World of Goo on iPad Releasing Soon

World of Goo on iPad! We’re just about finished, and hope to release the game in the App Store as soon as we get approved and make it through the scary gates. In the meantime, here are some answers to some “frequently” asked questions:

Q. When will World of Goo release on iPad?
A. As soon as we get approved by Apple. We hope before the holiday season.

Q. What’s World of Goo?
A. World of Goo is a game about Goo, originally for Wii and PC/Mac/Linux. It won a bunch of awesome awards, including some “game of the year” honors, and is still one of the highest rated Wii games. More info and video here.

Q. What about iPhone, iTouch, iEtc?
A. Maybe. There’s a lot of iGoo to pour in, and we don’t want to release something if it doesn’t run absolutely buttery smooth.

Q. Will the iPad version be multiplayer like on the Wii?
A. Yes, you can play with 11 fingers on one screen. Which means you can play two handed, with friends, an animal, anything up to eleven fleshy things touching the screen. World of Goo is rated E for Everyone.

Q. Can I wear a Goo Ball on my head while playing GooPad?
A. Yes, visit here for all your head warming needs.

Q. Will there be a World of Goo 2?
A. A second World of Goo is a possibility, and something we would enjoy working on. Working together again on GooPad has reminded us how fun it was to make the original. A second World of Goo will need to feel like a perfect and appropriate continuation of the first game. No Red Bull Can levels or rapping Goo cutscenes, according to our official design doc.

UPDATE (11/24): We just submitted World of Goo to Apple… Waiting For Review!

75 Responses to “World of Goo on iPad Releasing Soon”

  1. Pavke Says:

    hey Ron

    I might consider your and Kyle fingers are larger then World of Goo players fingers, because players are mostly children! :)

  2. Rowan Says:

    I love WOG! I bought the PC version, and the Mac version (only bought PC version as Mac wasn’t ready yet from memory)

    IPad version is a day one instabuy for me.

    Hey, you really should launch the Mac version in the Mac AppStore – will expose goo to new people. Worth it.

  3. Vince Says:


  4. Paul Says:

    Righteous! I can’t wait, this thing looks awesome as like, well just awesome.

    Too bad my iPad doesn’t exist… but it’s on my mac, so yeah!

    btw, if you have low hard drive space, does it delete the save file, or is that just my computer?

  5. DEFE Says:

    Oh man, World of Goo 2 sounds awesome. I’m filled with excitement.

  6. Eric Says:

    Big fan, cant wait.

  7. James Says:

    Me a third time. :P

    I believe Team Meat also said something about no sequal to Super Meat Boy, for basically the same reasons you said. I like World Of Goo 2, but I wouldn’t want the series to get old. 2 goo, or not 2 goo. That is a very serious question. :/

  8. JW Says:

    With the release of the Mac App Store to reduce piracy, I’m sure 2dBoy will start on creating World of Goo 2! I’m counting down the days for WOG on my iPad. So far 6 left. How do I know this, because I’m a developer and when i release games, it takes about 5-7 business days.

  9. Bonewire Says:

    So excited. Instant iPad buy for me!
    To the other guys saying the iPhone has the same specs: No!
    The iPhone does have a lower res. And even though the processor is also called A4 , it is much slower than the iPad’s A4 processor.
    So there is definetly a difference beetween the iPad and iPhone 4. But the iPhone 4 does have twice as much ram (512 compared to 256 of the iPad)

    Thanks 2D Boy, you made my day. This is the best game evaaaar!

    Cheers Glenn

  10. Yeshua Watson Says:

    So, based on my experience with Apple submissions, we should expect review and approval around Dec 1-2, 2010. As long as it doesn’t crash and handles “Low memory” warnings (and subsequent memory dealloc) gracefully, we can expect our gooey fingers to be building and destroying the mighty corporation soon. I’ve played WoG on a tablet PC and it works wonderfully with pen, so fingers are going to be awesome. BTW, isn’t it funny how the similarities to the WoG corporation and their product unveilings are similar to Apple and iDevices unveiling? Just saying.

  11. ChatoXL Says:

    Yay! My Dad’s Gonna Buy an iPad Soon! I Hope You Make an iPhone Version Soon!

  12. Tacomann13 Says:

    I like the IDEA of WoG2
    If 2DBoy mentioned this earlier than I wouldve changed the name of my mod, ‘TM13’s WoG2’

    sorry Kyle and Ron

  13. spda242 Says:


    Christmas will hopefully come early this year!!!

  14. Sowyer Says:

    Hi, waiting for th iPhone version to discover it !
    Won’t buy any fake googame I wan tthe original !


  15. Digital Ruse Says:

    Do want an iPhone 4 version. Pretty please… with Goo on top!

  16. Buttersnack Says:

    I was starting to think you guys weren’t making anything together anymore! Anyway, what price will WoG be for iPad?

  17. Jonas Says:

    I’ve played World Of Goo since the first beta release, I own an iPad, I’ll definitely also buy this.

    Even though It’ll be like the fifth copy I get ! :D
    First release – steam sales – indie bundle – more steamsales ! :P

  18. Madison Says:

    Any word on a release date from Apple yet? With such a premium title submitted they sure are taking their time…. I need WOG on my iPad NOW. :-) Since the first day I had my iPad I’ve been saying ‘I wish WOG would be ported because touch controls would really work well’ and you did and now Apple is slooooooowing it down. Come on Apple: approve and release please. Like now.

  19. Laughing Ninja (Not signed in) Says:

    well, i don’t have an iPad so… :/ but PLZ PLZ PLEEEEASEE make World of Goo 2!!! :D please make it available for PC…

  20. Anakin Says:

    I love WOG, and I’m very happy to know that it’s going to be an iPad version.

  21. BenGman Says:

    Cannot wait, checking the store daily! how am I going to be able to concentrate on my work when I’ve got WoG at my finger tips! :)

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  23. Chuzpah Says:

    Recently bought this game on Steam and now I cannot wait to play it on my iPad!

  24. Alex Says:

    I don’t have an iPad :( I need iPhone Goo!!!

  25. erik Says:

    WE WANT WoG TWO!!!

    The sooner the better. PLEEEAAAAASE!