Awards, Numbers, and Charity

1. World of Goo won in the Best Downloadable Game category at the Game Developer Choice Awards last night!  It was a marvelous end to an incredible year for us.  World of Goo was up against four fantastic indie games: Braid, Castle Crashers, N+, and Pixeljunk Eden.  My hat off to Jonathan, David, everyone at The Behemoth, Raigan, Mare, and the guys at Slick, and Dylan and Q Games.  You guys are amazing.

2. A bunch of people have asked for the slides I used in my IGS session, so here they are. Some of the slides don’t make a lot of sense without my commentary, so if you’re interested in this stuff I recommend you check out the video recording of this session when it becomes available (I was told it would be made freely available online soon).

3. World of Goo is part of the MacHeist 3 bundle, which is promotion running for another 12 days.  In total, 12 Mac apps for $39 and 25% of your purchase price goes to the charity of your choice (Action Against Hunger, AIDS Research Alliance, Alliance for Climate Protection, Direct Relief International, Humane Society International, The Nature Conservancy, Save the Children, Save Darfur, Prevent Cancer Foundation, World Wildlife Fund).

30 Responses to “Awards, Numbers, and Charity”

  1. glenn Says:

    Congrats on the amazing game. I downloaded the Wii version on the first day it was available. World of Goo’s inclusion in the MacHeist bundle was the real clincher for me. You can’t have too much Goo!

  2. Elmernite Says:

    Will you edit the post with a link to the video when it goes live? I would love to watch that!

  3. garyyo Says:

    an iphone version would be cool

  4. pascal Says:

    oh, can you post a link to the video, when it becomes available? (or update this post) — coz I’m lazy.

  5. PacoDG Says:

    Congrats on the award at GDC! Well deserved

  6. David Amador Says:

    Cool, I really liked reading the pdf

  7. Cameron Says:

    Do people that purchase it through the bundle get all three versions (PC, Mac and Linux) or just the Mac version?

  8. Maks Verver Says:

    Interesting that such a large part of your revenue comes from the Wii, almost to the point where some of the other platforms hardly seem worth developing for! The OS X and Linux ports seem to be good for only around 6.25% and 2.5% of the total revenue respectively, and it’s not as if they didn’t get enough publicity.

  9. blankthemuffin Says:

    I don’t know if I read something completely different, but that set of slides shows the linux revenue to be 10% and the mac revenue to be 25%, I’d see that as more than worth while ( then again I primarily use linux so I have a vested interest ).

  10. Ron Carmel Says:

    @maks: a small percentage of a big pie is still a lot of food :). also, maks, i’ve been trying to reach you, email me!

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  14. FlyByNight Says:

    Congrats Guys! You truly deserve the award. I just finished the game (I got it in the Macheist bundle) and can honestly say it’s the best game I have played in a heck of a long time. Looking forward to Goo 2 :)

  15. Kyle Says:

    Cool, congrats on the best downlodable game. Do you guys have any idea about your next game?

  16. Tayron Says:

    when’s the next goo-episode of how goo was made?:D

  17. Cap'n Lee Says:


    World of Goo 2: Lost in New York?

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  19. Rawfan Says:

    Let us know, when the IGS video is available!

  20. beccy Says:

    Thank you My Savour From Boredom, you have quenched my long endured thirst for an brilliant game.

  21. Brett Says:

    Congrats on the awards! I’m totally addicted to World of Goo! It’s the coolest and funniest game I’ve ever played. Very Burtonesque. Does anyone else notice after playing it for several hours and then you quit, your screen moves and wiggles? It’s a very, very weird persistence-of-vision kind of thing! I wonder how long it takes to fade away…

  22. Javier Says:

    You definitely deserve your success. Your game is awesome, you’re awesome and I’m really thankful for your work. Keep up the good work!

  23. Ryan Henson Creighton Says:

    Thanks for the slides! Is Kyle going to post HIS presentation, like he promised at GDC, where i batted my doe-eyes at him ever so longingly?

  24. Sam Says:

    I just bought MacHeist, and tried out your game … I’d heard good things .. but this game is amazing. It gives me that Portal vibe I got from Braid, only I could see it being a much longer addiction since the puzzles aren’t all just one-shot [you can win or win more]. You’re definitely the best part of that bundle [and no, I don’t need to use the other programs to know that!].
    Major kudos to you guys, especially for putting out a Linux port [which I plan on buying … soon. Oh, buying games twice …].

  25. vonboy Says:

    you know your game has done well when there’s discussion all over the interwebs of topics like ‘what will be the world of goo of this year’

    congrats guys

  26. Pär Says:

    Until just a few days ago I had never heard of World of Goo or 2D Boy and then I bought the Mac Heist bundle. The game idea is brilliant and I love the graphics! I’ll make sure to check your site for new games in the future. Thanks guys!

  27. GoGooGo Says:

    Hello 2D-Boys,

    1. congratulation for the award!
    2. because of our game i bought the macheist-bundle!
    3. big thx for this amazing game – i really love it!

    greetings from germany

  28. Zsxd Says:

    hey can you post some moon chapter pictures that were supposed to be for europe but then cancled if you have some? im really eager to see them!

  29. Jay Says:

    Congrats on the award! Deserve it! : ) The PDF was really interesting and opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes (along with your postmortem articles) – really the kind of stuff you want to see. Thanks a lot

    Oh, and any word on the video? Would like the slides to make even more sense :D

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