I recently had the pleasure of spending a good hour with Colin Northway playing a multiplayer session of Monaco, which is nominated for multiple awards at this year’s Independent Games Festival. Monaco is a co-op stealth game being developed by Andy Schatz of Pocketwatch Games.

For me, this game captures the essence of what is fun about the stealth genre and wraps it in a dynamic visual presentation that feels fresh, and beautifully mesmerizing. Sound design is also superb and creates a remarkably rich ambiance. ¬† Another thing that struck me in Monaco’s design is that it’s very simple, bare bones even, and each element in the game expands it in a new direction, contributing something meaningful to the player experience. Nothing is superfluous or wasteful. Stealing is about to become cool again, get excited,¬†kleptomaniacs!

There’s also an interview with Andy up on if you want to learn more about this game.

9 Responses to “Monaco”

  1. Steven Says:

    since Left 4 Dead I began really loving co-op gameplay
    and this just looks perfect for me!
    stealth + simple but good graphics + co-op = want this game now

    just checked their site
    this is a pretty gigantic turnaround in what they usually make :D
    I’m actually wondering if 2Dboy hacked their website and posted his game on it …


  2. Darius K. Says:

    I was assigned Monaco to judge as one of my first-round IGF games and I am SO HAPPY to see it as a finalist in so many categories!

  3. Pavke Says:

    I know you guy don’t read comments but you must see this!

  4. Elurztac Says:

    I want this game NOW !
    (And a Iphone Version for World of Goo. Please.)

  5. Chronos Says:

    I hope there will be a version for Ubuntu and even for Android, I’d buy it as i did with WoG. :)


  6. Lag bag Says:

    World of Poo :(

  7. Lag bag Says:

    This game looks like it was first written for SNES with Super Mario Mouse. When playing it, you feel like Animaniacs will come and use the tower made of Goo Balls to climb to the moon! Like if it all was Nintendo’s work! But for PC users, I’d appreciate a War Mode – use shooting balls on the top of your tower to make the opponent’s tower break (the one who has no pairs/groups loses). Ya know, sad fat gamers are always looking for a battle, even in a puzzle game…

  8. MarioBr1 Says:

    If it’s on WiiWare, I’ll buy it. Just like World of Goo.

  9. gabe Says:

    hey you guys should really think about makeing this game for iPhone and iPod touch because it is seriously amazing for wii and pc I love it and play all the time and would play it even more if it was for iPod touch!