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Happy Birthday World of Goo!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

World of Goo is two years old today. My, how time flies. Coincidentally, and almost just in time, we have a surprise…

Back in march we were approached by David Lien, who came up with this crazy idea of making World of Goo beanie hats as a way of starting a company, doing something game related, and… yes… joining the family business.  See, David’s family owns a hat manufacturing and exporting business in Taiwan. Feel the love?

Since David approached us with sketches, we’ve seen him come up with design drawings, sorting out colors, materials, and styling with the factory, and finally getting the first prototypes in the mail. With the help, advice, and support of friends and family, the beanies finally went into production on September 19th and are expected to start shipping in late November.

Want one?  David is taking pre-orders here. You can buy the beanie on its own, or add $5 and get a copy of World of Goo you can keep for yourself or give as a gift.