Hello, Japan, meet Planet of Goo!

World of Goo just launched on WiiWare in Japan a few hours ago, we hope you like it, Japan! If you’re curious, you can play with the beautiful site Nintendo of Japan made for us. Some astute readers noticed that in Japan, we’re calling it “Planet of Goo” whenever an English text version of the title is shown. World of Goo Corporation would like to remind you that Planet of Goo Corporation is just another name for the same great taste.

7 Responses to “Hello, Japan, meet Planet of Goo!”

  1. mactenchi Says:

    I’m curious, why the change? Difficulty of pronunciation, or something cultural?

  2. vonboy Says:

    it is a happy day in the land of the rising sun indeed.

    hats off to any of ya’ll from japan that can’t understand what i’msaying that tries this game and loves it.

  3. vonboy Says:

    sorry for the double post, but i just have to say.

    when i looked on that website, i thought those two buttons on the buttom [over the two with ????,s and greyed out] were gonna be links to an iwata talk lol.

    an iwata talk between you guys and iwata would be epic though. it would be a first both for him interviewing a third party developer, and also for the fact that this was made in the us.

    mostly suggesting it though because i would love to read it lol.

  4. Chris Says:

    You’d be surprised how many people in Japan can understand what you wrote. They take 6+ years of English in public schools. However, the curriculum focuses on reading and writing, so actually speaking and listening tends to be more difficult.

    The buttons are “Lots of surprises in the game” and “Modes of play”. I just live here, I’m not actually Japanese, so don’t quote me on that.

  5. Wetterdew Says:

    To the Japanese people–Buy this game now!! It’s the most fun WiiWare game you’ll ever play!


    今このゲームを買ってください! Wiiwareの中で、グウは一番楽しいですよ!!


    I’m glad to see that it’s finally coming out in Japan.

  6. Benkyo Says:

    Is the Japanese translation only going to be available on the Wii? I’d love to introduce some more people to the game, but we only have PCs.

  7. James Says:

    Gootool from goofans.com has a translator already built in for any kind of language! (I think)