GooPhone slowly oozing out…

Product Launchers have been activated and World of Goo for iPhone is slowly oozing out all around the world! If it’s not available in your region yet, just give it an hour or two. World of Goo HD is now universal so you can play it on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch as soon as you buy/update. World of Goo (non-HD) is playable on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Also, David just told us he’s putting his adorable¬†Goo Ball beanie hats on sale to celebrate this occasion… 50% off until April 20!


57 Responses to “GooPhone slowly oozing out…”

  1. Old fan Says:

    I’ve completed the game on the first day and since then I’m waiting for Retina Update to collect the OCDs.

    I’m patient but hope that it will be sooner than the Profanity Pack. ;)

  2. Kyle Gabler Says:

    The retina fix has been submitted, and we are just waiting on Apple’s approval.

  3. Old fan Says:

    Yahoo! (not this Yahoo, just yahoo)

  4. T-Marsh Says:

    2D Boy! The hats are sick. You’re company is one of my favorites, and you guys have been a significant influence on my life in striving to make a video game company. Hopefully you’ll be playing my games soon! I’ll be submitting a demo to the Indie Fund by August, hopefully not all the money will be given away by then!

  5. Lech Says:

    Pls release Android version :3. World of Goo is so awesome!

  6. NOOB Says:

    Is there gooing to be goo for Android!? (Heh GOOING)

  7. NOOB Says:

    Is there gooing to be Goo for Android, I love me some goo too. ;)