the world (of goo) wasn’t built in a day — part 5 of 7

april’s been a busy month, but we’re back from intermission now!

november 28, 2006.  world of goo is now 3.5 months old.  so much has happened lately!

the skeleton of the game is now in place and at this point we started playtesting.  at first we wondered if we were showing the game to the right people.  why are they so bad at it?  do they simply suck?  it shouldn’t be so difficult to figure this game out!  it would take months of playtesting to get it feeling good and to not lose non-gamers after 30 seconds of play.  if you play this version, pay attention to your frustration and confusion levels as you try to work through the puzzles.  that should give you an indication of how far we still had to go.

see that red 50 up there?  we played around with the idea of timed levels, which we later dumped because it felt contrived.  the level ‘super fuse challenge time’ (which had not yet been born) is a good example of adding a time limit to a level without making it seem artificial.

the game now has a main menu, a world map, and 9 levels to play with.  the one pictured above had close to final art.  it would later become the level ‘going up’.  the rest are mostly place-holder art.  4 of the 9 levels present here made it into the final game, the rest were tossed.  go ahead, play them, dance on their graves.  you can download this build hereIMPORTANT NOTE: if you played the previous build you’ll need to delete some entries from your registry in order to run the game because the saved data format (which use to be stored in the registry) has changed.  run regedit and delete \HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\2dboy before running this version.

in the primordial version of ‘impale sticky’ above, you can see that one of the biggest changes yet to come was the series of events and presentation around the end of the level.  we clearly had not yet arrived at a good way to show the player how far along they are in meeting the goal of the level, when the goal has been reached, or how/when to progress to the next level.

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  1. Richard Says:

    At this point did you feel that something wonderful was taking shape? The sense of challenge is already present even within these basic levels. How did you decide which levels to ditch? Who was the Lord of the Rings fan? Goo World in Middle Earth! Thank’s for sharing your past thoughts and a really big thank’s for your determination, perseverance and hard work. I hope it pay’s off, because you sure deserve it, World of Goo is magnificent. (Looking forward to part 6)

  2. vonboy Says:

    wow, this is aggravating. i’m on like the 6 or 7th level [the one with the death screw in the middle], and i just had to quit [it crashed twice on me after playing like 15 minutes. it’s really the little things that i don’t like…

    you can’t drop a gooball on a goo structure, it has to actually hit the ground and then take like 20 second to get to the pipe. and it’s weird not having the pipe have suction [thereby helping to hold the goo structure in place. it’s also aggravating when you i have more that 10 goo balls in a structure the game seems to lag. it waits like 2 seconds before doing what i tell it to do, so i have to click where i think a goolball will be in 2 seconds.

    i am so dang happy the final product went through months and months of playtesting. world of goo corporations first goo product prototypes, were…. well lets just say they were not looked so kindly upon by the fda, shale we?

  3. Ron Carmel Says:

    @richard: we definitely did not have a feeling that something wonderful is taking shape. we were enjoying what we were doing, but were kinda worried about whether it would turn out to be a decent game or not.

    @vonboy: good observations! i almost want to apologize, but you’d been warned ;)

  4. The Wampa King Says:

    “why are they so bad at it? do they simply suck? it shouldn’t be so difficult to figure this game out! ”


  5. David Roberts Says:

    I think this pretty much represents the state of my current project – the concept is there, and it works, but it needs polish. And lots of it :D

  6. daviddanut Says:

    Crashed a few times, but still definitely enjoyable :)

    I also think you shouldn’t have chucked level 2, which I found really enjoyable, though I suppose the epilogue had a slightly similar level in the end, just a lot harder!

  7. David Prior (davecheesefish) Says:

    It’s really interesting to see the process you guys went through and how the game evolved over time into what we see today. Gives me hope that one of my little prototypes may eventually evolve into something as big one day :D

  8. Joel McDonald Says:

    Thanks for posting this. This is actually something I’ve been grappling with as of late–the exact role of “polish” in bringing a game idea to fruition. On the one hand, I’d like to think that you should clearly be able to see the potential of an idea in the very early state of things when the naked mechanics are laid bare. If it’s not at fun at this stage, you’re just going to be polishing a turd, right? Having said that, the polish-factor is more substantive than I’d like to admit as this WoG build clearly demonstrates. So the hard part, it seems, is getting a good feel for when a game prototype really shows promise and knowing how to execute and polish on that promise long past the point at which you question whether or not it was the right move to make.

