Rapid Prototyping Framework

asteroidsWe’re starting to dip our toes in the waters of prototyping again. One of the first steps was trim down the framework we built for World of Goo and gear it towards a rapid prototyping workflow.  This means two things:

  1. Minimizing the amount of code required to set up a new game
  2. Providing all the basic facilities so as to avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel (2D rendering, sound, input, persistence layer, and resource management)

There’s nothing revolutionary about this framework,  but in the hope that it is useful to others, we decided to throw out the source code.   Download, unzip, and check out the readme.html file for setup instructions.  There is no documentation and we’re not going to support this code.  There are two example projects included, so check those out and hopefully everything will make sense :).

Also, we set up a new board on our forum in case people want to discuss the framework or share their creations.

72 Responses to “Rapid Prototyping Framework”

  1. francisco Says:

    gracias :D
    ahora a saber como hicieron el juego :D

    thx :D

  2. zander Says:

    Thanks for this guys! I’ve been trapped on xna and c# for a while now, and this is the springboard I need to start hacking together little games in c++!

    Just added controller support on the asteroids game, which took about 10 minutes. Considering it took me about 3 hours in previous c++ attempts just to get a DirectX window open, this is awesome.

  3. Paul from Have Game Will Play Says:

    My brain is happy… prototyping means new game O_o

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    […] World of Goo creators 2D Boy, as they gear up to develop their next game, have just released this simple open-source framework for rapid prototyping, a process which 2D Boy Kyle Gabler notably employed to create the original Tower of Goo at the […]

  6. ace Says:


    I’ll download this immediately

  7. María Paz Says:

    I have no idea bout c++. But you’re still amaze. When will we get more of you?

  8. João Santiago Says:

    Hey, why don´t you guys the iphone version of world of goo??
    Since its kinda drag and drop, it could work very well on the iphone interface, plus this game is so awsome that you guys would literally make millions…

  9. João Santiago Says:

    Hey, why don´t you guys do the iphone version of world of goo??
    Since its kinda drag and drop, it could work very well on the iphone interface, plus this game is so awsome that you guys would literally make millions…

    [small correction, sorry]

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    […] Quel che infine può interessare, per rimanere in tema di autoproduzione, è la pubblicazione del framework su cui i ragazzi di 2D Boy stanno smanettando per creare un degno successore del loro puzzle game. […]

  11. Michal Says:

    Thanks a lot, guys! Give it a try…

  12. jano Says:

    jajajaja chido that is good for the game of goo good llolla I could play till the last level

  13. jano Says:

    2dboy espetacular is very good and more good play throughout the world

  14. Gant Says:

    Thank you very much for the engine, a really kick ass game, and have a wonderful day

  15. Gant Says:

    also I would like to start a forum on indie-games for using the engine thank you very much

  16. Alan Carvalho Says:


    I wasn’t wrong when I bought a copy of this game!!!

    Is there someone porting it for Linux?

    Best Regards,


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    […] and so on), and RocketHands wants to release it as our rapid prototyping framework, much as 2D Boy did with theirs. I’m hoping that working on a mobile device version of KranzkyEngine will help me to clean up […]

  20. Andrew Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you. I am in high school and am learning to make games and being able to pick apart your engine has really helped me learn and advance my own engine. I had never heard of the singleton design pattern before, but I sure do now! So, because you guys just don’t get it enough, thank you.

  21. Paweł Says:

    Thanks you guys. I’m writing my own framework including SDL, so it’s very helpful to build good OOP project.

    Greetz from Poland ;)

  22. DonReno Says:

    Thx, 2DBoy, im evaluating some frameworks so this’ll be very helpfull.

    Greetings from Chile.