Nathan and the World of Goo Cake

Katie McKoy sent in the following story and photos about her son Nathan and the mysterious World of Goo Birthday Cake:

Nathan McKoy is 5 and has mitochondrial disease and has been in the hospital 5 times in the past 5 months. World of Goo has really and truly helped him pass the time and kept him occupied when he was not feeling well. He plays the game better than most adults and he is 5. He absolutely loves World of Goo. This is a link to the video of him when he saw the cake.

Dani Startt made the cake for Nathan. Due to Nathan’s medical issues, the cake is an allergen free cake that he can actually eat. She made it special for him since he has been dealing with so much.

Happy birthday, Nathan, from all the Goo Balls!

12 Responses to “Nathan and the World of Goo Cake”

  1. Dani Startt Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. The game is so visually pleasing. It was great fun turning it into a 3D cake, and a honor to do so for Nathan.

  2. Juan Fornos Says:

    2D Boy has made much more than a video game with World of Goo. :) Greetings to Nathan. :)

  3. Petr Heinz Says:

    This is soo great I can’t even explain how i’m feeling right now.
    World of Goo is more than a game, it’s the way all games should be made. With love.

    (and I’m sorry for how pathetic this sounds, but I can’t help myself…)

  4. AveryTB Says:

    “Happy birthday, Nathan – The Sign Painter”

    Aw… ;_;

  5. Ciro Continisio Says:

    I love that child already.
    Happy birthday, Nathan.

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  7. Darrel RedTank Says:

    that’s so cute ;_;

    you guys are awesome!!

  8. Taiyou Says:

    I’m starting to develop games professionally, and I don’t aim at making a lot of money or anything. I’m honestly tell you that if I can make a boy like Nathan so happy with my work it’d be enough for me.

    You don’t know how proud you should be for making this game. It’s incredible.

    Thanks guys and cheers to Nathan from Spain! I love you buddy!

  9. yahn Says:

    popular to make game cakes now:

    Congrats Nathan (^^)/

  10. Szymon Wozniak Says:

    I think that is pretty cool. I hope to try to (eat) it sometime!

  11. Szymon Wozniak Says:

    I think that is pretty cool. I hope to try to (eat) it sometime!
    Happy Birth-Day!

  12. Tiago Tavares Says:

    Happy birthday! World of goo with all his greatness… love it hug Nathan…hope More to come more goo balls to build some…