World of Goo Linux Version is Ready!

The Linux version of World of Goo is finally ready for download! It’s available exclusively from our site, in three different packages depending on what your computer likes. (tar.gz, deb, rpm)

If you already got the game from our site, you can use your same download link to get the linux version in addition to your Windows and Mac versions. A huge thanks to Maks Verver for getting this running on linux, and the beta testers for making sure it runs smoothly! The full game and demo versions all available here.

Update: Yes, still DRM free! And works on 64 bit systems too.

Also, thanks to Ken Starks for helping to get the word out- he’s giving away 10 complimentary copies of the game to the first people he finds that have blogged about World of Goo on Linux. He also runs an interesting non-profit to build computers for kids who can’t afford them.

Update 2: We’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who purchased the game on Steam and other places who want access to the Linux version.  At first we were simply sending people download links, but the volume of requests has increased significantly and we simply can’t keep up, so for now, we’re sorry, but the Linux version will only be available for free to those who purchased the game via our website.

Update 3: Happy Valentines Day! Exactly one year since we put out our first preview, special thanks to those of you who have been with us from the beginning!

Update 4: It’s only been 2 days since the release of the Linux version and it already accounts for 4.6% of the full downloads from our website.  Our thanks to everyone who’s playing the game on Linux and spreading the word.  Here are a couple of nifty stats:

  • About 12% of Linux downloads are of the .rpm package, 30% are of the .tar.gz package, and 57% are of the .deb package.
  • More copies of the game were sold via our website on the day the Linux version released than any other day.  This day beat the previous record by 40%. There is a market for Linux games after all :)

390 Responses to “World of Goo Linux Version is Ready!”

  1. Flirpy Says:

    Cool! Downloading now!

  2. louiz' Says:

    Cool ! Thank you.
    Buying it now ! :)

  3. pneuman Says:

    Awesome work, guys! I can’t thank you all enough for bringing this fantastic game to my preferred platform.

  4. Panno Says:

    Great news! Will we see a version compiled for 64 bit also? I couldn’t get any of the binaries to work with the available lib32-libraries in Ubuntu for amd64.

  5. rettichschnidi Says:

    Thank you. Just bought it.

  6. KBKarma Says:

    Why oh why did I buy it from Greenhouse. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll get it as well, like with the Mac version.

    Thanks, 2dboy, you [insert rather homoerotic description of 2dboy as a whole, involving eyes, squid, and possibly a cup of love-in-a-canoe coffee]!

  7. ArTo Says:

    Awesome work! I can finally play like I want!

  8. pneuman Says:

    Panno, if you’re having trouble with it on a 64-bit system, it’s probably best to post a question in the forums asking for help. FWIW, I had no trouble getting the tarball version running on my 64-bit Ubuntu 8.10 box.

  9. Wyatt Says:

    Awesome. This beta will always have a special place in my heart. As will the $20 I’m about to spend. More worthwhile than oxygen.

  10. xolotl Says:

    Woo, fantastic! The demo worked perfectly in Wine, but I figured I’d wait until I had it native to purchase, which I just did. And what great luck, I was already taking a vacation day tomorrow!

  11. themacmeister Says:

    This is too cool!

    I will forward this to all the Linux users I know…

  12. Brad Says:

    What about us steam gamers? Some of us have linux, too.

  13. Javier Says:

    Thank you 2D Boy! I’ve been waiting for this release. No more wine for playing World of Goo. We love you 2D Boy!

  14. Michael Says:

    I would prefer buying from one greenhouse… so a) will greenhouse also get this version and b) is there a downside from buying there?

  15. micuintus Says:


    Bought it again!

  16. Kristian Says:

    Thanks, really made my day :D

  17. JGJones Says:

    While I’ve helped a bit with testing on beta, it’s still nice to see it in final for all to enjoy. Awesome game still and I’ve now got it for OSX, Windows, Linux and even on the Wii too!

  18. RazZziel Says:

    2D Boy: Would you marry me?

  19. james Says:

    Downloaded the demo. Loved it!
    Bought the game and now the wife loves it too.
    Great game + Linux = Instant buy

    Keep up the good work guys

  20. Larso Says:

    Is there any way to get the Linux version if the game was bought from I mean without buying it again from here.

  21. Niels Walta Says:

    Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this, guys! Can’t wait to return home and start playing it natively! :)

  22. Pierre Says:

    Thank you!

    I was hesitating between the WiiWare version and the Linux one, but I decided to buy the Linux one instead (cause I can re-install it if I buy a new computer, for instance…).

    I’ll get it tonight :)

  23. Dirk Says:

    A way for to get a free copy of the linux version would be really appreciated. For buyers of the retail version at least one could make a page where they enter the serial number as confirmation and get a download ticket.

  24. Dirk Says:

    (addition to former post. can be merged if possible)

    Got a question about buying it here too: Will I get a dvd with all versions or just one or mac/windows on a disc and linux version to download?

  25. Different Pixel Blog Says:

    World of Goo for Linux Version is Ready!…

    The Linux version of World of Goo is finally ready for download! It’s available on World of Goo website….

  26. Dup Says:


    I’m happy to learn that, be sure i will buy this game when i’ll be at home.
    Great commercial game that support Linux lacks, continue like this :)

    Good job.

  27. desp Says:

    Where’s my bloody profanity pack? :)

  28. Aron Says:

    I dont get it.
    I prebooked it before and I got a magic key.
    But I cant find a download link?
    Am I supposed to download the demo and then activate it or how am I supposed to download it?

  29. John H. Says:

    Great! Thank you very much!
    (Buying Linux version now :D )

  30. World of Goo Now Available For Linux | Phil Nelson Says:

    […] Good on you, 2d Boy. I love this game. […]

  31. Maks Verver Says:

    Aaron: when you bought the game, you received a link to your personal download page in an e-mail message. You can download the Linux version there.

    If you’ve lost the link, you can have it send again; just have a look at the FAQ to see how.

  32. Wesungsfriend Says:

    This is so awesome! I’m gonna buy the game right now :)

  33. 3po Says:

    64 bit version please.

  34. Jack Says:

    Thanks! Going to buy it when I get home later today. :)

  35. Lincoln Says:

    Extra cool, thanks dudes and dudess :)

  36. Ortwin Says:

    So, when will the ARM version for Pandora, Android etc. be ready? :D

  37. Opaflamme Says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot…
    A wonderful games for linux, so i buy it !

  38. Tomtom Says:

    Thanks a lot !

    I’ve already bought it now, I can enjoy it from my linux PC ;)

  39. Clean3d Says:

    I participated in the beta test a little – not as much as I would have liked. I’m definitely buying it!

  40. Nils R Grotnes Says:

    Very, very nice! Just played my first few levels, and it worked perfectly.

  41. MulX Says:

    Hi !
    Is this release work on debian etch ?

  42. Linux 4 PR » Blog Archive » El Mundo de Goo ahora en Linux!!! Says:

    […] Mas detalles en: 2dBoy […]

  43. RevWubby Says:

    I SOOO want to buy this. Any chance for 64bit? please, plz, ?

  44. Mateusz Says:

    Thanks!! It works fine with Ubuntu!

  45. raindog469 Says:

    I love you, 2D Boy!

  46. directhex Says:

    Working great on AMD64 Ubuntu

  47. Tommy Says:

    Thanks! :D

  48. imbolcus Says:

    Thanks a lot !

    I said I’d bought a copy when you release linux version and I made it immediately !

    What’s an impressive game ! I like it a lot !

  49. aetius Says:

    Just picked it up. Thanks for support Linux, and avoiding DRM.

  50. Panno Says:

    Thanks pneuman, 64bit problem solved.. it works fine now.

  51. razor Says:

    Thank u a lot.. i have waited so long.. awesome!

    but must disable compiz on ubuntu 8.04 when running WoG…

  52. Faisal Says:

    I downloaded the binary (deb) and installed it on my AMD64 Ubuntu Linux. I got an error because of architecture mismatch – the binary is not for 64 bit CPUs. However, it worked after I forced the install (not always a good thing). The game is addicting. I love the graphics, the sound, and the way the game progresses. Thank you so much for making a great game available on Linux for such a lovely price. Keep up the good work.

  53. Carsten Says:

    Demo-.rpm works perfectly on openSUSE and makes me meditate about buying software for the very first time in my life… :)

    Thank you.

