The last of the Goo Balls didn’t seem to notice they were in an amazing fan video…

Also, this.

18 Responses to “The last of the Goo Balls didn’t seem to notice they were in an amazing fan video…”

  1. Simon B. Says:

    Congratulation to the author(s) of this nice video ! 2D Boy should create a special page where the best fans creations will be presented ! =)

  2. André Says:

    This is a total waste of time. I LOVED :)
    Goo are conquering the world.

  3. vanarbulax Says:


    Why must you follow up an awesome fan video with one of the most stomach churningly bad songs of all times? I would have preferred a rickroll.

  4. World Of Goo Gets Real | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Says:

    […] is on TV before 8am you know everything is magical. Also magical is the video the boys at 2D BOY just spotted showing World Of Goo in real life. It’s a really beautiful thing, and it’s […]

  5. Stickybomb67 Says:

    Um, what’s with the High School Musical link?

  6. madaco Says:

    because the signs painter sometimes says not to worry, were all int his together, i think…
    I make no garentees as to the accuracy of my statements

  7. madaco Says:

    now that i finished watching the video…

  8. Vince Says:

    Clever use of balloons.

  9. Chainmaillekid Says:

    :U… U: … :U…

    YAY! :D

    I’ve always wondered if Kyle Gable would ever see my vid.

    I didn’t seem to realize untill I notice my view count had exploded…

  10. ChuckBartowski Says:

    ahhh high school musical!

  11. Ted Martens Says:

    Lol. That is way awesome.

  12. Elvis Brevi Says:

    cool video!

  13. Nick Cook Says:

    Wow! I watched this on Youtube about a month ago and I was wondering myself if 2Dboy had seen this!

    Great job!

  14. Artix Says:

    I crapped myself laughing at the high school musical link.

    Why is 2D Boy so awesome?

  15. CeeJay Says:

    The second video just displays : “This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.”

  16. Danh Says:

    You should look at the comments on the high-school musical video…..I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS

  17. Kirill Says:

    Laughed a lot)))) From the beginning till the end =)))
    I think because of this style and all in it is unique.

  18. Lemonade Says:

    Haha, awesome.