World of Goo iPad 50% Off, Happy Birthday, GooPad!

World of Goo has been out on iPad for a month, and the overwhelming response so far from reviewers, fans, and game of the year awards has made the Goo Balls feel extra delicious, so thanks!

To celebrate, we’re experimenting making World of Goo 50% off for a limited time. If you haven’t yet, go pick it up for $4.99 and force your friends to get it too!

10 Responses to “World of Goo iPad 50% Off, Happy Birthday, GooPad!”

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  2. Summer Seale Says:

    I just wanted to say that I had never heard of this game before, I saw the sale on the Pandora’s Box app, I bought it, and I am so glad I did. This game is *fantastic* and fun and awesomegoo. =) It rocks in every way. Thank you for making such a great world to play in. =)

  3. ruben Says:

    This game is so awesome, can’t wait for the iphone/ipod version!
    keep up the good work!!!

  4. Josh Says:

    yes an iPod touch/iPhone version would be great

  5. Bruno Alexandre Says:

    I just think this is terrible, not the game, the campaign!

    I bought the mac game in the beginning and would be nice that we, legal owners of the game for one platform could benefit from a discount, this would put some happiness into our faces as “Ok, this sounds fantastic and I’m very flatter”, but not a discount to ALL, even if they didn’t saw the game before.

    I think that’s the way you reward earlier supporters, at least, if you do a campaign with 50% for all, a 75% for owners that bought the mac / windows game until a certain time, would be appreciated.

    though I have 2 iPads and 3 iPhones, I will NOT buy the game for this platform! You guys know how to do things much better than this.

    from a not-so-satisfied-about-the-campaign customer.

  6. David Says:

    Hey 2D Boy,

    I also just wanted to thank you for programming World of Goo for the iPad. It is such a wonderful, lovely-designed game with a cool story. For me, it’s the best game for the iPad so far!

    Keep up this fantastic work!


  7. Jonas Says:

    I would love to see World of goo an Android.
    Is there also an Android based Version planed? :D?


  8. nii Says:

    Hey 2D Boy….

    I just searched “World of Goo” in the AppStore and BAM there it was !!! I thought AWESEOME, bought it and……..iPad – Abb -.-” I just have the iPhone 4…….

    PLEASE…..master…..PLEASE RELEASE AN IPHONE VERSION OF THIS AWESOEME GAME !!!! Why only iPad yet ? -.- Why not both at the same time??

  9. Whowhatwhere Says:


    maybe its because the screen is too small to effectively move goo balls around?

  10. Katie McKoy Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that my son Nathan has a lot of health issues and has been in the hospital many times this past year. The one thing that kept him sane and happy was playing World of Goo. He loves the game so much that we got him a birthday cake in a world of Goo theme for his 5th birthday. I am putting some links to the pictures of the cake as well as a video of him when he saw the cake. Thanks for making World of Goo and for helping keep him happy and occupied when things are rough for him.