  54. tsunam Says:

    Thanks for the Linux version. I held off from buying it until it was available for Linux and just bought it since I saw the announcement. Thank you for your work porting it to Linux. Hopefully this will help convince you to make more cross platform games for everyone to enjoy.

  55. crbz Says:

    Oh boy oh boy, I love you guys. This is the very reason why I pre-ordered so long ago. Big thank you!

  56. Justin Says:


    I’ve been playing with the beta and just picked up the Linux version. So now I have two World of Goo (Wii and Linux).

    PS. The FAQ on Linux Version needs an update :).

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  58. Jacob Roecker Says:

    Thank you for all your help and support! This game is awesome.

    My 3 year old can play and have fun. I’m 30 and find it challenging! What a clever game.

  59. Dave Says:

    Will Steam purchasers be able to download the linux version?

  60. [2d] World of Goo Release for Linux - - Says:

    […] demo versions all available here. Update: Yes, still DRM free! And works on 64 bit systems too. Source […]

  61. Jimmy Karlsson Says:

    Awesome, will buy when pay-day comes around :)

  62. nath Says:

    Just posted it on (Linux Game Tome).
    Thanks for making a Linux version available.

  63. Christian Weiske Says:

    I bought the game just now – some months ago I told myself I’d wait for the Linux version to be released and buy it then, and now this came true. Awesome!

  64. lst Says:


  65. Culex Says:

    Simply amazing! First you release without DRM or Copy Protection, then you release the soundtrack and *then* you release a native linux port! 2D BOY is definitely one of my favorite game companies now!

  66. anon Says:

    хуита а не игра

  67. MagicalTux Says:

    Hey, I got the linux version, and playing with two mice is really nice (it just requires a lot of concentration and some training).
    Anyway I really love this ability :)

  68. Afrokapsel Says:

    Thank you! I’ll pass on a link to this page to Linux-using friends, and will buy a copy if I like it.

  69. max Says:

    Very nice game! Thank you very much for the Linux port!

  70. Brandon Hatch Says:

    I just got goosebumps…damn, getting to sleep is going to be impossible now. You guys do realize that your going to go down in history right?! And as legends at that…I’m telling every linux user I know to go and buy this asap. Suweet!

  71. MarcC Says:

    Awesome! just purchased my copy now :-)

  72. Eugeni Dodonov Says:

    Many many many thanks! Just bought it. Thanks for doing all this – I mean, the DRM-free version, soundtrack, and native version for Linux! You really rock guys, thanks!

  73. J. Félix Ontañón Says:

    I’m a purchase customer linux world of goo gamer now!
    But .. 2D Boys … what about some extra candy for purchase customers as:
    * World of Goo purchase customer sticker / blog widget / anything else
    * Downloadable ISO with every O.S. version + soundtrack + DVD cover art
    * Register users DB

    Anyway thanks for this gorgeous game and, specially, linux native port. You have earned the 20USD.

  74. Michael Says:

    This is awesome! Thank you very much for this game release on Linux. It is a really cool game and that it is now available for Linux made my day :)

  75. Jakub Steiner Says:

    Thank you guys!

    I hope the Linux sales will not be insignificant. I have purchased the game before the Linux release so maybe there’s more of us ‘hidden’ Linux users. Keep that in mind when you’ll be looking at the stats ;).

  76. Jakub Steiner Says:

    Works fine on Thinkpad x61t & openSUSE 11.1, albeit a little glitch with dualhead. This is unfortunately the state of the intel driver & xorg more than a fault of WOG.

    One thing I wish worked was xinput support. I would love to use my stylus on screen rather than a mouse. Would be so much more natural way to control. Didn’t work on my mac with a secondary head (cintiq) either though :)

  77. Serg Says:

    Great! Thank you.

  78. Michael Says:

    I already played through the game a few times during the beta but now I bought it. Easy decision, really: it’s a great game, native port, no DRM. I love the fact that you guys actually care for the users. You rock!

  79. Dutchy Says:

    Thank you, 2d boy!

    Before I had only played it illegally, but now I have bought it! You rock!

  80. Daniel Hedblom Says:

    I bought this game for Linux and it works very good. I usually dont play puzzle games but i really like WOG. A very addictive and fun game thats well worth the money.

    As a side note, i would really love it if someone could start an online shop for linux games and apps. Not for traditional shipping but for direct download like WOG. I dont mind paying for Linux apps but they are darn hard to find online and when i buy something i want it right away.

  81. Raven24 Says:

    That’s the one thing I was missing – now everything is perfect!

  82. bloody_eye Says:


  83. Michael Says:

    At Last!
    My preorder has finally arrived :D

  84. | World of Goo! Linux Version! Says:

    […] I’ve been waiting for World of Goo for a long time, now the Linux version of this game has been finally released! […]

  85. Ilia Chentsov Says:

    The Linux demo, installed from .deb, didn’t work on my EEE PC.

  86. KingGuppy Says:

    I pre-ordered the game on the basis of the future availability of a Linux version – and, of course, the fact that it rocks – and it’s great to see that it’s finally available.

    As a previous poster mentioned, to install the deb on an AMD64 Debian-based distribution, you’ll need to do something like:

    dpkg –force-architecture WorldOfGooSetup.1.40.deb

    It’s rarely a good idea to use –force-architecture, but the game does seem to work without problems. You might want to use the tarball instead, but I prefer to have as much as possible installed under package management.

    I’d previously been running the game under Wine (how successfully varied with each Wine update). I was pleased to find that copying my profile (pers2.dat) from the Windows installation to ~/.WorldOfGoo/ seems to have worked fine.

    Now I just need to find a way to run the game in windowed mode as I could under Wine…

  87. Mat Says:

    Yay! I can play this on my PC now as opposed to my Wii :-D
    Can’t transfer my save game but I knew that was going to happen ;-)
    Plus I think I can do much better second time round, OCD here I come!

  88. juan pablo Says:

    Thank you.

  89. Mehanik Says:

    Классная игра! Спасибо огромное!

  90. Richard Says:

    Thanks! I’m downloading now.

  91. Crackh34d Says:

    Great! Finally a good game that gets ported to Linux! I will be buying this game soon, so I can game on the train with my Ubuntu laptop :) THANKS!

  92. balint Says:

    I’ve bought the game specifically because:

    a. No DRM
    b. Linux support
    c. Indie developer

    In the order of importance.

    Keep up the good work!

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  94. _Andrey_ Says:

    Wow! Awesome! Thank you for linux version. My daughter like it so much!

  95. Vadim P. Says:

    Thanks, it’s appreciated.

    Pre-ordered over a year ago here because of the promise :]

  96. Christopher D. Says:

    Thank you guys! This is why I bought the game months ago. Now I don’t have to reboot into Windows whenever I want to play.

  97. NeonLightning Says:

    Awesome i’ve been getting all my windows friends playing this and its been giving them something to rub in my face that linux lacks now i shall have my victory :)

  98. Ramon Cahenzli Says:

    I was wondering if the Linux beta would just go on endlessly, leaving us without a product in the end. Now I saw the release announcement on Happypenguin and immediately bought the game.

    Thanks, 2D Boy! :) Native Linux games are the way to go!

  99. David T. Says:

    Sending my 20.00 bucks ASAP, native Linux games is what I crave and such great quality at a great price yous sure have my support.

    Keep those Linux games coming.

  100. Popzara Says:

    Hey Guys

    You’ve got our support, and best of luck with the Linux version! Keep up the great work!

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  102. Ilia Chentsov Says:

    The demo installed, but didn’t work on my EEE PC.

  103. Tiago Rodrigues Says:

    Thank you so much for making a great game and for thinking about us, Linux users. My $20 (or €15) are already on your pocket, and here’s a little suggestion (I’m not sure if you guys make updates, but seeing the 1.40 version on the filename, I suppose you do):

    Add a button at the end of each level so we can take a screenshot of our wacky constructions.

  104. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    It’s all coming together….

    The freedom of choice, GNU/Linux, the great games(like World of Goo – IGN’s 2008 Game of the Year for Wii), the empowering of the computer user, and most importantly – the enabling of humans everywhere with technology.

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog( about how Game Makers might profit from the GNU/Linux niche, 2D Boy has answered!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Open the FLOODGATES!!!

    I purchased a copy of this game yesterday, and it’s awesome!!!

    Looking forward to the bigger picture of what you’ve done, enjoying your great game in the mean time.

    2D Boy and World of Goo rocks!! Nice Job!!
    GO GNU/Linux and SUPER game makers like 2D Boy!!

