What is Indie Fund?

At GDC last year, in an informal gathering of indie developers, and idea was born. As people discussed how and where to get funding for their games, someone asked why we don’t fund each others’ games. That question started a conversation that eventually resulted in the creation of Indie Fund, a new source of funding for independent developers. More info coming soon, stay tuned…

15 Responses to “What is Indie Fund?”

  1. Ciro Continisio Says:

    Very good initiative, Kyle. Actually, it’s an incredible initiative, you made my day!
    I’m looking forward to hear more.

  2. Nero Says:

    That’s great. Can’t wait to see what projects you are funding and will help. I know I buy and play way more indie games than the usual traditional games. To me indie gaming is way more interesting and seeing this initiative from some great people I hope will bring good things.

  3. Alex Vostrov Says:

    This is a great idea! I think that we need more sources of funding that align with our values as creators.

    What sort of return are you looking for? Is there a way that I can contribute? I don’t have bags of money to throw around, but indies have to stick together…

  4. Enchanter49 Says:

    Is this in any way related to the Indie Game Competition?

  5. Enchanter49 Says:

    Oh that’s a cool idea! This would be like a big investment club for game companies…

    That would pretty much make the world (of games) go round!

  6. James Says:

    That is a definite YES!!!

  7. Nicolas Says:

    Maybe you in the future you can allow people to select project they want to fund, and then share some of the profits, like MyMajorCompany, or at least refund the principal, like kiva.org? Thus using the full potential of the social Web.
    Well this is a great news for indie developers, keep going on, good luck, World of Goo is super cool.

  8. Pathogen Studios (Formerly DtD Software) Says:

    Pathogen Studios could really use this =( When’s it opening for more applicants?


  9. garrett Says:

    i had this idea awhile back. no really

  10. DEFE Says:

    This seems like a great idea, especially considering what you said in that slideshow about how it’s not worth it to try to get a publisher for funding. I hope this works out for all you guys.

  11. Frostdawn Says:

    Every single day you guys make me want to be an indie game developer more and more when I grow up. As if you hadn’t made up my mind months ago. :D

  12. Robin Says:

    Nice initiative (?). Looking forward for some more beautiful indie games. ;-)

    Good luck with this project!

  13. chainmaillekid Says:

    Cool, so its like a buying group :p

    I sure hope it works out well, I would like to see the devs being less dependent on large publishers.

  14. Rudy Says:

    I’ve read the news just now. Great project, I think an alternative project like thet seems to be can give a lot of good stuff. I love Indie games if you don’t understand :)

  15. Enchanter49 Says:

    @chainmaillekid: That is unaviodable, unless these “developers” can create their own game console.