World of Goo claymation video

Wow, I think everyone was a little floored when they saw this clay animated World of Goo video:

Photos of her constructing the set here.  Contest page with more entries is here. Commenters are calling this the early winner, agree?

44 Responses to “World of Goo claymation video”

  1. DEFE Says:

    Wow, that’s a pretty morbid way to look at the sign painter. World of Goo definitely seems to have captured a lot of people’s imaginations.

  2. Cogzwell Says:

    as your official propaganda department i say “Yes sir! Great decision”.

  3. Stephen S. Says:

    Holy cow… that…. is amazing. o_O

  4. Pavke Says:

    o_O amazing!

  5. Naurgul Says:

    That’s pretty amazing. I love it! :D

  6. Rowtheboat Says:

    That’s brilliant. Nice work with the sign painter, good idea.

  7. soad667 Says:

    Wow, i would love to see a full-length movie like this! :)
    Really goo-d stuff…………

  8. Manuel Says:

    I will never trust the Sign Painter ever again after watching this. :O
    This is one of the best entries I have seen in this contest.What an awesome idea. :)

  9. Tayron Says:

    incredible! gj!

  10. raindog469 Says:

    If she doesn’t walk out of here with a 52″ TV and plane tickets, a crime will have been committed.

  11. David Roberts Says:

    Wow – whether it’s shot at 24fps or just doubled up in twos (2x of every frame at 12fps) the movement is really smooth and well done (it doesn’t have the ‘jitter’ problem that most non-professional claymation has). And on top of that, it’s a pretty awesome use of the concept too. I like :D

  12. William Says:

    Wow. That is pretty swell. Very nicely executed, and it fits well with the game, both visually and in story terms.

  13. Luigiv Says:

    I’d say someone has to do something pretty friggin spectacular to top this [absolutely amazing] effort. This is definitely the current champion.

  14. Cogzwell Says:

    further proof World of Goo would make a perfect Tim Burton movie, also the sign painter wouldn’t be evil! i bet that was like one of the corporation’s signs

  15. Stickybomb67 Says:

    Yeah. I liked this, but it was a bit dark.
    It still makes sense; humans are actually more brutal in reality.

  16. Stickybomb67 Says:

    Oh, yeah.
    Definite contest winner, or else.

  17. Bruno Says:

    I LOLed when I saw the sign made of goo, since you see it everywhere in the game.

  18. Wetterdew Says:

    Genius! And beautiful work, too! If the person who made this has any other World of Goo-related work or any other stuff I can see at all, I’d love to! (If you’re reading the comments, please, please show us your other work!)

    I love the dark atmosphere. The only problem I had was a bit at the ending where the one goo extended its hand to the other. At first I didn’t know what the hands were or what was going on, or which goo was which, etc. But that was a very slight problem. You get seven trillion cookies as a reward! I’ll ask MOM to send them to you as soon as I can.

  19. Wetterdew Says:

    Also, I love the angry goo ball that passes him by at the beginning.


  20. Egholm Says:

    Marvelous – just marvelous!!
    And yes, the angry goo at the start – super cool!

  21. Umar Mukhtiar Says:

    Amazing work! They must be professionals or something because the video has been expertly recorded and edited!

  22. paledragon64 Says:

    Definitely the best so far! Completely captures the feel of World of Goo…the sign painter’s secret is definitely something behind the scenes that 2D Boy didn’t show us, I’m sure.

  23. Sslaxx Says:

    That is just a fantastic video!

  24. spolvid Says:

    Well, 2D Boy, I think you guys found someone to do your advertisements for you.

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  26. Spliter Says:

    ….wow O_O

  27. SuBWaReZ Says:

    Amazing ! :D

  28. Kenn Says:

    I love it :-) Great images, great sound, great story! Well done!

  29. Steve C. Says:

    It’s World of Goo meets Eraserhead.

  30. Wayne Watrach Says:

    Whoa, both The Painters Sign and I are denied! I guess there aren’t any bonus points for trying to think outside the box and tell a story. Dunno about everyone else, but I thought PortlyPig deserved the win. I think she was robbed.

  31. Ezequiel Says:

    We want leaderboard back

  32. Jordan Says:

    I couldn’t believe that Painter’s Sign didn’t win! I mean, I was a little sad that I didn’t win, but I was even more upset that Painter’s Sign didn’t even place! Portly Pig was robbed. She at least has the bragging rights to the most viewed video in that whole contest. With that kind of talent, something better will probably come along.

    I hope Eiffel tower guy enjoys his tickets to E3… Personally, I thought there were more creative (not to mention more INTERESTING.) videos submitted than that one, but hey.

  33. Antonio Marques Says:

    I need WOG on my iPhone!!!!!

  34. Stickybomb67 Says:


  35. Thanael Says:

    I’m a huge fan of this vid. The actual contest winner was uninspiring, at best. But this sent shivers down my spine. Good work! As Jordan says, something better will come along.

  36. Trent Petro Says:

    I saw this a week ago and I was like ‘easily the best one’. It’s really well done.

  37. Kingofthespill Says:

    OMG.Excellent work.

  38. Wetterdew Says:

    Portly Pig, you KNOW you deserved to win. I’m not saying that the others were bad, but I think yours definitely should have won.

    Maybe they wouldn’t let you win because they wanted an actual product (like a guitar or a goo-made Eiffel Tower) rather than a film of a story…? Which is a really silly reason not to win. I loved the backgrounds of the scenes with the authentic cityscapes and purple sky and how well you got the dirty kind of industrial feeling.

    But anyway, you definitely wowed 2D Boy, which counts as a lot. :) There must be some strange reason why you didn’t win…

    I also think you made excellent use of the song. Most people just kind of added it as a second thought, but I think yours really works with that song. WE LOVE YOUR VIDEO!

  39. Anterras Says:

    I have to say, I’m awfully disappointed in GameTrailers. Amidst all of the worthless junk constantly being posted on that site, they ignore one of the few genuinely creative videos to pass through.

    Portly Pig, your video is way better than that shoddy gaming site. Post it somewhere else, and please make more!

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  41. Karach Says:

    Holy crap, man, this is breathtaking! It’s like giving a purpose to all those Goo building those structures to a pipe in each world. Just to escape the Sign Painter. ;)

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  43. Reecer6 Says:

    This is the BEST in the contest, no question! GT must’ve questioned because questioning is free. It’s just the best! But a question. What does the SP use during the informational Super Highway stage?

  44. Syph0x Says:

    MOM would be proud, great story and amazing stop motion, Portly… you are an inspiration and do 2D boy justice…