Look, Mom! No Hands!

Robert Chappell of EyeTech Digital Systems was kind enough to send us this video of World of Goo being played with their eye tracking system.  People, that’s playing World of Goo with your eyes! (ok, and a finger for clicking).

Notice how the player glances at the signpost when the level starts.

25 Responses to “Look, Mom! No Hands!”

  1. Nic Freed Says:

    AWESOME!!! I want one! How much???

  2. Stickybomb67 Says:


  3. madaco Says:

    I was expecing something to do with MOM…
    but very cool!

  4. FloatingFish88 Says:


  5. roBurky Says:

    Heh. Can you see the way he kept looking at the button for the first level, the name of the level pops up above it, so he looks at the text. But he’s no longer looking at the button, so the text disappears. So he looks at the button. The text reappears. He looks at the text. But the text disappears.

    Bit of a problem with rollover tooltip type stuff with this control scheme, I think.

  6. Supamarioana Says:

    That’s also a good tool for game developers: A test person will (unwillingly) show them whether the level design is right and help signs are well positioned.

  7. Vince Says:

    That is very awesome!
    Which would you use for a game with ONLY the blocks for Chapter 4 (no Goo Balls), ODE or 2d Box? Or both, melded together to create an unholy super-creature?

  8. Nick Cook Says:

    hmm…very cool indeed!

  9. Pavke Says:

    Cool!!! He has Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard! I want one! And the eye thing is ok too! :)

  10. MethanalCHO Says:

    Really cool, just as a WoG reference, you might want to capitalize the O and second M in the word “Mom” in the blog post title. That would be a really subtle yet funny joke.

  11. Tayron Says:

    hey…awesome!:D I played WOG on a smart board thing in high-school (a board that acts like a touchscreen)…it was amazingly awesome:D

  12. Chainmaillekid Says:

    I wonder how well it would work without the on-screen cursor…

  13. Drew Says:

    How long before you can click by winking?

  14. M Says:

    Alongside clicking with a mouse/keyboard, you could also use “blink click” to operate completely hands free.

  15. Sarah Says:

    that’s awesome! now people who have physical disabilities can totally play WoG too!

  16. Arty2 Says:

    Exactly my thought, but irc there are some prototypes around that to that.

    I am afraid that this type of game control however, limits your ability to examine the scenery and different objects on the screen, imagine the player glancing at those rotating gears in the advanced levels ;)

  17. JailDoctor Says:

    How many time can anyone stand without winking? Anyway, you could always do left and right wink, double wink…

  18. Steingrímur Says:

    That’s probably a really useful tool for playtesting. Hook the player up and have it record where he’s looking (without affecting the game). You’ll know from the recorded data if the player is noticing level and game design hints you’ve placed in the game.

  19. Tayrtahn Says:

    It seemed odd to me that Valve liked to point out their use of eye-tracking technology during playtests. It always seemed like it would just be a novelty and wouldn’t give much info back. But I have to say that this little video made me reconsider. The way the player glances at the sign twice, the issue with the rollover text… there’s clearly a lot to be learned from this kind of testing. Very cool.

  20. Vince Says:

    Next: Hand Sensor World of Goo! (not the Wii stuff, like as in sensors showing where your hand is and whether it’s open or closed. Oh, plus a virtual reality helmet. How cool would it be to mime throwing a GooBall at Fisty and watch it happen?)

  21. Paul Says:

    O_o Kool-eo

  22. Vince Says:

    I’ve noticed that you’ve slowed down your blog post rate drastically. Perhaps a new project may be on the way?

  23. miles Says:

    2DBoy, what are the possibilities of using this technology during play tests to track the player’s eyes and gather metrics on which parts of the screen the player is attracted to etc.?

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  25. cccc Says:

    this game is easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hard