World of Goo for iPhone arrives this Thursday April 14

It’s official, World of Goo for iPhone will launch this Thursday, April 14! It will be priced at $2.99 (and equivalents in the rest of the world) but will be on sale for $0.99 for the first 24 hours after release.

At the very same time, we will release an update for World of Goo HD (still $4.99), which will make it a Universal App.

This means that if you want to play on both iPad + iPhone/iPod, you should get the $4.99 HD version, and if you want to play on your iPhone/iPod only, you should get the $2.99 non-HD version. Remember, this game requires an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 or 3rd generation iPod Touch or newer.

Warning: We have discovered a strange new character who mysteriously appears after the end of the game.  This new character seems to appear only in the iOS versions of World of Goo. But upon further investigation, there seems to be a good reason for that.

The Goo Balls are restless. I’m sure they are attempting to communicate a big wet thank you to all you fantastic fans out there who have supported us through the years with praise, excitement, and the spreading the word.  Thank you all!  Hope you dig it.


Q: Do both versions support retina displays?
A: Yes, both versions support retina displays, and should look identical. Update: Some players are reporting lack of “retina” support. We’re investigating. Thanks for the feedback.

Q: Pinch-to-Zoom?
A: Yes, World of Goo supports pinch-to-zoom when played on small screens. Pinch away!

73 Responses to “World of Goo for iPhone arrives this Thursday April 14”

  1. Pavke Says:


    Really? Here, it is 1.30AM and still nothing. I think it has to be 9AM PST witch means 17PM European time

  2. Marko Says:

    Fucking great game.
    Druze Pavke, strpi s malo ;)

  3. Runyu Says:

    Hey, I downloaded it on iphone4, but I don’t see retina support. A little disappointed. The graphic isn’t very sharp. Just smaller than I played on my PC. Update please.

  4. Kilian Says:

    Downloading downloading downloading… Even before playing it I know what I’m expecting. And I thank you for it!

  5. Kilian Says:

    This exceeds my expectations! Great job on delivering this to us all. It couldn’t have been better!

  6. Kamion Says:

    I just bought it. Thanks guys. I’ll be in a car for five hours tomorrow. I’ll play this until my battery dies.

  7. BloodySneaker Says:

    I dunno how looks HD versione, but the normale version IS NOT at retina res! But maybe support retina is different than retina resolution :) Anyway good game, and if you don’t mind, go retina :D

  8. ripped off Says:

    Guys, after reading on this site that “both versions support retina displays, and should look identical”, I bought the iPhone version.

    However, it definitley is not HD graphics. The graphics are low res. So, although the game is great, this false promise sucks big time.

  9. Renzo Says:

    Guys i wanted to get it for my iphone but its 2.99! :(

    Can i get it for a dollar somehow?

  10. Jose Says:

    So I looked for world of goo today, the 14th, and the game was 2.99. What happened to the 24 hour sale I heard so much about?

  11. Renzo Says:

    I think u should give us another day of wog for a dollar since the first didnt quite work :)

  12. HarrySarge Says:

    played it, finished it (all besides that epilogue level (one on the right)). One thing, does the blimp eventually do anything? The last gooball salesperson is a lovely touch which makes the game more satisfactory, but does it take you to the real world of goo or something?

  13. Bapt-vador Says:

    Please, make a version for the update of the iPod 3.1.3!!!! I want to play it with my iPod touch!!!

  14. Leonardo Almeida Says:

    Do you guys have an idea when the retina issue will be fixed? I got the game but am waiting for this to enjoy the gooness at its best graphical output! Thanks

  15. Erik Says:

    Same here. Played a bit of the game, but don’t want to do anymore until retina display is fixed. It’s disappointingly fuzzy:(

  16. John Says:

    Doesn’t look like it’s HD on my iPhone 4 :-(
    Fix this please!:)

  17. Bort Says:

    Seriously. At least let us know what the plan is with the retina display. I am feeling like a sucker for purchasing this with the understanding that this would be addressed (as it says above).

  18. JonRico Says:

    I have to agree. The lack of information on this is completely unlike 2dboy and that worries me.

    The process for getting a new version involves fixing the problem and then submitting the new version to apple. It would be at least useful to know if the problem has been identified and when a version will be sent to apple so we have an idea of how long we have to wait.

  19. Kyle Gabler Says:

    The retina fix has been submitted, and we are just waiting on Apple’s approval.

  20. Bret Says:

    Good news for those of you (us) who are anxious about the retina issue. Kyle (one of the 2 I believe) just emailed me in response to a question about this: the fix has been submitted, and now it’s on Apple to approve it.

  21. JonRico Says:

    Thanks for the update. Great news. I am on chapter 2 and didnt want to go much further with blurry goo!

  22. ZeChatrix Says:

    Hi !
    First, thank you a lot for the update !
    Do you know when Apple will approve it ? I can’t wait more… T_T

  23. Juan3 Says:

    Hi, this game is well cool I have it on my mac and my
    iphone, when it will publish for Android (galaxy s2), this will be my next device and I would not like to miss.