    Shannon VanWagner

  105. Miladinoski Says:

    Fantastic job guys, just keep up the great work. The demo for Linux is really a terrific job and the fact that only 2 persons made it makes the game even more buyable.

    Continue developing games for Linux and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded highly in our community both with popularity and profit.

  106. Rafael Jannone Says:

    This is awesome! I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I already bought the Wii version.
    Regardless, a great initiative for a great game :)

  107. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    2D Boy, you guys are a perfect example of the type of Freedom and Business Citizenship that embodies Linux. Way to go!

    I just wrote a letter to Mark Shuttleworth to try to get some recognition for 2D Boy on this.

    I’m also going to post the idea of bundling this game on all new Ubuntu Linux preloaded machines that come from Dell.

    For $20 a copy, this game is a perfect inclusion to any Operating system.

    Nice Job 2D Boy.

    Looking forward to future GNU/Linux games from you!

  108. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    It’s all coming together!

    The freedom of choice, GNU/Linux, the great games(like World of Goo –
    IGN’s 2008 Game of the Year for Wii), the empowering of the computer
    user, and most importantly – the enabling of humans everywhere with

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a
    about how Game Makers might profit from the GNU/Linux niche, 2D Boy
    has answered!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Open the FLOODGATES!!!

    I purchased a copy of this game yesterday, and it’s awesome!!!

    Looking forward to the bigger picture of what you’ve done, enjoying
    your great game in the mean time(dot)

    2D Boy and World of Goo rocks!! Nice Job!!
    GO GNU/Linux and SUPER game makers like 2D Boy!!

    Shannon VanWagner

  109. db0 Says:

    Don’t forget to let us know how this turns out. How many Linux versions have been downloaded etc.

  110. John Croisant Says:

    Woohoo! I love WoG on Wii, and now I get to love it on my Linux compy, too! *buys*

    I love you, 2D Boy!

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  113. 16aR Says:

    Too bad I had my taxes paid on tuesday, otherwise, I had bought it right away.
    I think will wait until next month … :)

    Now playing the demo.

    Thanks for all ! Like someone said before, puzzle games aren’t my cup of tea… But this one… This one is awesome :)

  114. Bloggliv - allt om datorer och IT » Blog Archive » World of Goo – nu även för Linux Says:

    […] Tidigare skrev jag ett inlägg om det utmärkta indiespelet World of Goo och nu kan jag glatt rapportera att spelet även fungerar med Linux. Tyvärr verkar det som att tillverkarna bara kan sitta och titta på när denna fantastiska skapelse når piratkopiering på nivåer upp till hela 90% (!) av alla användare under den första månaden. Själv köpte jag spelet då jag tycker utvecklarna är värda varje krona det kostade! The Linux version of World of Goo is finally ready for download! It’s available exclusively from our site, in three different packages depending on what your computer likes. (tar.gz, deb, rpm) – 2D Boy […]

  115. Dohko Says:

    Great great great !
    Goo goo goo balls !

    I just bought it, thanx a lot for the native linux support, I really appreciate it.
    And this is the proof that other game editor could do the same for other game… A really good example to follow !

    Thank you again and I hope there will be a new WOG 2 !

  116. Kramulous Says:

    Thanks dudes.

  117. derwert Says:

    Just one little problem with the Linux version.
    While I was playing the game all of a sudden the screen went black, I could still hear the sound so I did ctrl+alt+f1 then back to ctrl+alt+f7 to go back to the X server, the screen was still black. I did ctrl+alt+f1 again and logged into the terminal, did ‘ps aux’ and the gnome-screensaver had started and was . I tried to kill it but it was still there so I did kill -9 but still no change, I had to kill world of goo then I could kill the defunct process. I went back to the X server but the screen was still black so I restarted it but no change, so I restarted the computer and all was back to normal.
    I just have the common black screen screen saver set to enable if the computer had been idle for 10 minutes, but the computer wasn’t idle so it seems something within the programming of the game is causing the screen saver to think the computer is idle. This happened twice so I just ended up turning off the screen saver when I wanted to play a bit.

    OS: Ubuntu Intrepid running on an Asus EEE Box

  118. Maik Says:

    Demo worked fine my Arch64 installation. Great Game, even with German localization. So I just bought it.

  119. zuur Says:

    WOOT…. going to buy 3 copies. 1 for me, and 1 for each of my “linux” freinds

  120. ptepid Says:

    Brilliant game, so happy you’ve developed a native linux version! Bought it as soon as I heard.


  121. loutre Says:

    Nice !
    It works fine on my Ubuntu, very good game !

  122. Nick Says:

    Great game, one of the few software articles i ever payed for.
    perhaps a full GPL release next time, Just to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

  123. Matthieu FR Says:

    Native linux support, great game, just bought it. You know what to do for your customers, hope others studio will follow.
    Thank you.

  124. anon Says:

    Wow, this game is really amazing. I’m so glad that you decided to release a Linux version! Keep up the good work!

  125. Nicole Caverta Says:

    Thanks for your support, really Thank You so much!

  126. juhovh Says:

    This is the first Linux game I have ever bought, for pretty obvious reasons I think… And the first PC game I have bought for many many years, moving to Linux almost ended my gaming hobby, although buying a Wii later helped a bit. However thank you for this Linux release and I for one will spread the word.

  127. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    I’ve suggested that “World of Goo” be bundled with Ubuntu Linux on Dell machines via the website. If you like this idea, vote it up at:

    Cheers to an awesome game for GNU/Linux!!! Great Job 2D Boy!!

    Shannon VanWagner

  128. GameZone» Blog Archive » World of Goo Arrives on Linux [World Of Goo] Says:

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  129. Yokozuki Says:

    You know, I usually pirate these things, but your stances on DRM and Linux support have touched my cold frozen heart.

    Stay classy 2dboy.

  130. Silveira Neto Says:

    Amazing! I’m running it on my Asus EEE PC 900 and it’s just perfect. I just loved the game.

  131. Specktakus Says:

    Just purchased and it’s running great on Slackware 12.0. Well worth $20.

  132. World Of Goo - Game available for Linux | Tomas Forsman´s blog Says:

    […] Read all about the game here. […]

  133. asdfgh Says:

    True 64bit version please.

  134. Gargamel.NU » World of Goo Says:

    […] såg att World of Goo har släppt en linux version. Jag laddade genast ner en demo […]

  135. Technophile Monkey » Blog Archive » World of Goo for Linux released, includes Linux-only feature Says:

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  136. Maik Says:

    My 350€ Notebook (onboard intel graphics chipset) I bought last summer runs it just fine as well.

  137. Aneesh Says:

    God I totally want to buy this game. DRM free and just 20$. This game is worth every penny but I dont have a credit card :(

  138. David King Says:

    Thanks guys! This is a truly lovely game, and I for one am very happy that you’ve used so much Open-Sauce to juice up this gooey adventure!!

    VIVA L’GOO!!

  139. King InuYasha Says:

    Why not use a secure torrent? One that has the tracker locked down so that non-authorized people cannot use the torrent? This way you solve your distribution problems!

  140. Hells_Dark Says:

    A big thanks from a GNU/Linux user :)

  141. Bogomips Says:

    I had been holding out for the Linux version, and finally bought it. Thanks for putting it out, you guys rock!

    And as someone already mentioned it would be interesting to see the numbers for the Linux release in a couple of months time.

  142. Patrick Says:

    Woohooo, I’ve been waiting so long for this. Finally you will get 20 Bucks from me for making this awesomeness possible. :)

  143. Mike Wells Says:

    Thank you. I’m really enjoying this game. Your enlightened stance on DRM and Linux compatibility are appreciated and I hope you reap the benefits of such sense. I for one would not have bought this game (or any other) if it had contained DRM or was not Linux compatible.

    Excellent work!

  144. Stefano Says:

    Che spettacolo!!!!
    Purchased after five minutes with the demo!

  145. » World of Goo disponibile anche per Linux Says:

    […] pagina ufficiale del gioco è quindi possibile scaricare la versione dimostrativa gratuitamente oppure comprare la […]

  146. guilt Says:

    If I purchased the Windows binary of the game earlier, will I be eligible to recieve the Linux executable-only package for playing with the gamedata?

