World of Goo on iPad December 16!

Yep, we have an official launch date now, as well as a launch date video.  A couple of weeks ago, Jamie and Lisanne, the super talented film makers behind Indie Game: The Movie, were in town filming, and in a spontaneous show of generosity offered to put together a short video about World of Goo on iPad.

Thanks you guys, we love it!

If you like their work and want to help them make this film, consider supporting them by pre-ordering the movie on their website.

27 Responses to “World of Goo on iPad December 16!”

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  2. Evan Says:

    Ah finally! Good to know. Now I can plan my incremental increasing anticipation until launch. Good job, guys! 8 days, I can’t wait!

  3. borgqueenx Says:

    awesome 2dboy! cant wait! just a question: why choose for 16 December?

  4. Ron Carmel Says:

    @borgqueenx our gooru said it was an auspicious date :)

  5. Mustafa Arslan Says:

    FINALLLY !!! :D i was looking for it …i was checking daily !!!!!!!! ^_^

  6. Gustav Dahl / Wikzo Says:

    Awesome! I remember Ron showing an iPhone prototype during his stay in Denmark at last year’s summer of Game Development Camp. He told that they were struggeling with the finger being too big on the small screen, hiding the “cusor”. With the iPad, however, there is plenty of screen estate, so it shouldn’t be a problem :D

    Any new additions to the iPad version compared to WiiWare and the PC?

  7. Pliqu3011 Says:

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to get my fingers in the goo again!

    BTW: That’s a cool keyboard you’ve got there, what’s the name?

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    […] December 16th for $9.99. […]

  11. Renegard Says:

    Great! I hope Super Meat Boy will be released on iPad some day!

  12. Carlo Says:

    Maybe WOG is the reason to buy an iPad :)

  13. SDreamer Says:

    Just gave the game a run on my new laptop (tm2t) as I was looking for some new games to leverage the new features of my new device, mainly touch and pen. I have to agree that it’s pretty fun being able to interact almost directly with the elements of the game via the stylus or touch input. I hope that the computer version gets to see some new elements added to it as touch becomes more prevelant with consumers even on their desktops.

  14. Chuzpah Says:

    Sweet! I put in a request to the iTunes store for this app to help speed the approval process! My son will love it on his new iPad!

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  16. CarlosLuz Says:

    Great news! Too bad I don’t have an iPad, so I’m still hoping for the iPhone version …

  17. Rodri Says:

    Awesome! A Friend has the iPad, I’m Going to Buy Him the World of Goo for iPad…
    So, What’s the Price?

  18. håkon Says:

    Will there be a World of Goo for other touch pads than the Ipad? I would love to play WoG by touch, but i cannot get myself involved with Apple, as they are evil. Maybe you already have a group of Oompa-Loompas that are translating WoG into the language of Andoid?

  19. Commodore Says:

    I got it ! (7,99€)
    But how to change the language and the name of a profile ? (I’m french, sorry for my poor english ^^’)

  20. Ellis Says:

    A goo ball plush = life complete

  21. Jonathan Sterling Says:

    I just bought World of Goo for my iPad! The Mac version is the best game I’d heretofore played, and the iPad version is even better! Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing this to fruition.

  22. nullvalue Says:

    Same question as Commodore here: How do I change the profile name. Creating a new one doesn’t prompt for name either.
    Other than that: Great work!

  23. Charley Says:

    Just bought WOG for the iPad. I love it. How do I change my name from anonymous on saving my games. Can’t figure that out. But otherwise I love the game.

  24. Sean Says:

    WHY are Australians expected to routinely pay 30% more for WOG?

    If it is not because they are simply being ripped off as ‘soft touches’, then why is it?

    Name one app that is cheaper in Australia than the US (if you could find a single one, I’ll name you 1,000 that are dearer).

  25. Kyle Gabler Says:

    Sean, I’m pretty sure we just set the price in USD, and Apple (or any of our digital distributors) handles the conversion to all other currencies. I’ve heard similar complaints from Europe as well, so don’t assume Australia is singled out. Be sure to contact Apple, Steam, XBLA, WiiWare, PSN if you want to try and affect pricing policy.

  26. Ron Carmel Says:

    kyle is right. apple has “pricing tiers” which determine the pricing in each territory. world of goo is pricing tier 10 (that’s something that we decide on), which means 10 USD, 13 AUD, 9 euros, etc. how much is charged for any given pricing tier in a given country is out of our control, apple sets that.

  27. Fabian Says:

    I really want this game on my iPhone. And I don´t care about the screen size. It would just be cool to have a game like that on my phone. And, if its coming to iphone. I really hope that people don´t complain about the screen is “too small”!

    Please, make it for the iPhone! :-)