the game developer’s conference is taking place here in san francisco this week.  it was around this time last year that a spotlight first shone on world of goo, and it got me thinking about this past year and what an amazing ride it’s been.  being a tiny little studio forces us to be in direct contact with the people who play the game, and though it can be stressful and demanding to handle all the tech support and random questions ourselves, standing so close to our audience also brought us the purest moments of joy — reminders that games can touch people, bring joy, and inspire.  it’s particularly moving when this kind of thing involves kids.

THANK YOU, jack and celeste for your level designs (one day we will hire you!)

THANK YOU to aiden for the sweetest letter we’ve ever gotten!

and THANK YOU to everyone who’s written us with words of encouragement, funny stories, and entertaining notes.  you helped two guys who worked their little butts off for two years feel really good about what they’ve done.

20 Responses to “(intermission)”

  1. Luis Correia Says:

    It’s really US who have to thank YOU guys, with the most entertaining game from the last two years.

    Not only it’s fun to play as it’s also a good example of indie ingenuity!

    Keep up with those ideas and surprise us :P

  2. RabidZombie Says:

    Thank YOU for making such an enjoyable game in the first place.

  3. Yadda Says:

    I agree with Luis. Indie games usually are the closest that anyone comes anymore to the SNES era; games made from the heart, not the wallet, and it’s us that should thank you for making WoG.

  4. Dane Bertram Says:

    We *do* love you, 2D Boy. :)

  5. Floobagop Says:

    I agree. It’s us that should be thanking you for making an incredible, fun, and incredibly fun game. In my opinion, you have done a great job with your first game, and I hope to see much more great games from you guys! It’s wonderfully weird, creative, and all-around enjoyable. Just don’t forget about us (and don’t release any console or region-specific content, such as the rumored Moon Level. Release it for everyone)! We love you 2D Boy!

  6. Buttersnack Says:

    I hope to hear back from you on my message. :)

  7. Buttersnack Says:

    I hope to hear back from you on my message. :)

  8. Denilson Says:

    “Not only it’s fun to play as it’s also a good example of indie ingenuity!”

    That’s true. World of Goo is simple. The concept is very simple, the gameplay is very simple. But, yet, it is kinda hard to master. And all graphics and sound effects and music are great. The graphics are very well done in “simple” cartoonish style, which is great. Actually, the graphic style makes me remember “Worms 2” game, which I loved to play years ago.

    And, of course, it is fun to play! :)

  9. Bioran23 Says:

    You guys rock. =)

    And much, much thanks for bringing us a totally awesome game!

  10. Luigiv Says:

    I’ve just noticed, Your punctuation in that entry is horrendous, the only thing that has been capped is “THANK YOU”. Actually looking back, all your entries are like that. The Grammar Nazi will certainly not be happy when they get news of this; I advise you get your flame shield ready. *Runs to the Grammar Nazi Society to taddle*

  11. vonboy Says:

    gosh darnnit you grammer nazi’s, do you have to come and destroy another site. WHY!?!?!?

    anyway, i think you guys need a breather, i mean really. anyway i have a heartfelt question for you guys. instead of asking about what your next project it about (i know your probably sick of this) i’ll simply ask if you have even HAD ANY TIME to think about or work on your next masterpiece?

    it seems like ya’ll are too busy as it is just up keeping this site, ban hammering cheaters (on the leaderboards) replaying to (or avoiding) love letters, avoiding being trampled to death by raving fans, ect.

    anyway, i’ll just say i love you 2dboy, and i can’t wait for your next masterpiece, which will surely come out the day after duke nukem forever is released :b

  12. Wetterdew Says:

    It’s fun to see what kinds of things people send to you guys in thanks. I especially liked that one with the cute, chubby baby playing WoG months ago…

  13. elecorn Says:

    It’s awesome that kids can enjoy your game as well as adults! Keep making family friendly games! We need more of that good stuff.

  14. Jonathan Robertson Says:

    Hello 2DBoy! I wanted to say that your game is great!

    And good choice with the art style!! Grunge/grime could be considered “risky” in the clean-cut world of game design today, so it takes some real talent to pull off a style like World of Goo’s so professionally.

    This may sound strange, but I’m actually stuck in the game and I love it. Challenges are great! Too many indie game developers are afraid to challenge their players for fear of losing their audience. But that takes the fun out of the game… :P World of Goo (I think) has maintained a simplistic and balanced approach to a beautiful game idea – leaving the challenge entirely up to the player’s own logical/creative reasoning. I love it ^_^

    You certainly have my support! I’m sure it’s extremely difficult to do what the two of you are accomplishing with this game. Don’t let that keep you from continued development! You’ve made an excellent niche for yourselves in the game design market!! We’re here for you!!! :D

  15. Jfed Says:

    World of Goo, a game so nice I bought it twice.

    You did good by us, guys, and deserve all the good karma. Take care of yourselves and best of luck with whatever you dream up next.

  16. Maserati Rick Says:

    just wanted to say that with all the stress in the world today it’s games like this that are awesome. Not only is it mellow (except when I can’t get the OCD’s), it pokes fun at a lot of the things that are going on in the real world. Genius game and I agree with that kids letter, World of Goo 2 please!

  17. ALI Says:

    tank you for making such nice game and we are waiting fore other games

  18. Whitney Gabler Says:

    Hire them now, I say.


    i love WOG & u guys
    hope u make WOG 2 (PLEASE!!!!) or other games u create

  20. KINO NEKKO Says:

    Wonderful music and the world and graphic
    Thank you for happy time and.