  147. World of GOO « Che ne so? Says:

    […] oggi da Slashdot l’esistenza di questo stupendo gioco e del suo recente porting su Linux, e non posso fare a meno di andare a scaricare la demo, […]

  148. Benjamin Says:

    just discovered the game today thanks to some linux-related blog… finished the demo… and now it’s the first time i bought a game since the Loki-software days.. Great job !

  149. Elwro Says:

    Unfortunately, the *.deb demo 1) had no sound and 2) hung up on exiting on my Ubuntu 8.04.2 (i386). Disappointed, as the game itself was quite fun.

  150. SlickMcRunfast Says:

    Bought the game and its awesome. Thanks from a Linux User.

  151. bsdhacker Says:

    I bought the game yesterday and it runs awesome on Linux. Thank you for making a native Linux build!

  152. Anon Says:

    I can’t believe you’ve done this. Unbelievably, World of Goo works on my Linux EeePC 900 (a machine not known for any real power) which now pretty much means I have to buy a copy (today’s games just don’t cater to the computer hardware I have and are often quite complex to boot).

    The thing that worries me is why would you do a Linux port (apart from out some sense altruism)? Why would you risk it when all the evidence points to Linux sales never matching the cost of the port (combined with the difficulty of awkward drivers and lack of standardisation)? I bet you’re going to have to put up with nasty complaints from edge Linux users too… it’s not fair! There’s an even longer “rant” on

    I fear that this is going to lead to another one of those pie charts where (for non consoles) 60% of sales are Windows 39% are OS X and a measly 1% are Linux. That not going to stop me buying World of Goo but I’m bracing myself for the (Linux port) bad news in 6 months time.

  153. dave Says:

    Thank you!

  154. FPM Says:

    That’s nothing. I used to be a homeless rodeo clown but now I am a world class magician !

  155. ilya Says:

    спасибо большое разработчикам! прошел демку на одном дыхании. обязательно куплю на этой неделе.
    поддержим хорошие игры для хорошей платформы!

  156. Tomasz Sałaciński Says:

    Just bought the game only because it has a native Linux version. At it works FLAWLESSLY on Fedora 10, without any additional dependencies! Double-click on RPM and it goes:)

    My Linux is full of goo now.

  157. Tzafrir צפריר Says:

    Did you try discussing a method with valve to maybe automate a process to help those that purchased through steam?

    I bought through steam to support you guys, would be a shame if I now can’t play on Linux because of technicalities :(

  158. Will Says:

    Kick ass game! I expected hours of recompilation and googling before it would run on linux, but no, it worked straight out of the, … , tar.gz.$20 is also an amount I hope no one will consider piracy over. You guys deserve the cash on this one.

  159. Kochka Says:

    Thanks for this cool game and the linux port !
    Works great on my x64 Kde4.2 Gentoo box but i have had to play in windowed mode due to my dual screen. In full screen, it’s weird, the display start in the middle of the first screen… (maybe something related to plasma)
    The game is very addictive, I’ve bought it and finished it the same day. Too bad that it is a bit too easy :(

  160. sirjoebob Says:

    I played the Linux version demo. Runs AMAZING and is so much fun. If I wasn’t broke and didn’t just get custody of my two year old niece, I would definitely buy this. I highly recommend this for anyone. I am so excited to see a good game made on all three major platforms.

  161. helios Says:

    Aneesh, email me at helios at fixedbylinux dott kommm

    I will send you a copy I bought.


  162. yuri Says:

    I want psp port.

  163. Longfield Says:

    Thank you for thinking about us Linux users. I had tried the demo with Wine and was waiting for the Linux port to buy the game. Keep this spirit guys.

    I can’t wait to be back home to install your very nice game.

  164. World of Goo für Linux erhältlich » F!XMBR Says:

    […] kleinen Schleimkugeln von World of Goo sind nun auch für Linux erhältlich. Selbstverständlich DRM-frei. ;- Für mich immer noch das Spiel des Jahres. The Linux version of […]

  165. Dirk Says:

    Downloading the .deb version right now, I am running Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 64 bit!

  166. Renato Golin Says:

    Great news! Now I can ditch VMWare and play natively! Thanks for such a marvellous game.

  167. b13n Says:

    GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Tomasz Sałaciński Says:

    Thank you so much for the Linux version! Works great!

  169. t_u Says:

    Thanks for supporting the linux platform ! Just bought it, this is an amazing game, and the linux port is perfect…

  170. /home/stan » Linux Goo Says:

    […] Имам си любима игра. Всъщност от години не се беше появявала игра, която да ме накара да прекарвам свободното си време с нея. World Of Goo определено си заслужава не само отделеното време, но и 20-те долара, които струва. А най-хубавото в цялата работа е, че от няколко дена си има и версия за Линукс. […]

  171. Chris Says:


    Linux Gaming FTW!

  172. World of Goo já disponível para Linux Says:

    […] Já havíamos mencionado este jogo anteriormente: “O jogo é baseado em um esquema de construção de estruturas interligadas, com elementos de física seriamente inseridos aos seus movimentos. Isso significa que você deverá estar sempre atento ao peso de cada pedaço da estrutura, além de condições adversas, como vento e tremores, que poderão fazer com que suas construções desabem facilmente em ações mal sucedidas.” (via […]

  173. Andask Says:

    It is GREAT!!!

    The best native game for Linux in MY opinion!

    God bless you guys, and keep making good games for GNU/Linux, it is a good market. =]

  174. World of Goo: An Eye Popping Game Ported to Linux Says:

    […] World of Goo gave us Linux users a chance to dispel this myth once and for all. According to the developer’s blog: It’s only been 2 days since the release of the Linux version and it already accounts for 4.6% […]

  175. World of Goo Linux Version is Ready! « Internet Making Money Says:

    […] Check it out here: […]

  176. Vadim P. Says:

    Glad to see the record was beaten. Unfortunately my pre-order didn’t count :P

  177. Michael Says:

    Hopefully this will show other game developers that a Linux port makes sense… *cough* Crayon Physics Deluxe *cough* Braid *cough*

    It’s kind of sad that other publishers (LGP) now use DRM. It’s really a shame. I’m not a hardcore “release the source or I won’t buy” person, but DRM is a bit too much. I could cry seeing Shadowgrounds is now set to be published by LGP with DRM :'(

  178. World of Goo für Linux | Says:

    […] man bei Friedrich, Chris und natürlich beim Herausgeber 2D Boy lesen kann, ist World of Goo endlich für mein Lieblings-Betriebssystem […]

  179. Max Says:

    Thanx for the linux support!

  180. Iuri Fiedoruk Says:

    This is the first game I ever bought by the internet (no physical copy).
    It is awesome, I had playied it on Linux using Wine, and I made sure to pay to download the Linux version because you guys deserve the sucess. It runs fine (just a few sound hipucks) even on my eeePC 701.

    If you ever release a World of Goo 2, count me int! :)

  181. More copies of World of Goo sold when GNU/Linux version was released than any other day » A Division by Zer0 Says:

    […] just noticed a small update on the 2D Boy’s announcement of the GNU/Linux version for World of Goo. Update 4: It’s only been 2 days since the release of the Linux version and it already accounts […]

  182. carnagex420x Says:


  183. Stephen Huggard Says:

    Just bought the game, its amazing to have a linux version. Hope we see more linux games in future!

  184. matteo Says:

    No DRM, Native Linux Version, Cool Game => Instant Buy ! Thank you for supporting Linux !

  185. Flo Says:

    Thanks for the Linux Version, bought it today and waiting till download finished.
    GO FOR GOLD, 2D BOY ! =)

  186. ottk3 Says:

    This game is great! I would love to see you selling the boxed linux version!

  187. conehead Says:

    Fair price, great game! Thanks for the Linux port, its up and running on 64bit Jaunty.

  188. bert2002 Says:

    Thanks a lot. Now I can buy this great game. Thanks a lot for the Linux Version.

  189. World of Goo - Linux Sales Says:

    […] figures have emerged regarding the Linux release of World of Goo. 2D Boy have revealed that more copies were sold on their website on the Linux release day than any […]

  190. World of Goo for Linux | Yet Another Linux Blog Says:

    […] I previously spoke about the game “World of Goo” a few months ago on Yet Another Linux Blog.  I was eagerly anticipating the release of a Linux port of the game and attempted to drum up support for the release of the game for the Linux platform.  All the efforts of bloggers everywhere has paid off.  Today, 2d Boy, the gaming studio behind “World of Goo” have released a Linux version of the game! […]

  191. alzen Says:

    Great move! Go for Linux! :)

  192. Janusz11 Says:

    Guys, I’m so glad that the Linux version had such a fantastic start. And of course I’m glad that you decided to release it for Linux. It’s my second native Linux game (after Eschalon: Book I) and I have to say: it simply rocks!

