own a mac, it’s just, I LOVE NEW BLOG UPDATES!!!

  2. 3d boy Says:

    2D boy, in the new mac app of world of goo there will be special features?

  3. Russ Says:

    I bout this game originally & would love to support 2D Boy again but I have one question before making my decision.

    Does this App Store version support multi touch? i.e. Two finger scrolling?

  4. jarreboum Says:

    Good news!
    Next is the Ubuntu Store :)

  5. MOM4Evr Says:

    Hey, cool. I guess I didn’t realize that it wasn’t on the App Store already. Yet another way to get my Goo! :)

    Also, what Zack said ^^

  6. Mircea Mihai Says:

    3 years passed since World of Goo. No plans for the next game? I love Word of Goo and it would be nice to play a future Word of Goo II.

  7. Hmar9333 Says:

    This is cool beans!

    *patiently awaits Windows Phone 7 version*

  8. kurosan Says:

    Fantastic game, played on steam… waiting for android port to play it again on the eee transformer ;-)

  9. Cool! Says:

    Its cool, but I WANT AN APP FOR IPHONE!!

  10. Mircea Mihai Says:

    World of Goo is gorgeous! The best game I played on PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad.

  11. numbers Says:


    Now if only I could get it on my Droid too.

  12. 2D girl Says:

    i just wanted to submit a comment for all of goo balls and say THANK YOU for creating this game. and thank YOU, 2D boy. i played this game 1.000.000 times on my computer and want to play again and again and again… im not sure i can do this but i try.

    thank you
    from 2Dgirl (formerly … the SIGN PAINTER )

  13. MOM Says:

    pls accept the terms of use and let me send special offer E-mails to you

    hope to make world of goo 2D for EVER ….
    from MOM

  14. Russ Says:

    2 weeks & my post still isn’t moderated? I’d just like to know if the app store version supports multi touch (For easier scrolling for example).

    Ace game though :)

  15. S I R E N Says:

    *Patiently awaits the android version* ;-)

  16. Age of Audio Says:

    yeah! I need to try it on my mac :)

    when we will see an android version?

  17. Rechie Says:

    I really love this innovative give. They really mean when they said “playing a game never played before”. I really wonder if I can be part of their team. How I wish!

  18. Bill Says:

    Anything new being planned? Put those amazing brains to good use!

  19. Goo Ball Says:

    2D Boy, where are the 3DS eShop version of World of Goo!?

  20. franco Says:

    juego entupendoooooooooo