Multitouch Fingers Full of Goo

26 Responses to “Multitouch Fingers Full of Goo”

  1. Pavke Says:

    wow, even iPad doesn’t have multitouch

  2. pascal Says:

    @Pavke: of course it does as do iPhone & iPod Touch.

    Is this the unmodified game as we can download it?! Or have you secretly open-sourced it somehow?

  3. Tids Says:

    Its the normal Game (only linux edition) and a Xserver with Multipointer support. Schould work with current Ubuntu 9.10/Fedora 12 … with 2(or more) mouses you can test it yourself (laptop touchpad+mouse dont work). just look at your WoG directory in the config file, to enable multiple mouse support ^^

  4. zulu9 Says:

    This is the unmodified linux version of the game. It has support for multiple mice. So all you need WoG (linux-version), that vinput thingy from and a supported touchscreen.

  5. brandonnn Says:

    Big teases.

  6. Paul Says:

    Very nice, I love this game. =)

  7. Enchanter49 Says:

    @zulu9 I think you’re right. Except that the only version of World of Goo that has multiple cursors is the wiiware one, so maybe they found a way to put wiimote input through touch…?

  8. Timo Says:

    If this is how World of Goo is going to be on the iPhone/iPod touch, I’m gonna love it.

  9. ritz Says:

    Nice, one good reason finally to buy this game. I hate using mice, but touchscreen awesomeness ! I am sold

  10. Chris Kolodin Says:

    I’ve always felt a touch interface was the way World of Goo was meant to be played!

  11. Vince Says:

    Just thought you might want to know about this… :P

  12. Enchanter49 Says:

    @Vince yeah, there’s a topic on about that. It turns out that 2Dboy gave them permission.

  13. Vince Says:

    Seriously? That’s cool.

  14. zhoufeng Says:

    I love this game

  15. GooD Says:

    Funny! German version – didn’t now that WoG is so popular in Germany

  16. ChrisMims Says:

    WOW!!! I’m a huge fan of World of Goo! I bought the Wii version for $15, and it was worth every penny! I even played the Tower of Goo game on PC. I hope that you guys can make a version for the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. I’m sure that you would make some GREAT sales!

    Good luck

  17. Quote Says:

    What will they think of next?

    Virtual Reality Goo (that one’s aimed at you Kyle)

  18. Fazer Says:

    Your game was tested on a touchscreen monitor at FOSDEM 2010 (Free and Open-Source Software Developer’s European Meeting) ;-)

  19. Quote Says:

    Did anyone hear that Brighter Minds, the publisher of WoG filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy!? That could be the cause of the fact that a second game has yet to be announced… Poor Them…

  20. Maxime Legrand Says:

    That’s so fresh, i want this stuff to play on your game.

  21. D.Cross Says:

    MY god, 《world of goo》is so perfect a game ,especially the music ,I love the picture style,simple but fresh!

  22. Goo Says:

    Good stuff

  23. Neil Says:

    Thank you 2D Boy, i am from Uzbekistan ))) You game World of Goo is very interest.
    Спасибо Вам 2D Boy, мне очень понравилась Ваша игра World of Goo, она очень очень интересная.

  24. Whew Says:

    i love it very much because it”s a cool game
    one i love the music
    two i love the goo sound
    three i love the mision
    four i love the movie
    five i love the mision at the information superhighway last mision

  25. goofriend Says:

    are you sure there game of world of goo 2 is very cool than world of goo ?

  26. Madison Says:

    OMG if this is what an iPad version would play like I would seriously get me an iPad just for the portable touch version of World Of Goo. What a genius way of playing this already perfect game!