Happy Birthday World of Goo!

World of Goo is two years old today. My, how time flies. Coincidentally, and almost just in time, we have a surprise…

Back in march we were approached by David Lien, who came up with this crazy idea of making World of Goo beanie hats as a way of starting a company, doing something game related, and… yes… joining the family business.  See, David’s family owns a hat manufacturing and exporting business in Taiwan. Feel the love?

Since David approached us with sketches, we’ve seen him come up with design drawings, sorting out colors, materials, and styling with the factory, and finally getting the first prototypes in the mail. With the help, advice, and support of friends and family, the beanies finally went into production on September 19th and are expected to start shipping in late November.

Want one?  David is taking pre-orders here. You can buy the beanie on its own, or add $5 and get a copy of World of Goo you can keep for yourself or give as a gift.

29 Responses to “Happy Birthday World of Goo!”

  1. Nicosmos Says:

    Happy birthday! :D
    Awesome Goo hats. Do they deliver in Europe?
    Also, World of Goo is featured at the French Wikipedia homepage today (http://fr.wikipedia.org).

  2. AbstractCloud Says:

    Happy Birthday to World of Goo, by the way, good to hear from you guys again, how long has it been?

  3. Pavke Says:

    Happy Birthday to World of Goo

  4. Stephen S. Says:

    Happy birthday!
    When can I buy World of Goo for my iPhone?

  5. James Says:

    Happy birthday World of goo! Let’s celebrate with the buying of beanies! ^^

  6. MOM4Evr Says:

    Awesome! I might even get one, which would be a splurge for me…
    And happy birthday!

  7. Vince Says:

    Happy freaking birthday, those are awesome! I’ll get one soon!

    …my iPod is lonely…

  8. DEFE Says:

    Happy birthday to goo
    Happy birthday to goo
    Happy biiiirthday to gooooooo
    Happy birthday to goo!

    Also, cool beanies

  9. Carlo Says:

    Happy birthday World of Goo! ;)

  10. Jeet Says:

    Wow ! Happy Birthday 2D Boy !

  11. soad667 Says:

    Happy birthday, guys!

    WoG still installed and don’t intend to leave anytime soon. Thanks to you for the great game and to the small and dedicated community.

    Keep it up………………………….

  12. virious Says:

    Yay! Happy birthday to the World of Goo!!!! :).

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  15. Kissaki Says:

    Happy birthday! :)

  16. lexder Says:

    Happy Birthday, friends!
    Love You and love World of Goo!
    Be happy!

  17. rainy Says:

    Happy Birthday, dear goo :)
    You give me many hours of love)

    I love you, MOM!
    I love you, 2D Boy!

  18. GCC Says:

    Have you guys given up on World of Goo for the iPhone. I was really looking foward to that.

  19. Jethro Larson Says:

    Goo swag. I’m a fan. More plz! :D

    Also, it’s been 2 years, what are you working on?

  20. Eric Says:

    Happy belated birthday, WOG. :)

    Incidentally, there would be numerous happy birthdays to come if you talented folks could port it over to the iPhone/iPad…

    The hats look cool though!

  21. male Says:

    Are you guys working on a new game? Or is it just business stuff here on out?

  22. Bill Says:

    So what’s happening with the iPhone version of World of Goo then?

    Even a short note to say you’re not doing it would be something…

  23. Tony Says:


  24. Beeg Says:

    hey nice goo hats, very creative, have you thought about taking you’re Goo Hat invention to the “Dragons Den” and try to bring these hats to the mass market and major store’s shelves?

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  26. Odnetnin Says:

    This is giving me the itch to both order one of those beanies and play through Goo again, for old times’ sake.

  27. Bunny Says:

    Happy birthdy world of goo!

    Gosh… only 2 years and STILL no profanity pack for those of us who preordered. Any news on that front, yet?

  28. zzzzz Says:

    Happy birthday

  29. Zack Says:

    YAY GOO BALL IN SUPER MEAT BOY!!!!!!!!!!! :-)