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the world (of goo) wasn’t built in a day — part 5 of 7

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

april’s been a busy month, but we’re back from intermission now!

november 28, 2006.  world of goo is now 3.5 months old.  so much has happened lately!

the skeleton of the game is now in place and at this point we started playtesting.  at first we wondered if we were showing the game to the right people.  why are they so bad at it?  do they simply suck?  it shouldn’t be so difficult to figure this game out!  it would take months of playtesting to get it feeling good and to not lose non-gamers after 30 seconds of play.  if you play this version, pay attention to your frustration and confusion levels as you try to work through the puzzles.  that should give you an indication of how far we still had to go.

see that red 50 up there?  we played around with the idea of timed levels, which we later dumped because it felt contrived.  the level ‘super fuse challenge time’ (which had not yet been born) is a good example of adding a time limit to a level without making it seem artificial.

the game now has a main menu, a world map, and 9 levels to play with.  the one pictured above had close to final art.  it would later become the level ‘going up’.  the rest are mostly place-holder art.  4 of the 9 levels present here made it into the final game, the rest were tossed.  go ahead, play them, dance on their graves.  you can download this build hereIMPORTANT NOTE: if you played the previous build you’ll need to delete some entries from your registry in order to run the game because the saved data format (which use to be stored in the registry) has changed.  run regedit and delete \HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\2dboy before running this version.

in the primordial version of ‘impale sticky’ above, you can see that one of the biggest changes yet to come was the series of events and presentation around the end of the level.  we clearly had not yet arrived at a good way to show the player how far along they are in meeting the goal of the level, when the goal has been reached, or how/when to progress to the next level.