Goo Is Universal Says World of Goo Corporation

Extraction Park, World of Goo РJuly 16 2009 РWorld of Goo Corporation is excited about the arrival of Goo on Earth.  The diversity of uses for Goo is rivaled only by those of the Placebo pill.

“Earth was only recently introduced to Goo and we are thrilled by the critical and commercial reception it has gotten” said World of Goo Corporation. “We are proud to be partnered with Galactic Export & Delivery Industries for delivery of Goo to Earth and look forward to a bright future for this nascent market.”

World of Goo Corporation is the #1 supplier of Goo and Goo related products.

Earth is a 3-dimensional planet.



28 Responses to “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:”

  1. MaxH Says:

    Haha, u got humor all right. I know it have been said before.. but i love u, 2D Boy. Like, really! :)

    (btw, working on a sequel? I want ‘more’ of ‘world of goo’…)

  2. Nosgoroth Says:

    Goo is here!

  3. Nihohit Says:

    When will I be able to purchase goo at my nearest retailer?

  4. Gnoupi Says:

    So it was a world domination plan all along! I knew it!

  5. DEFE Says:

    Oh my. It seems that goo is having some trouble getting along with the local fauna. That poor goose.

  6. thinkpol Says:

    I do have to admit that you guys were the first thing I thought of when I read about the goo sightings. HP Lovecraft was a close second, though.

  7. Trent Petro Says:

    I have a sudden erge to play World of Goo.

  8. Emil Says:

    O joyfull news!
    2d Boy: As stated above: I love you!
    3d boy: Might love you as well, never know!! =)

  9. madaco Says:

    well, this seems to confirm that it is an alien from another planet, as it is organic, goo balls are alive, and it is said by this blog that it is being shipped by Galactic Export & Delivery Industries. so yes it is an alien, just like the people on theat news website comment section thought.

  10. Hunter X Says:

    Why was this categorised as video?

  11. Secret_Tunnel Says:

    Yeah, this is the first thing I thought of when I heard the story.

  12. Mikea Says:

    Weepiii!! :)

  13. Smurfy Says:

    … viral marketing?

  14. Bret Says:

    Oh boy.

    Let’s hope its Goos.

    The alternative is rather unpleasant.

  15. Nachogrande96 Says:


    World of Goo Corp. = #1 Goo suppliers…

    Earth is a 3-Dimensional shape…

    The only number between 1 and 3 is 2…


  16. qq Says:


    Naaw, 2D Boy > 3D Boy foshoo because:

    2d > 3d :]

  17. Paul Says:


    Rather Gootiful, isn’t it?

  18. Paul, again, trying not to SPAM Says:

    Arctic Goo. *Sniff* I smell sequel…

  19. John Says:

    Better hope they have a flute

  20. Scott Says:

    You guys are the tops!

    I thought of you when I heard this story and the other one about the Texan beach(?) getting oily goo washed p on it.

    Can’t wait for your next release :)

  21. tony Says:

    The game is great!

  22. xolotl Says:

    Speaking of a “Placebo pill,” I’ve always wanted to at least make up some mockups of an over-the-counter pill called Placebex. “Cures any ailment!”

  23. Vince Says:

    LOL, that’s funny. In a computer game I’m making, there is a “miracle pill” called Placebital (TM). Gotta have the TM.

  24. jep Says:

    Great² game!

  25. Comrade Says:

    So… Is this a “World of Goo: 3D Goo” announcement?
    That could be fun

  26. Vince Says:

    So, uh, I’m feeling a lack of 2d-ness. Any chance of a new post soon?

  27. Anonymous. Says:

    I knew World of Goo two weeks ago and now terribly fall in love it…Make sure that you will make another game even better than it, and that will be one of the “World’s Best” someday~
    Big fan of yours =)

    A middle school student from China

  28. CVideo Says:

    Sorry to dissapoint all of you but unless I’ve been misinformed (wich would be a first time if so) there will be no sequel to World of Goo. Besides, 2dboy’s goal is to make incredible, original games with ingenious gameplay. Making a sequel would be a direct violation of that motto. besides, when their next games pops up, you’ll just want a sequel for that.