World of Goo for iPad Now Available

World of Goo for iPad is out! You can find it in the App Store here, we hope you guys enjoy! All the little Goo Balls are excited to stream through the internet into their new GooPad homes. Treat them well!

Every launch makes me as nervous as the first time, but our first review is in-  Brad Nicholson over at Touch Arcade says:

the iPad version is easily the definitive version of the game oft-praised puzzler. You get a real sense of connection with the game’s world as you dip your finger or fingers into it, and the technical mastery displayed in this port is near unparalleled. Everything just feels perfect. It’s as if this was the version of the game we all should have played first.”  Full review is here.

Here’s their preview, showing the first few levels:

And for old time’s sake, my favorite trailer for World of Goo:

World of Good Charity Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first World of Good Charity drive. We managed to raise $2400.56 for the charities and non-profits (Children’s Shelter of Cebu, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and AIDS Legal Referral Panel).  Meanwhile, a bunch of other folks did some wonderful good deeds (some not so wonderful…) which you can read about in the comments here.

The recipient of our development iPad with World of Goo go to Good-Deed-Do’er Sandy who made a bunch of sandwiches for homeless folks and handed them out. Congratulations, Sandy the Sandwich Maker!

29 Responses to “World of Goo for iPad Now Available”

  1. MOM4Evr Says:

    Woohoo! If I ever get an iPad, I’ll be sure to get some goo to go with it! Great work, guys!

  2. Cyber Killer Says:

    But WoG with multitouch on a touchscreen has been available for a long time – it’s the Linux version! There was even a video of someone playing WoG with fingertips, see here: . So why do you act like it is anything new?

  3. Sandy (the Sandwich Maker) Says:

    You guys are too sweet! I have been loving your app and it was the only game on my iPad for days. I’ve been trying to get OCD on all the levels I’ve completed so far but no such luck. Thanks again and happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

  4. Rodri Says:

    Too Expensive, don’t You?

  5. Piccadillio Says:

    Bought it as soon as I woke up this morning. Absolutely amazing! Thank you very much, guys, I’ve wanted this since I got the iPad.

    Plus it’s my birthday today so the release date is pretty cool.

  6. darwiin Says:

    Did you plan to offer an iPhone version ?

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  8. Geo Says:

    you guys are the best! now that it’s finally released on the app store, i dont think there’s a single ios game that comes remotely close to WoG’s quality and polish.

  9. Josh Says:

    cool the iPad version came out can you please make an iPod touch version. the 4th generation iPod touch has the same processor as the iPad and the screen size should not be much of a problem because the only thing that would be different is that you’d need to scroll more

  10. Ro Says:

    Me too! I’d love to see this on iphones and ipod touches.

  11. dracks Says:

    Congratulations for this great game.

    One question, how can we import the savefile from PC/Mac to ipad? I looked it, and i view the file com.2dboy.worldofgoo.plist only has de pers2.dat that is the file for save the game, but i tried to make some program that convers the file pers2.dat from mac, to this plist, but WoG don’t load it, and reset the game. We can do something?

    I use iphoneExplorer for test that.


  12. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Hey thanks guys! We’re already working on an update that will fix a few little quirks here and there, like the profile naming. Game Center is fully supported, so just make sure you’re signed into Game Center if you want to use your Game Center name and get achievements.

  13. Andrew Says:

    Congrats to you guys for an awesome release! And congrats to Sandy for winning the ipad!

  14. Rodri Says:

    iPad App of the Week!

  15. DEFE Says:

    That’s great. I’m glad to see 2D Boy alive and kicking with new stuff. I hope you guys see a lot of success with this. You earned it with this game.

  16. Piccadillio Says:

    I wouldn’t get your hopes up for an iphone version, guys. The screen is much too small.

    I’m enjoying the controls, this is the best way to play World of Goo. Have the OCD criteria been tested for all levels, though? Because though the controls are more intuitive, they’re slower because of the responsiveness of the screen, and the camera movement kinda gets in the way when trying to do things at anything but a measured pace. I might have nearly head butted the ipad, which would have resulted in me getting divorced. They might need adjusting for this version, or the screen scroll might have to be made separate.

  17. Rob Says:

    Please make an iPhone version of WoG

  18. Di Says:

    sorry guys, I know this sounds like a silly question to some of you (I hope not all). How do I get the Goo Corporation/game center thing working? Have been looking around but I’m still quite clueless.

  19. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Piccadillio – good point about the OCD challenges with a time criteria. I’ve never been able to hit most of the time challenge OCD’s on ANY platform, so I’m probably not the best judge. Let me know which ones you think might be way too difficult, and we can raise up the criteria by a few seconds.

    iPhone people – We’re testing it out, but the small screen offers some gameplay challenges. We don’t want to release it unless it’s actually really fun and intuitive to play with

    Di – To use game center, you need to have the latest 4.whatever update for your iPad. It comes with a new GameCenter icon on the main screen. Just set up an account there. When you next turn on World of Goo, your GameCenter account will be detected and you can participate in the leaderboards. No progress will be lost.

  20. M Adams Says:

    I love it on the iPad!

  21. M Penny Says:

    I love you MOM

  22. Andas Says:

    Amazing! Congrats!

  23. Josh Says:

    I would have bought an iPad instead of an iPod touch if I had known that the iPad version was going to come out. please make an iPod touch version

  24. Josh Says:

    nevermind I just read kyles comment

  25. Josh Says:

    when do you think the iPhone/iPod touch version will be ready?

  26. Josh Says:

    as soon as the iPod version comes out I will buy it. I’ve already bought it for the computer. it doesn’t really matter how much it costs because it’s such a good game

  27. mey Says:

    chuck-meeeee… i have been waiting for this, for so long :D..

  28. Edd Says:

    And the iPhone 3GS version that was comented a year ago??
    Anyway, like this game

  29. AJ Says:

    How do you rewind in time if you make a mistake? I have done this accidentally but have no idea what I did. Despite searching your site and doing a bunch of Google searches I have come up empty. Frustrating you couldn’t mention this in the options since almost everything else is pretty self explanatory.