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Captain Forever!

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

farbs just made his new game, Captain Forever, available to supporters pre-launch (just call it pre-order, will ya?).  i don’t normally capitalize, but i do captalize Captain Forever.  i just sat here playing it for the last hour, which is way, way beyond my usual attention span for games.

i’m a big fan of the ‘build your own ship space battle’ genre but i usually get bored with the resource management/allocation aspect of it and all the time spent in the hangar buying and attaching new hardware, while whispering ‘my precious’ and licking the screen.

farbs solves this problem beautifully in Captain Forever:  fight in real time, scavange your emeny’s components in real time, attach their hardware to your ship in real time!  BAM!!  the presentation is slick and the attention to detail is palpable.

you can get the game here.  scroll to the bottom and click ‘support’.  it’s $15 right now (goes up to $20 when the game officially launches.)