World of Goo Retina Update

Updated versions of World of Goo and World of Goo HD have just been released on the App Store.  They now support the latest retina displays.

     – The High Resolution Sign Painter

11 Responses to “World of Goo Retina Update”

  1. Pavke Says:

    I think some of us already had retina display support before this patch but I did saw people complain about it..

  2. Kyle De Freitas Says:

    Thanks been waiting for a long time and also put more levels in and features in future update also retina looks amazing.

  3. Matt Cracker Says:

    I have Nokia 5230 touch and I realy want to play WOG on my phone.

  4. g0o-gle Says:

    Just in time Kyle!
    World Of Goo 2 (FAN MADE!!!)Chapter 6 is arriving
    I worked month with 2 weeks to do it
    Coming Soon…

  5. carlos Says:

    me gustaría tener el world of goo

  6. Old fan Says:

    Thank you. OCDs, here I come!

  7. YaPeL Says:

    Cool, now release an android version, or make an statement about that!

  8. Bill Says:

    Thanks guys! Are you gonna post soon? We miss you two :(

    Also, any update on WoG2? Really hope you guys end up with a sequel! I know it would be spectacular!

  9. *--* Says:

    *-* !

  10. the sign painter Says:

    wow … i guess this is good … unless for goo balls … i dont want to be 3D again … pls dont do this … -the SIGN PAINTER 4 EVER

  11. darkside267 Says: