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Saturday, March 21st, 2009

the game developer’s conference is taking place here in san francisco this week.  it was around this time last year that a spotlight first shone on world of goo, and it got me thinking about this past year and what an amazing ride it’s been.  being a tiny little studio forces us to be in direct contact with the people who play the game, and though it can be stressful and demanding to handle all the tech support and random questions ourselves, standing so close to our audience also brought us the purest moments of joy — reminders that games can touch people, bring joy, and inspire.  it’s particularly moving when this kind of thing involves kids.

THANK YOU, jack and celeste for your level designs (one day we will hire you!)

THANK YOU to aiden for the sweetest letter we’ve ever gotten!

and THANK YOU to everyone who’s written us with words of encouragement, funny stories, and entertaining notes.  you helped two guys who worked their little butts off for two years feel really good about what they’ve done.