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World of Goo on iPad Releasing Soon

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

World of Goo on iPad! We’re just about finished, and hope to release the game in the App Store as soon as we get approved and make it through the scary gates. In the meantime, here are some answers to some “frequently” asked questions:

Q. When will World of Goo release on iPad?
A. As soon as we get approved by Apple. We hope before the holiday season.

Q. What’s World of Goo?
A. World of Goo is a game about Goo, originally for Wii and PC/Mac/Linux. It won a bunch of awesome awards, including some “game of the year” honors, and is still one of the highest rated Wii games. More info and video here.

Q. What about iPhone, iTouch, iEtc?
A. Maybe. There’s a lot of iGoo to pour in, and we don’t want to release something if it doesn’t run absolutely buttery smooth.

Q. Will the iPad version be multiplayer like on the Wii?
A. Yes, you can play with 11 fingers on one screen. Which means you can play two handed, with friends, an animal, anything up to eleven fleshy things touching the screen. World of Goo is rated E for Everyone.

Q. Can I wear a Goo Ball on my head while playing GooPad?
A. Yes, visit here for all your head warming needs.

Q. Will there be a World of Goo 2?
A. A second World of Goo is a possibility, and something we would enjoy working on. Working together again on GooPad has reminded us how fun it was to make the original. A second World of Goo will need to feel like a perfect and appropriate continuation of the first game. No Red Bull Can levels or rapping Goo cutscenes, according to our official design doc.

UPDATE (11/24): We just submitted World of Goo to Apple… Waiting For Review!