2DBOYS at GDC this week

We’re both at GDC this week, so we might be a bit slow returning mail for a few days. What? One of us got devoured by a large corporation? It’s probably another fun side project, much like Indie Fund. If you’re at GDC this week and see us wandering around say hello!

17 Responses to “2DBOYS at GDC this week”

  1. LostOverThere Says:

    *Wishes he was a developer*

    Have fun at GDC this week, and allow me to greet you both from the comfort of my own home. Hello. :)

  2. Carlo Says:

    “Wishes he was a developer in San Francisco” :)

  3. Pathogen Studios (Formerly DtD Software) Says:

    Cool! I wish I was coming =(

  4. Vince Says:

    Oh god.

    So it begins. The war against corporacy.

    *goes into closet, removes chainsaw*

  5. BeSD Says:

    Are you gonna release some news about the iPhone version at the GDC?

  6. Enchanter49 Says:

    Will 2DBOY be releasing any new games? If you surprise all the developers at the GDC in San Fransisco with another hit of an idea, I will eat myself in anticipation.

    -The Sign Follower, Enchanter49

  7. I wish i knew C++. Says:

    I only design. I aint a dev. I ask the same that Enchanter says, will u be releasing any new games?

  8. Jonah Says:

    Where are you, 2DBoy? Any new news? Goo for iPad maybe? A new game? Anything? Please post and let us know you’re still alive!

  9. dan Says:

    all the best with your gdc, i’m struggling with msce.

  10. Zack Says:

    HELLO! Anybody there? I hate it when game makers disapear :(

  11. Paul Says:

    Was it me (or Comcast, maybe my dumb computer) or was the site down for a while?

  12. Vince Says:

    It wasn’t just you.

  13. Gooer Says:

    Hey, 2D boys!

    Sorry if I’m a bit loud, but I’m trying to do the OCD flags for everything, and this game FUCKING needs ALREADY:

    – Being able to retry after completing a level. I don’t want to continue, I want to RETRY.

    – Being able to skip cutscenes, either level intros or after finishing levels.

    It’s a fantastic game, but those two things are driving me fucking crazy, and I know for a fact that a lot of people have been asking for them for a long time. Are they really so hard to program?.


  14. Gooer Says:

    Of course (in case it isn’t clear), I mean that you’re playing a level, and the moment you get the required number of goo’s, you can’t retry without exiting the level.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, if I go down left to the retry button, the screen shouldn’t move!


    (sorry, that last OCD try left me really mad, after watching 8 fucking times the same cutscene intro to the level, being unable to cancel it and to retry inside the level without going back to the world)

  15. Gooer Says:

    This is even worse:


    I think I’m going to uninstall before I go completely crazy

  16. Paul Says:

    Yes?Will 2DBOY be releasing any new games?

  17. Paul Says:

    Hello World, check out my site (click the name)

    That and Tomorrow Corp. looks amazing…