    So please, keep up the great work. Would be wonderful to see some more kick-ass games from you guys!

  193. Keith Says:

    Beautiful! Now I can play at work as well as home :D

  194. The Fiddler Says:

    Linux version? You’ve got a customer!

  195. Andrew Magnus Says:

    I think Ken Starks deserves a plug here. Yeah, he’s my friend and I am a sometimes volunteer for his HeliOS Project but still. Ken’s popular blog, bumped by Gedace’s initial report made all this happen. Once Blog of helios popped the story, it went viral via slashdot and Christian Einfeldt’s report in 3 hours.

    Just goes to show what one man can do. Ken would have never said it himself so I will say it. Thanks Ken for all you do for the Community. This game absolutely rocks. 2DBoys rock as well.

  196. Nikos Says:

    At last I can play this without the annoying reboot into Windows.

  197. » Blog Archive » World of Goo (Linux) Says:

    […] das ist doch mal ein Blog eintrag wert. World of Goo ist in der Linux und Mac (gabs das schon vorher) erschienen. Habe das Spiel mal bei einem Freund […]

  198. Emanem Says:

    Just bought a copy for Linux. Didn’t try the demo, but for 16 Eur it seemed outrageous not to buy it, given all the absolutely positive feedback it got!


    Ps. I got a DEB (using Ubuntu 8.10 so…)

  199. Isaak Says:

    Tried the demo and now gonna buy it :D

  200. Chuckula Says:

    Hey! I bought the Linux version today and this game ROCKS!! It’s nice to see that developers CAN make professional, slick, and FUN games for Linux just like any other platform, and I’ll line up to buy anything you guys release for Linux in the future!

  201. Jouan Says:

    A game of this quality on Linux is a blessing !

    The Linux version works perfectly. Awesome job!
    Thanks a lot !

  202. Phil Says:

    Thanks guys, you are awesome :) I bought the game in the hope you will soon release the Linux version. Now finally I can enjoy this game fully without reboot.

  203. World of Goo - demo Says:

    […] comercial, presente para outras plataformas como Windows e Mac OS X e Nintendo WII, seu preço no site do desenvolvedor é de U$ 20,00. Apesar disso, vemos que os produtores tiveram a preocupação de portar o game para […]

  204. Carlos Brolo Says:

    Works fine on Ubuntu :-)

  205. kto Says:

    Muchas gracias por el juego, esta realmente bueno. Funciona bien en Ubuntu 8.04 =). Se agradece que consideren las plataformas GNU/Linux.

  206. Jordi Says:

    I have definitely bought it because of the Linux version.
    And also became a fan or 2Dboy because of that. The keynote video and the robotsandcities game are amazing. Keep this path, I love it.

  207. Enlaces Interesantes « Gabuntu Says:

    […] noticia la puedes ver directamente desde su página web. Quizás esos son los mejores $20 dólares que puedes gastar en un juego. Si no has probado el […]

  208. Alkylopathe Says:

    Refreshing game. Reminds me of good old Lemmings. And for the same price : it’s on Linux, without DRM, and it’s running like a charm. Thank you !

  209. Pekka Salmela Says:

    Works like a charm in Ubuntu. I did not hesitate a moment to buy it. I already bought it for my girlfriend from Steam and now again for myself. Thank you you so much for your great game and especially porting it to Linux!

    Rock on!

  210. Piatriot Says:

    Long live Linux!
    Long live Belarus!

  211. Tom Says:

    I bought the Linux – version of WoG. This is really a gem and worth every single cent.
    Keep up the outstanding work :D!

    Thank you.

  212. Bill Says:

    I bought it on Steam expecting to download the Linux version when it was released. Sad to see it not free for Steam purchasers, but happy to have a Linux version at all. Guess I’ll just buy the Linux version too.

  213. Tribaal Says:

    Heya! I already bought WoG on WiiWare, and just bought it again for Linux.

    The real added value is the ability to play on my daily commute now (1h train each way). The TV set and Wii were *much* less practical to carry about ;)

    Great game! Thanks for releasing it on linux!

    – Trib’

  214. geamANDura Says:

    I wanted to write exactly what this guy said:

    balint HUNGARY Says:
    February 14th, 2009 at 8:24 am
    I’ve bought the game specifically because:
    a. No DRM
    b. Linux support
    c. Indie developer
    In the order of importance.


  215. VG247 » Blog Archive » World of Goo Linux is success for 2D Boy Says:

    […] here: It’s only been 2 days since the release of the Linux version and it already accounts for 4.6% of […]

  216. Javi Says:

    Thank you! Just bought it and it’s so so funny!

  217. Mixu Says:

    It’s great news the port to linux!!!
    Now i’m really going to buy it :D
    Tons of thanks for thinking on us linux users.

  218. World Of Goo para GNU/Linux listo! Says:

    […] Posted by Mixu Videojuegos Subscribe to RSS […]

  219. John Says:

    Bought this, originally just to support a Linux native game and now I can’t put it down ;)

    I also really appreciate that its DRM free and this also played a factor in buying it.

    I wish you well and hope you get the success and sales you deserve. In return I hope we get more Linux native games!


  220. 79spitfire Says:

    The Goo is very addictive, and runs great on my Mepis8-64bit computer!
    Thanks for making a quality product!

  221. diazamet Says:

    Bought the game on the first day of release.

    Brilliant game, thanks for supporting Linux

  222. Tayron Says:

    The linux demo even works on ubuntu on vmware:D though it really lags. but still, great job:)

  223. World of Goo llega a Linux » Consultorio del Dr. Ogalinski Says:

    […] no usar Linux nunca ha sido cierta, ahora cada vez lo es menos aún. Esta vez le toca el turno a World of Goo, el cual por si no lo conoces es un juego de física bastante divertido y que no hace mucho obtuvo […]

  224. mige Says:

    tanks for this amazing and ultra funny game

  225. jjk Says:

    Very nice to have a native WOG… but… the Windows original under Wine runs a lot better on my (admittedly prehistoric) machine (dual PIII 500MHz, NVIDIA 5700 graphics). In Wine, a few of the levels are unplayable due to lag*, but with the native version it gets ridiculous (WOG Corporation with 300 free balls -> ~1 FPS).

    I guess I’ll have to stick to the Wii version until I scrape together enough dough for a new computer :-)

    (*) That &$%&@$&$% one with the tilting platform in particular. Arrrgh.

  226. Tom Says:

    Thank you for not forgetting the Linux users!

  227. lazzareth Says:

    I pirated the game when it was first released but promised I would buy the game when it was released on linux (My main desktop OS).

    Since then I have purchased the Linux version AND the Wii version, I just love this game that much.

    Looking forward to your next game release .. any idea on whats next?

  228. Fnioib Says:

    I bought the game only because it has a linux version and it was worth the money :-)

    very funny game.

  229. Jeu: World of Goo disponible sous Linux • S h a d o s p h e r e Says:

    […] quantité aléatoire selon les niveaux. Je vous conseille d’essayer la démo de ce jeu sur le site officiel pour vous faire une idée. Personnellement j’ai passé d’excellents moments sur ce soft […]

  230. wien Says:

    Well, you convinced me. 20 shiny dollars are currently making their way to your bank account. Thanks for supporting my favourite OS.

  231. Lost Guy Says:

    dang now i wish i wouldn’t have bought WOG via steam. steam sucks!

  232. Johannes Says:

    Great job!
    Linux version is perfectly smooth, if I had money I would by the complete game. (I’m only a student)

    PS. A “native” 64 bits version would be even better!

  233. Jackson Says:

    Thanks for the great game and the even better linux support!

    I also love the lack of DRM; not treating customers like criminals is a big plus.

  234. Everett Says:

    I would be hideously remiss if I didn’t thank you for releasing a Linux version. I admit to not paying a lot of attention to the game when it was released on WiiWare, but the Linux demo (released as a .deb, no less!) got me to give it a look, which led to the full purchase.

    Great stuff. Thank you for supporting my platform of choice.

  235. thpar Says:

    Works great! Very nice work on the Linux version.

    I completed the game on Windows in the meantime, but I guess the OCD’s will be a challenge for my linux machine.

