the world (of goo) wasn’t built in a day — part 2 of 7

it’s september 1, 2006, and we’re now slightly past the get-something-on-the-screen phase.

notes from ron: i’ve played around with the physics a bit, added the walking logic for the balls, and got rid of the awful aliasing around the balls and strands.  the main drive was simply to get things looking a little more “presentable”.  if you run the code (here’s a download link) you can hit CTRL+ALT+D to enable debug mode.  it’ll look something like this:

those lines and numbers are visual aids for debugging the balls’ walking and climbing logic.  in-game visual debugging is an amazing tool that we don’t see used often enough.  a bug that might take hours of stepping through code to figure out could be instantly seen with the right kind of visualization.

Notes from Kyle: The background image in the above early version was the first piece of art that we thought might be “final” – essentially a softer, “more casual” (because we originally thought we were making a casual game, like bejeweled) version of the original Tower of Goo prototype over there on the right. ->

I still sucked as an artist, and had not yet discovered Photoshop’s wonderful vector technology! The art here was all drawn with a mouse and Photoshop’s paint brush, and carefully tweaked and tuned to look like vector art. A lot of effort, for minimal payoff. This art style was unsustainable, and unimpressive. But at the time, we thought the game was looking mighty shiny.

In the original Tower of Goo prototype, Goo Balls didn’t have eyes! They must have had internal gyroscopes to know which way was up. And to answer a question in the comments, yep, the Tower of Goo prototype came before the peewee prototype. It was the little toy that made us think making a game about sticky balls might be possible! And if you’re not the ESRB, listen carefully to the voices…

14 Responses to “the world (of goo) wasn’t built in a day — part 2 of 7”

  1. Esposch Says:

    Holy Fuck!
    The profanity pack has been under our noses the entire time!

  2. Egholm Says:

    Great story so far!!

    Hopefully you’ll tell the story (if any) behind the “whistle” and the “undo-musquitos”… I can easily imagine these as being means of debugging strange behaviour – replays and ways to force Goos to try different pathes?! :-)

  3. Bernard Gatt Says:

    Great stuff guys! :) Well Done!

  4. GermanSeabass Says:

    Haha, it’s awesome to see (and hear) early version of the goo. Sounded like “who is that” early on. Hm :) .

    T’is especially fun to be able to drag a giant cluster of interconnected goo off the ground and balance it.. on the air. Can’t wait to see old versions 3-7!

  5. Missouri Says:

    I’m a student in Shanghai,China.I’m much moved by the pysical system of the World for this system should be very complex.I want to know how to built a physical system on onesself.Please share your experience,thanks. : )

  6. Tayron Says:

    sound doesn’t work:| but I listened to the sounds and one of them is “holy fuck”:)))

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  9. UsF Says:

    Glad to see that you are happy with your result and the acceptance in the community.

    I like the “time line” put up here.

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  11. Ruud Says:

    They use the ODE physics engine. You can find it over here:

  12. Martin Says:

    When you started to think to use SDL library?

  13. hdgam3r Says:

    Playing this demo whith the debug mode is funny stuff. I just cant figure out what does the numbers in the nodes represents.

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