Happy Birthday, World of Goo!


World of Goo is 1 year old today! How time flies… the 2DBOYs are so proud!

To celebrate the occasion, we thought we’d try a fun experiment – starting today and ending on October 19, you can buy World of Goo at whatever price you like – one cent, a million dollars, the usual twenty, or any creative number they let you type into the text field.  If you played and liked the game but hadn’t yet paid for it, this is your chance at redemption!



It’s not done and we don’t have a release date yet.  We have it running well on the iphone 3GS, and with a little luck we hope to get it running smoothly on the 3G as well.  Hopefully more news on this soon.

97 Responses to “Happy Birthday, World of Goo!”

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  2. otterpopjunkie Says:

    Props to the WoG team for doing this. I have a hunch the steam sales (and all sales) were so successful because people wanted to show their support for a crew of developers who believe in DRM free software. I don’t know anything about this game but I’m sure buying a copy!

  3. Cogzwell Says:

    Happy Birthday, I’ve been very happy acting as your Propaganda department through this year.

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  5. Citizen Says:


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    […] I’ve read the company had started an original experiment called: Pay what you want. So I thought: it’s time to pay for the game, and finish […]

  7. Martin Says:

    wow, how time flies! 1 year already….are you going to publish any results from your price experiment? would be great to hear what people do when left to their own devices!

    funnily enough I was just looking for games for the iPhone to keep me amused on a long flight & though “hey, wonder if world of goo is…..” and whaderyerknow! Not for this flight maybe, but will be getting it for sure!

  8. Shadowcat Says:

    iPhone Goo!? That’s just awesome. Please do port that to the Pandora (which has rather similar hardware). I don’t expect to ever have an iPhone, but I’m almost definitely buying a Pandora, and I’d love to see World of Goo available for it.

  9. Brendan P (brendanp) 's status on Friday, 23-Oct-09 06:59:04 UTC - Identi.ca Says:

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  10. evJeremy Says:

    I second bambam, I’d love to see a Nokia n900/Maemo 5 port!

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    […] – Okay, technically, the sale’s been going on since October 13 and they extended it though this Sunday, but I’ve had a busy week and didn’t notice. […]

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  13. deadman Says:

    bonjour, la démo 1 et super petit question comment on na la démo 2 ? merci et bonne continuations

    hello, the demo 1 and super small question how the demo na 2? thank you and good continuations

  14. Mario T. Says:

    Congratulations guys!

    I really love this awesome game. If WOG could run on iphone, it would be great!

    Best regards from Chile

  15. Mr Ford Says:

    I know you said that WoG couldn’t be ported to the DS Lite because it wouldn’t support the physics engine. Have you considered the DSi, wich has a faster CPU and more RAM than the DS Lite? WoG would be great on the DSi!

  16. jan Says:

    A Android version would be very nice!

  17. Tomislav Says:

    Happy B-DAY WORLD OF GOO! I know I’m a bit late,
    but still I’m amazed how time flies! Also:
    WoG on Iphone?? Aww, I wish I have an Iphone…
    …guess I will just have to watch my friend(s) play it….

  18. Mike Says:

    Goo on my iPhone! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Cody Says:

    Happy Birthday World of Goo! Will there be a Christmas one also? :D

  20. Pimpi Castro Says:

    Yeeeesss!!! I Love you…
    Waiting for the ipod touch version!!! :) hope it comes out soon.

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  23. mclightning Says:

    we want it on n900
    n900 even works blender3d and psx games

  24. Joel Shapiro Says:

    I’d like an Android version.. Mmmm.. :)

  25. lem Says:


    version for nokia n900 please, thank you

  26. abreen Says:

    Bought this on the PC and cant wait for this on the ipod touch/Iphone. I will guy it again just to have it on the road with me … please give us a hint on when it will be ready for the apply handheld devices :)

  27. mela Says:

    No DSi Ware version yet?

  28. Luis Says:

    Realmente es un juego excelente, lo quiero para mi iPod… Ya tengo la versión linuxera y me volví adicto… Felicitaciones, es un éxito al 100%

  29. sam Says:

    I will wait for the Android version.

  30. Tyler James Says:

    The wait is killing me if anyone hasn’t noticed.

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    […] prices. Sometimes developers even allow buyers to decide upon the price – e.g.  World of Goo and Crayon Physics […]

  32. David Davis Says:

    Is there an iPad version in the works?

  33. Rodri Says:

    I won’t be so hard for you to make that game… Because if I’m correct, World of Goo (yay…) is made with Adobe Flash; the only problem would be to minimize the Objects so they fit in a 320×420 Resolution…

    In few words… I won’t be so hard for you guys!

    I hope you get a lot o’ Money with that Game!! You’ve inspired me to make FULL HEARTED Games!!

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  35. mrarfarf Says:

    It would be great if you guys would port your game to the iPad!

  36. David Amador Says:

    @Rodri World of Goo is not made with Adobe Flash. It’s made on their own internal engine that they release as open source some months ago.

  37. dexter Says:

    what about for the ipad, i would love to play world of goo on there.

  38. Mark S Says:

    Any updates on the iPhone app?

  39. Gyro Says:

    It has been over 9 months now and nothing has been mentioned about the iPhone/iPod touch(/iPad as well now I guess). What happened? Could you give us an update?

  40. Tristen Balloon Artist Says:

    Happy Birthday, World of Goo! I am going to read the results right after this. Thanks for sharing this very cool experiment!

  41. ponsfrilus Says:

    Perfect game! +1 for Android portage!

  42. Grant Says:

    Waah! I need this game on my ipod.

  43. video Says:

    Awesomeness! I can’t wait to play it on the iPhone!
    Happy birthday once again!

  44. Jonas Says:

    Port this to android, now! :D

  45. Joe Says:

    I played the world of goo forever when I first got it. I agree with Jonas above, get this on android now. This would definitely be my favorite game for my phone.

  46. hdevries Says:

    Don’t worry about the 3g, nobody uses it anymore. Just make it work on the 3GS and the Iphone 4! With gamecenter challenges it will be AWESOME (and you’ll earn a shitload of money…)

  47. Bo Says:

    @hdevries shut up I use an iphone 3g and it works perfectly smooth nothing wrong with it.
    Please make this app for 3g because I think it will be able to handle it and that would be really awesome. Really like the game.