  236. Eruaran Says:

    I’m downloading the demo for GNU/Linux right now. And I will buy the full version when I’ve been to the bank this week ;)

    Thanks for supporting the penguin !


  237. jake Says:

    Bought World of Goo on Steam and have been playing it on Ubuntu through Wine since the release! Great game! Go linux!

    For those who bought on steam, look into running Steam on Wine, and you run World of Goo just like you would on windows!

    Cheers! Glad the linux version is putting a dent in your big picture!

  238. World of Goo Now Available for Linux « Linux Type Stuff Says:

    […] take note and we see more top games crossing over to Linux. You can get your copy now at the 2D Boy website for $20, a bargain if you ask […]

  239. Maz Says:

    Thanks a lot for linux gamers! Beautiful game! Linux’s users don’t forget 2D Boy!

  240. World of Goo para Linux « Xonos Says:

    […] de 32 bits, pero también funciona en 64 forzándolo. Además, la gente de 2DBoy ha hecho un post donde comunican la gran aceptación de la versión de Linux, y de lo contentos que están de […]

  241. Eric Mesa Says:

    I will buy this as soon as I get home from work. Thanks for looking out for Linux when so few companies do! Yeah – we Linux users bought the most on release day – screw anyone who says Linux users don’t buy games!

  242. Nenad Radulovic Says:

    Really nice and addictive game. Very nice for using open source tools and libraries. The demo is just great!

  243. p4 Says:

    Thank you for this great Game
    This game rocks with Linux :)

  244. Cap'n Lee Says:

    i think that where as with windows and wii these guys are plucky underdogs, with linux they’re much bigger fish in a small pond.

    not many developers support linux and i’m glad that those that take the risk are commended for doing so, the day that 2dboy announce their next game is the day i preorder it

  245. Chris Edwards Says:

    Glad that you can find that there is a market for games on Linux. I downloaded the demo and played it all the way through and found that I must have the full version! I was not disappointed. Thanks for using open source libraries and supporting the platform I use. One of the best $20.00 I have ever spent. Keep it up!

  246. IGnatius T Foobar Says:

    Will the Linux version eventually be included in the “boxed” edition that can be purchased? I’m thinking about gifts here, and download links aren’t very wrappable.

  247. david96 Says:

    Excellent! With ia32-libs, it works perfect for the 64bit architecture.
    I will immediately buy the game!
    A big thank you to you have not forgotten those on Linux ! :)

  248. Schven Says:

    Runs flawlessly on my Intrepid x64. My 8-year old son an I have been loving it.

    The gaming industry should take note.
    Thank you so much for saving me a reboot into Windows.


  249. Scullder Says:

    it’s innovative, it’s fun, it’s cheap, it has awesome graphics and it runs smoothly on my old computer (geforce fx5700le) : absolutely excellent.
    It’s the first game I buy for 6 years ;) Keep developping good game for Linux please ;)

  250. sonny Says:


  251. Etric Says:

    Thanks for the Linux version.

    The Game is great. Last time i enjoyed a game that much was when “the incredible machines” was released. The fact that it is also released for linux makes it twice as good :)

    keep up the good work and i’ll buy your next games too :)

  252. Mandeep Says:

    Thanks so much for making WoG available for Linux! I just bought it now, wish I had been able to do it on the day of release and contribute to those download numbers. I hope you’ll consider making any future games cross-platform from the start, if possible.

    I’ll be recommending the game to everyone I think will listen :)

  253. Sebastian Says:

    Thanks for supporting Linux. You’re one of the few game developers that too. Undoubtedly it’s one of the reasons you’re getting so many sales. It looks like a cool game, I might buy it :).

  254. JohnW Says:

    Works beautifully on x86-64 gentoo, KDE 3.5, one screen, using packages. I was going to stop at the demo, but hey, 20 bucks is cheap to support Linux gaming. Good work!

  255. alexx Says:

    Thanks so much for making WoG available for Linux! I just bought it now, wish I had been able to do it on the day of release and contribute to those download numbers. I hope you’ll consider making any future games cross-platform from the start, if possible.

    I’ll be recommending the game to everyone I think will listen :))

  256. philippe Says:

    thanks you for doing great games for linux !
    I could now purchase and enjoy it !
    may i sugest to publish linux version first next time ? :-D
    (or together)
    please escuse my poor written english !

  257. Beemer Says:

    I bought this when it first came out (since they said they would do Linux version). Great game at a perfect price! And you can move this ‘windows’ buyer over to your linux column now btw :)

  258. nabla Says:

    Just bought (only using the Linux version). Thanks!

  259. corneliux Says:

    Cool !
    Une version Linux et en français en plus.
    Je viens d’essayer la démo : Tout bonnement génial !
    Félicitations aux développeurs et aux créatifs !

  260. Says:

    World of Goo für Linux erschienen…

    Die kleine Independent-Spielschmiede 2D Boy hat sein Versprechen gehalten und das Geschicklichkeitsspiel World of Goo nun auch für Linux herausgebracht. Bei dem Spiel geht es darum, aus Schleimbällen waghalsige Gerüste zu bauen, damit diese ein Abs…

  261. Particlese Says:

    Add one more to the pool of thanks for the Linux version! Also, thank you for the update about x86_64 compatibility. I wasn’t aware of those libraries before, but World of Goo is now working quite nicely on the AMD64 version of Kubuntu 8.10. :)

    Additional thanks to some Planet KDE bloggers, which is how I found out about this.

  262. sara Says:

    I bought the game only because it has a linux version and it was worth the money :-)

    very funny game..

  263. World of Goo naar Linux « KELLEE. Says:

    […] spel kan je hier downloaden in Linux-versie voor 20 dollar. Indien je het spel al had, kan je deze versie gratis […]

  264. Faron Says:

    Thanks works great on
    Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller

  265. pbsmind Says:

    Also wondering when/if this will be available through greenhouse?

  266. Human-error Says:

    Descargando para probar…. Ya lo baje :D Gracias por el aporte ;)

  267. Human-error Says:

    Esta genial en openSUSE 11.1 adictivo :D

  268. Kaaos Says:

    This game is awesome,i will buy it…thanks from ubuntu linux

  269. Gabriel Acevedo H. Says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of us, the Linux’s users.

    Keep going!

  270. CnStevie » World of Goo versão Linux lançada! Says:

    […] Fonte: […]

  271. Anon Says:

    Thanks for the updated stats – interesting reading. Is it possible to buy a box set direct from 2D Boy (presumably for other platforms) but then download the Linux version (assuming the box set doesn’t come with the Linux version inside it already) without extra cost? I’m happy to pay a little more for some sort of box + Linux support…

  272. World of Goo disponible para LInux « Webeando en la red Says:

    […] pequeño equipo de 2 desarrolladores de 2D Boy, ambos ex-empleados de la gigante Electronic Arts, anunciaron así la disponibilidad de una versión para Linux de su premiado juego World of Goo. Kyle Gabler y Ron […]

  273. TT Says:

    Thanks SO much for releasing on Linux! WOG is a sparkling oasis of cross-platform, drm-free goodness in an otherwise barren desert of… uh… sand.

  274. david Says:

    Thanks – I really only buy pc games designed for linux, or occasionally ones that work really good in wine. Works pretty well on an older vaio (1.6ghz, 512mb, intel 850 graphics, ubuntu 8.10)

  275. Christian Says:

    Thank you so much guys for making this great game available for Linux !
    That was the reason i bought the game (beside the fact that this game is addicting ;-) ) ..

    You just got my 20$ ..

    When comparing the os usage numbers please keep in mind that there are many people out there who bought the game via steam/box who would also play on linux if you would give them the ability to download the linux version …

  276. ciasaboark Says:

    No support for transferring saved games linux->windows windows->linux? Would be nice if saved games could be uploaded to a 2d boy server.

  277. Sslaxx Says:

    Got another customer here, come pay day.

  278. which.chick Says:

    This runs so nicely on my laptop (64bit Ubuntu, Hardy), no trouble at all. It’s a thoughtful and coherent game that I’ve really enjoyed playing (almost done the first time through, will need to go back and redo for OCD purposes). Good job! Keep me posted when your next game comes out. :)

  279. eyecreate Says:

    @ciasboark: The save game files are the same. I bought the game before the Linux port came out, unable to wait any longer, so I played most of the game under WINE(windows API for linux). I was able to take the save game from there and copy it to the location it was supposed to be in Linux, and it worked fine. I’m pretty sure it works the other way too. Uploading the save to a server would be nice too, but isn’t needed if all you are want is win->lin or lin->win.

