the world (of goo) wasn’t built in a day — part 1 of 7

for a while now we’ve been meaning to post some early childhood snapshots of world of goo, to dig deep into our code repository and remember the good ol’ days.  the early part of  a game’s development is often very enjoyable because things evolve rapidly and there’s a great sense of accomplishment.  it’s also a lot of fun to look back at those early days and laugh at what the game use to look and feel like.  before all the levels, before all the polish, before the months of bug fixing, there was this:

the date is august 20, 2006. the game is about one week old.  basic rendering, collision detection, and physics are in place.  no music or animations.  it feels like you’re dragging balls inside a jar of honey and the connection logic for the strands is non-intuitive and often results in odd, unstable structures.  the player is also able to grab the structure itself and swing it around like the wet towel that it is.  and there are intellectual property issues, to boot :)

if you’d like to try it out for yourself, grab and unzip this file and run tog.exe (as you can tell, the game hadn’t been named yet).

more soon.

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