    So with that mind, I had a few questions:

    I know in the above comment, Ron, you mentioned that you had no idea something wonderful was taking shape, but did the early WoG prototypes feel substantially different than other game prototypes you guys had done? There must have been something in the concept of WoG that stuck out enough for your intuition to kick in and push it further? As far as polish, again, the big concern is “What if we’re just polishing a turd?” Was there ever any concern on that front?

  9. Ron Carmel Says:

    @joel: tower of goo, the prototype game that world of goo is based on, was the most highly rated game on the experimental gameplay project. we took that to mean that the basic mechanic was good, and that it was just a matter of not messing it up in the process of growing it into a full game.

  10. vonboy Says:

    ron, i didn’t mean to be so harsh lol. yes, the game at that state was fun, but it just seemed to me that it was being held back by the things i mentioned. oh, and the final game was amazing, so i’ll let it slide this time ;b

    i don’t know if you would have the time, but i’ve been working on a game for my high school senior project for like 6-7 months, and i’m about to turn it in monday [may 4th]. so i was just wondering if you’d like to try it out sometime.

  11. WOGVeryBigFan Says:

    I beat this game ^^ Cool!

  12. Stickybomb67 Says:

    Awesome x 22!
    I still stink if it’s not too polished, tho…

  13. Banana Says:

    What am I supposed to do on the last level??
    This wrecking ball is a bitch.

  14. Bradley Says:

    Just letting you know that I apprecite what you do. I check your site every day, and I love this feature! I hope you’ll keep doing cool behind the scenes things like this! Thanks!

  15. mrhonk Says:

    the word goo faded from me it seemed more like…
    ya thats it
    one thing i wonder
    you used the same sounds in tower of goo and the finle vr. of WOG but in this vertion they go
    why did you switch back?

  16. Tiff Says:

    Thank you for not following through with timed goals for most levels. I find myself playing a great game and wondering why it’s timed. It ruins it for me and my kids. Why is so much based on a quick time? We find it refreshing to play your game at our own pace without the added stress. thanks again!

  17. Olesuk Says:

    I love this game

  18. Tien Hock Loh Says:

    I’ve been following “making of goo” since the first part, and have been extremely inspired by how you guys go from zero to a hero!!!
    I’m currently making a game (not forming a company, by 2Dboy in GDC talk… I think), and hopefully it’ll be as successful as World of Goo (or 1/100 as successful?)…

  19. dfrancis Says:

    wow this is probably the best game ever played
    very fustrating but yes indeed the best most thought over game ever played
    i got about five people addicted to playing

    oh yea just as an afterthought my total time for completing the whole game was 7 hrs 30 min bbbbuttt the second time i played it(i couldent resist ) it wuz 5hrs 10 min

    hope there is more additions to the game

  20. doug snowden Says:

    i was just wondering if you guys have even considered making world of goo 2.

  21. Deanne Says:

    I am addicted. I found World of Goo in the “HP Games” on my laptop. They wanted me to buy those coin things to continue playing. I sent my husband to the store to buy me the pc version of the game. I hope the 2D Boy makes a sequel to this game. I’d be the first in line to buy it. Please tell us you are making a sequel due out in a week. This concept has so many possibilities, i.e. goos could drop into a pipe, get clogged up and be hurled into a “goo sub world” it seems they were onto this with opening up that 3d world, (why didn’t they expand on that?) Kind of on the Mario Bros. line. I’d buy them all, if they made them. They could do a “7 Wonders of the Goo World”-(goo balls need to make it to the Pyramids)- “World Series of Goo”-(for the sports enthusist, goo balls turn into base balls, etc.) “Around the Goo World in 73 1/2 days”-(use hot air baloons to get to the pipes via Paris, etc. ) “Goo-Ball Warming” -(the goo balls have to pick up and use garbage to build thier bridges, prevent global warming)…I have a million ideas, I just want my World of Goo games!!!!

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