  280. Guille Says:

    AMAZING !!! Thanks a lot 2D !!!

  281. Ray Says:

    A review of the game, and (maybe) the level editor will be published in our monthly appearing, free CC licenced Linux magazine Yalm. Release date is the 15. of march

    We hope, we can support you and other developers for porting awesome games to Linux. Cheers

  282. Craig Says:

    Thank-you so much :-) [and yes I purchased it… many OCD hours of fun to come]

  283. Twenty Bucks « Loobin’ the Tubes Says:

    […] 22, 2009 2DBoy posted some very interesting numbers on Linux sales for World of Goo.  That’s good news, but how was it […]

  284. Michael Says:

    @ciasaboark: well no automatic support but you can carry over the save from either the demo or the windows version just fine.

  285. nbensa Says:


    Three things:

    1) please, md5sum of the downloads.

    2) for Linux, please, offer a 64bit version (I know the 32bit version works, but this’ XXI century and we have 64bit processors and OSes now…)

    3) I have just bought the game. Will you email me with updates (bug fixes, 64bit availability, etc)?


  286. TooM Says:

    I just bought it, and download the *.deb version for my (ubuntu 64 bits) computer, and I adore it! Thank you so much to make a game of quality for linux users! and thanks for the french version too !!! Do you plan a Chinese translation (for my wife)?? ;)

  287. Nix Says:

    Astoundingly brilliant, purchased at once. I’ll have to severely constrain my gameplay (dragging is a worst-case for my RSI), but I don’t care. It’s so sweet that a little pain is worth it.

  288. Dega Says:

    I gave the linux demo of this a try and holy crap this game is a blast. I immediately bought the full version once I finished the first chapter. A popular addicting game released on linux with no DRM for just $20? How could I not support that? You guys are awesome and anyone who pirates this game needs a swift kick in the groin. You heard me. There is no reason for pirating this game besides being a cheapskate. If you really do want to put and end to DRM then buy this game and prove them wrong.

  289. Jordi Says:

    More stats would be really interesting. I think you can open the door to other small sized developers to Linux.
    I became fan of 2dBoy, if any new development is on the way, please make it work on Linux also, here you have a costumer.

  290. CnStevie » Lançada a versão Linux de World of Goo! Says:

    […] Fonte: […]

  291. christz Says:

    Thank you for publishing this game under linux!

    I am running Gentoo i686 with KDE 4.2. The game works flawlessly ;-)

  292. Shannon VanWagner Says:

    Cool.. WOG is now on the Linux Games Database at:

    Way to go 2D Boy!!

    Shannon VanWagner

  293. Orlsend Says:

    I am going to add this to my wish list for my birthday. finally Linux has a good native game!

    This so GOOd!

    Congrats you guys made history!

  294. Andre Says:

    I love you, 2D Boy! –> bought it

  295. .tomi Says:

    I tried the Linux version and, to my suprise, it works marvelous!
    Think I’ll buy this one. ^_^
    It’s nice that you can make a game, that people will buy and be well-known, in a small studio like yours in this day and age.

  296. Kai Blaschke Says:

    Thanks a lot for making this great game available for Linux! This are $20 well spend.

  297. Maxime Carey Says:

    Common guys, do an update to the steam version and add the binaries for Linux to it! Just static link them and we’ll be fine. I simply don’t want to get it the bad way. I loved World of Goo and I definitely looking foward your next title :D

  298. Fabio Says:

    I would buy it if it run native in 64 bits machines without the need of compability layers..

  299. doorknob60 Says:

    Cool, the demo works perfect on my Arch64. Most native games, especially closed source ones, can be annoying to set up. This one however, I just downloaded, extracted, and ran the binary. If I like the demo I’ll greatly consider buying it, as I love supporting companies that support Linux. Just now found out about this game, so I don’t know how much I’ll like it, but I’ve heard amazing things about it, so I probably will like it :) Thanks for supporting Linux :D

  300. Sslaxx Says:

    Nice way to spend some money! Just brought it. Cheers!

  301. kpanic Says:

    buyed! happy gnu/linux user! also dled the windoze version for fun :)

  302. Heikki Says:

    Bought this game today and it works great on my Debian 5.0. Hopefully we see additional level packs soon :)

  303. dentaku Says:

    Fantastic physics game with lot of fun stylish atmosphere! Was happy to see a Linux version and after playing through the demo on my 64 Bit Ubunut, I just bought the full version and continued just a few minutes later with the next levels. Thanks you so much for supporting Linux! You guys are heros! :-D

  304. dentaku Says:

    by the way: I would like to see some more Linux full version statistics like, how many copies were sold? WHat’s the percentage share of Linux copies compared to Windows and Macs?

  305. zulu9 Says:

    Just bought the game. Works great on my sidux/debian-unstable and kde4. Thanks so much for this great piece of work and especially the linux version. Now I only miss the level editor ;)

    I will play with multimouse-“support” and using my wiimote with it soon too :)

  306. jon Says:

    Few games warrant being purchased multiple times. I bought first for the wii, and now for pc. Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great game multiplatform. Runs very well on Arch 64-bit.

    Then you guys went the extra mile and released it DRM free. It’s rare these days for a software company to show that amount of respect to their customers. So thanks again for releasing a game that’s free of that annoyance.

    It’s funny really: A game from a tiny dev team that understands the concept of fun, dripping with creativity, and DRM free. You guys are the anti-EA :D

    @dentaku: February 24th, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    I’d imagine the stats are going to be a bit tricky in terms of finding how many were sold for which platform since you get access to all platforms in the download link. Probably the most helpful would be how many times each platform installer was downloaded from the secret location.

  307. junta Says:

    I also bought the game!! It’s so addicting! I hope 2dboys future games will also be published for linux!!
    I’m running Ubuntu!

  308. Fabioamd87 Says:

    Tanks a lot!

  309. Buffalo Says:

    I’ve just purchased the game and I’m waiting for the .deb and .exe packages to download. I just wanted to thank you for porting this game to Linux. As a platform, Linux is rapidly evolving and growing at a steady pace. Still, commercial game support is one of the major sticking points holding Linux back from widespread desktop adoption. I believe that if more studios followed your lead by supporting this alternative OS, it would enjoy even more rapid growth.

    Also, thanks to all my fellow Linux users who have supported these guys by purchasing the game.

  310. Steve Dougherty’s Blog » Blog Archive » World of Goo Linux! Says:

    […] World of Goo Linux version is released!  The deb is for i386, but the tar.gz works fine for me. I probably have some 32-bit […]

  311. kpanic Says:

    world of goo review in italian! :)

  312. QUASAR Says:

    I bought the Linux version and played, GREAT GAME, i can’t wait until you release another game, thank you!

  313. Albob Says:

    Merci les gars!

    I’m really glad you ported this for GNU/Linux, it’s working perfectly. I’m a programmer and I was wondering what tools and librairies you used to port the game. There are always issues concerning performances, licences, etc, tell us about it.

    Jonathan Blown had problems with that and seemed to have given up ( and following comments. It ends as war between pro win32 and pro GNU/linux people though…)

  314. World of GOO « Artrus’s Weblog Says:

    […] World of Goo versión para linux […]

  315. b0rsuk Says:

    I tried to purchase the game, but unfortunately you use PayPal for payments. My card has been rejected. Visa Electron + Poland = PayPal Discrimination. Last time I checked, they said it was because many scams come from Poland, eastern Europe etc using Electron cards. This means I’d have to upgrade my credit card to buy World of Goo. I don’t feel like going through the formalities. I may buy it one day, but it will have to wait.
    PayPal is the only payment system thatkeeps rejecting my card.

  316. Gerwin Says:

    After 5 minutes of playing the demo, I ordered the game instantly :) It simply rocks!

  317. r0ckarong Says:

    I have to admit that I pirated World of Goo after a buddy recommended I play it but since I wasn’t going to spend money on a Windows executable to run with WINE I “just got it”. Then you guys released the Linux version and there was no question in my mind that I should pay for this game once it ran natively. I hate spending money on Windows games not knowing if they’ll break or not run at all. There is a Linux game market, thanks for proving it once again :P

  318. plane Says:

    I saw the game at a friend’s on Wii, and when I got home bought the Linux version for myself, and I just plugged you guys on my LJ. I’m really impressed with the job you did on the Linux version! Rock on!

