Captain Forever!

farbs just made his new game, Captain Forever, available to supporters pre-launch (just call it pre-order, will ya?).  i don’t normally capitalize, but i do captalize Captain Forever.  i just sat here playing it for the last hour, which is way, way beyond my usual attention span for games.

i’m a big fan of the ‘build your own ship space battle’ genre but i usually get bored with the resource management/allocation aspect of it and all the time spent in the hangar buying and attaching new hardware, while whispering ‘my precious’ and licking the screen.

farbs solves this problem beautifully in Captain Forever:  fight in real time, scavange your emeny’s components in real time, attach their hardware to your ship in real time!  BAM!!  the presentation is slick and the attention to detail is palpable.

you can get the game here.  scroll to the bottom and click ‘support’.  it’s $15 right now (goes up to $20 when the game officially launches.)


17 Responses to “Captain Forever!”

  1. Gnoupi Says:

    In the “build your own ship space battle” type, I have to say I feel more appealed by the Gratuitous Space Battles from Positech ( ).
    At least it shows something, it seems to deliver something. (And it seems to deliver big sparkling space wars.

    I mean, ok, the retro “old time console” theme for the website can be fun, but so far, the most information to find about the “Captain Forever” is on this blog page. The website is hermetic to highest level possible. No video, not even a game description. Ok, it’s intriguing, it pushes some to want to learn more, I’m sure. But besides these few people, with such a website, this game will remain simply unknown. So far, the only “clear” information on it is the price to “support” something which is barely understandable.

    Because finally, maybe the game is great, or good, but hard to have any idea about it from the site hosting it.

  2. Gnoupi Says:

    Ok, actually, you can find more information on the developer’s site ( ), and a trailer.

  3. trent petro Says:

    wow that looks awesome.

  4. Cap'n Lee Says:

    Gnoupi, you’re quite right, theres no use hiding away all of the information people want just because you’ve had a fun idea for a games website.

    i’m not willing to put $15 down for a flash game, when it earns some good publicity i may be back.

  5. Vince Says:

    That was awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! I even did a review on my website! Why am I using exclamation marks everywhere!

  6. szataniol Says:

    I tried it and it’s pretty good, however comparing to World Of Goo it’s not worth spendind that much money. I expected some kind of plot or whatever, while all is there is one level. :/ I could pay 5 bucks for a game like this.

  7. Alan Says:

    Just thought I’d add that the $15 is a “supporter’s fee.” You don’t have to pay it to be able to play the game in the long run, but if you want to play it now, you do have to pay it. Farbs says that at a later date, once the $15 fee jumps to $20, the game will be available for free. Those who pay the supporter’s fee (now or later) will have access to premium content in the game, but the game as it is right now will be available for free at some currently unannounced date.

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  10. Josh Straub Says:

    To say you don’t normally capitalize would be an understatement, Ron! :)

  11. Liam Dawe Says:

    Will this game be available for Linux as with World of Goo?

  12. Vince Says:

    To Liam:

    It’s a flash-based game, so, yeah, I think so.

  13. Faron Says:

    It is a flash game. :-(

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  15. silver photo frame Says:

    I also love ‘build your own ship space battle’ genre games. Even though it is in flash, $15 is worth it! Buy it guys!

  16. silver photo frames Says:

    Even though Captain Forever is a flash game. ‘build your own ship space battle’ genre games are the best in the world! $15 is a steal for this game. Definitely buying as soon as i comment this!

  17. y8 Says:

    Yeah, it’s a flash game, but it’s a fun one! I like it so i recommend it to you guys.