World of Goo iPhone

World of Goo on iPhone! We’re just about finished, and hope to release the game in the App Store as soon as finishing cramming the last of the Goo Balls inside. In the meantime, here are some answers to some “frequently” asked questions:

Q. When will World of Goo release on iPhone?
A. We’re polishing up the last of the Goo Balls, so as soon as we can. Hopefully sometime in March?

Q. What’s World of Goo?
A. World of Goo is a game about Goo, originally for Wii and PC/Mac/Linux, and recently released on iPad. It won a bunch of awesome awards, including some “game of the yearhonors, and is still one of the highest rated Wii games. More info and video here.

Q. Which iStuff will it run on now?
A. This Phone version of World of Goo will run on iPhone 4, 3GS, and equivalent Touch models. (I think that means anything with a “armv7” in it, whatever that is.)

Q. Can I wear a Goo Ball on my head while playing with my GooPhone?
A. Yes, visit here for all your head warming needs!

Q. But the phone’s screen is so small, how can all the Goo fit in there?
A. Screen size was our biggest concern too. But, against all expectations, the size of the screen was not much of an obstacle at all. After a few minutes of playing, my feeble human brain doesn’t even notice anymore.  Even so, we’ve added pinch-zooming for those days when your fingers are feeling fat.


63 Responses to “World of Goo iPhone”

  1. Nick Says:

    When is it coming march only has 3 days left ;[

  2. MazetteOfFrance Says:

    Does Apple publicated it in America ? In Rrance, we don’t have it :(

  3. MazetteOfFrance Says:

    Sorry, I would mean “In France…” not in Rrance !

  4. Nick Says:

    Why is it taking so long D:

  5. Forest Gamble Says:

    I have been waiting a month for this game to come out. The iPad version came out within a week of being announced. Why is there a longer wait for this one?

  6. Wheatie Says:

    Hi 2D Boy. We’re all anxiously awaiting the release of World of Goo for the iPhone.

    Can you update us on when we can see this available?

    You blog post article says sometime in March? It’s 3/31 and no game or update?

    Please provide an update?

  7. kArLaLa Says:

    Will this work well on iPod Touch 3rd gen 8gb? I fear it will be laggy (or worse, crash o_o) and I would just get my hopes up. Hahahaha~

  8. Fabian Says:

    Still no WoG to iPhone!!!!!!!

  9. Sol | manual supervivencia Says:

    Come on! I’m so impatient!!!

  10. Anthony Says:

    Come on Apple, hurry the hell up

  11. Piecho Says:

    Can I mąkę some kind of mod or somethink like these to play WoG in iPod touch 2g? Any tricks with virtual memory?

    Please, help me! I want to play this very good game in my ipod!

  12. Pablo Says:

    If I have an iPhone 4 should I buy ‘world of goo’ for £1.79 or ‘world of good HD’ for £2.99? Please reply as I don’t want to pay too much for an item I can’t get full use of.

  13. calstin898 Says:


    They are both the same. Get the cheaper one.