Amazon + WiiWare + World of Goo = my parents can play now

We have been informed that you can now get the Wii version of World of Goo on Amazon! When you buy it, it gives you a secret code to type into your Wii, and then some internet magic happens that makes the game get on your Wii.

A common question is “Why Amazon? Why not just get the game on WiiWare like usual?” I’m sure this doesn’t apply to anyone reading this blog – but a lot of Wii owners still don’t know what WiiWare is, or even that their Wii can connect to the Internet at all.  This new Amazon thing means we can now tell non-tech people “yeah, just get it on Amazon” – and it comes with clear instructions on how to connect, and get the game, from an online store they already know about. We hope so anyway. We’ll see! Thanks to Nintendo of America for setting this up, and using us as the first game!

13 Responses to “Amazon + WiiWare + World of Goo = my parents can play now”

  1. macdaddymikado Says:

    I’m still waiting for that profanity pack. :I

  2. XDboy Says:

    Funny. Is $14.99 the normal US WiiWare Price? How much does Amazon get?

  3. Tony Says:

    Yes, the U.S. WiiWare price is $14.99 (1500 points).

  4. Mark B. Says:

    Darn… I misread this and thought that you were saying that you could now get a hold of the PC version if you had the WiiWare version…

    Anyway, I like this idea. I’ll be interested in hearing how it turns out.

  5. Roberto Says:

    Would buy it if only Amazon didn’t check if my IP was from USA first, and then that I am using an American card. Guess they don’t want foreign dollars :-/

  6. Ryan B Says:

    Actually, this is very relevant to tech-savvy people for two reasons:

    a) Amazon offers a better buying experience than the Wii Shop Channel.
    b) Buying from Amazon lets you bypass the Wii Points BS.

    If more games get this same treatment, Amazon will become my preferred method of buying WiiWare games.

  7. Eddy B Says:

    That’s awesome news, guys — congrats!

    ps. Looking forward to “seeing the numbers” at next year’s IGS. ;-)

  8. vonboy Says:

    dang, don’t you folks already have millions of dollars? or at least enough to live off of for the rest of your lives? you need more money?

    anyway, glad amazon is trying this out, and glad the wonderful world of goo is the first test subject [mad scientist laugh]

  9. Jonathan H. Says:

    Exactly what Ryan B said. I bought the game for exactly $15 (plus tax) instead of buying $20 worth of WiiPoints. Your game is amazing by the way. I cannot wait until your next title arrives. I hope everyone and their mom buys this game to fund you guys!

  10. Nic Says:

    On the other side of “my parents can play now”, what happened to the profanity pack anyways?

  11. mohammad Says:

    hi to all
    thanks for this good game
    we wating for new game

  12. ewan Says:

    a lot of Wii owners still don’t know what WiiWare is, or even that their Wii can connect to the Internet at all.

    Unless it’s a /very/ long code their Wii’s still going to have to be connected to the internet though, yes? And if they don’t know their Wii can connect to the internet, and they haven’t connected their Wii to the internet, but they buy this from Amazon, aren’t they going to be fairly pissed off when it doesn’t work for them?

  13. Jim Greer Says:

    That’s awesome – trying to put my credit card and address in on WiiWare made me want to drive a nail through my head… XBLA does this much better.