  319. Mic Says:

    I tried the game pirated about 2 month ago, but when I found the linux version I bought it immediately!
    The game is awesome, the freedom of choice (windows, mac, linux,wii) is great and the drm free is the icing on the cake!
    Thank you 2D BOY!!

  320. Ulmo Says:

    Thank you for the native Linux version! the .DEB worked flawlessly on my Ubuntu system.

  321. kosmi Says:

    And i must say huge thank you, on this huge comments list:). Because i can’t use paypal, my friend
    from USA bought it for us and sent to me. That 2 copies cost me 30 €, but goo cares;).

  322. Adam Says:

    Amazing. I am buying the full version when I get payed Friday! (Ubuntu Intrepid) :D Thanks for a game worthwhile to buy for Linux!!!!

  323. Archy Says:

    oh cool! game the best
    thx for .deb installer=)

  324. Hans im Glück » Blog Archive » World of Goo Says:

    […] dem Blog von 2D Boy schrieb Kyle Gabler, dass es anscheinend einen Markt für Linux Spiele gäbe. Die Linux Version kam ja etwas später aber sobald die Version da war (übrigens […]

  325. annerajb Says:

    good job i wish more people made games as awesome as this for linux.

  326. silver Says:

    linux client, no drm, no copy protection, much love, much more fun, sweet story. yeah!!!

    this reminds me on the good old days, where gamers developed games and not stock corporation. i hope you guys continue and bring us much more fantastic games without drm and with a linux client. also if i would not like this game (but i really love it), i would buy it, only to show you, this is the right way to publish games.

    hell, i love this game so much. thanks a lot.

  327. I love MOM! Says:

    World of Goo 4 ever!

  328. saraa Says:

    Thanks a lot for linux gamers! Beautiful game! Linux’s users don’t forget 2D Boy!!

  329. Séverin Says:

    Yeeah! Another one (very) happy Linux player :-D

  330. GrapitixBlog » Blog Archive » Rescatando a las esferitas: World of Goo Says:

    […] para los desarrolladores, y además en Wii. Yo lo he probado en Windows PC, ya lo haré luego en Linux que he visto que lo tienen para compilar, rpm y […]

  331. Jimmy Says:

    Great game! Well done 2D boys!

    Can we have an update on the Linux sales stats? ^_^

  332. Davide Says:

    Thanks for the Linux version,
    I bought it immediately! :D

  333. 11 Says:

    Interesting game, tried the demo for a while. And I’m definitely going to buy it, thank god for a game with Linux client. ;-)

    (I don’t like FPS games!)

  334. Jefferson Niitsu Says:

    Linux version rulez! I’ll buy it this week!
    Keep up the good work guys!

  335. franket Says:

    Cool !!!

    Test with .DEB

    Thank you. and I will buy it. :)

  336. itsamii Says:

    Just bought it, good work. Thanks for the non-DRMness and Linux version.
    Would appreciate a proper 64 bit build though.

  337. Nyc Westport Says:

    Thanks 2dBoy, I really want to buy this.
    But I guess you guys haven’t noticed (yet) that Pay pal is really not a pal.
    Why can Steam’s download be updated to include the GNU/Linux versions?

  338. Michael Says:

    Paypal is a problem for you but you consider using Steam? Wow….

  339. H from Germany Says:

    Thanks for the Linux port of Goo. I already licensed it though I couldn’t test it yet since I’m redoing my X org system and had severe compilation(it’s a Gentoo system)/runtime issues with my X. Stupid xorg-server 1.5. But since it is platform independent I could probably also try it on W32.
    I’m excited to see World of Goo when my X is again up and running.

    @ above Nyc Westport
    Me too wonders what should be better in using Steam than Paypal. I mean PP istn’t perfect (it was better before ebay bought it) but Steam… is something I’d rather aviod. Anyway, whatever.

  340. H from Germany Says:

    I love World of Goo being free of Digital RESTRICTION management. It’s the most sucking things in today’s games. Defective by design. Not that a lot of games are created without love today, no, far worse is the DRM that keeps especially the paying customer from playing. I so oftern hear from friends that some games they just bought won’t run due to copy protection issues.
    It is a wise decision to keep it DRM free and have it just working. Thanks again!

  341. JB Says:

    Argh… I’ve played about 1/3 of the demo (on Linux) and liked it a lot (don’t have much time for games though so I left it at that). When I saw it for $5 on Steam, well, that’s a no brainer! But the Linux version isn’t available through Steam!?

    I’m steamed!


  342. Stephen Says:

    Fantastic game, but please sort out the steam situation.

    As others have mentioned, use steam to push out a unique link for each paid-up subscriber, so they can get their hands on the native version.

    Keep up the good work.

  343. The “No Goo Left Behind” Act | Time Doctor Dot Org Says:

    […] but the game is definitely more substantial than you might think from having just played the demo. It is even available for Linux now! Apple fans can get it, too. One license from 2dboy’s site appears to let you play it on any […]

  344. onli blogging Says:

    Verkaufserfolg World of Goo…

    Die Linuxversion von World of Goo hat sich scheinbar nicht schlecht verkauft. Allgemein ist das Spiel wohl ein Erfolg gewesen, daher ist es besonders beachtlich wenn die Linuxverkäufe einen wahrnehmbaren Prozentteil ausmachen.

    Zwei Tage nach dem Re…

  345. Tecsomanu Says:

    Gr8t !

  346. Milojica Says:

    Found about it today.Interesting game.

  347. Nikesh Says:

    Never tried it but looking at the comments above I really want to try it out on Linux and see how it goes, I had a look at the demo and it’s looking kool.

    Great work guys :)

  348. oxmosys Says:

    Thank you so much for this! This game is incredible and works very great on Linux! Long life to WoG and 2Dboy :)

  349. Montana Says:

    AMAISING GAME!!! im looking forward to see the next project of you guys!!! :D

  350. krutoileshii Says:

    Dam it, why did it buy it on steam :( i would much rather have a Linux version, rebooting to XP sucks

  351. John Hunt Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! If more games like this were available on Linux, many many more people would use Linux over other OSes. I have bought myself a copy of the game as I think it’s awesome! My vision has gone funny already!

  352. 11 Says:

    @Nyc Westport

    I’d never buy anything on steam even if it was available on *nix. Simply because of one reason; You’re locked to the program.

    What if they completely discard the steam product? Then you can say goodbye to all the games you’ve purchased (worst case scenario).

    No thanks.. I’d rather pay Paypal a small sum than getting locked to a program to be able to play the games. ;-)

    And, thanks to the 2dboy team for a truly beautiful game.

  353. brink Says:

    bogus! I got the boxed edition (as a gift) and wanted to use it on my eeepc, the demo runs awesome on it. Disappointed that it didn’t have the linux version included, I sent an email, but no response yet in the last few days, I can see how it is now.

    I have to debate if it’s really worth another 20$ for the linux version…probably not.

  354. Marcos Says:

    I’ve just bought it because it’s not only amazing, but also because it’s DRM free and available for Linux!
    Keep up the great job guys!

  355. terkoz Says:

    good job i wish more people made games as awesome as this for linux.

  356. antenna Says:

    Just bought this, thank you for supporting Linux! (& DRM free even).
    I look forward to playing it later.

  357. Matthew Says:

    Thank you porting this game to Linux! I’m happy to spend the $20 for an excellent game w/o the usual DRM garbage.

  358. plash Says:

    Grats on the release!
    I hope this proves as an example for further projects and to other people: We LOVE Linux releases!

  359. WindPower Says:

    I would have bought the game on the site, but a friend offered me the game on Steam via the gift feature, so I had no choice but to get the game via Steam. And now I can’t get the Linux version D:

  360. moleung Says:

    Extremely lovely and playable, I have to admit that this is the first ever game I have purchased for my PC… afterall I don’t play games on my PC all that much. Thank you so much for support on Linux! and of course the DRM free as well!

  361. M1AU Says:

    Many thanks for this great game. I purchased it after waiting for quite some time till it get released on, but after reading that it won’t ever be released there, I bought it directly through your website.

    Well thanks again and hopefully your next game will also be released for the Linux platform. =)

  362. Michales Michaloudes Says:

    Great music (and game of course)

  363. World of Goo – demo | LinuxnaNet Says:

    […] comercial, presente para outras plataformas como Windows e Mac OS X e Nintendo WII, seu preço no site do desenvolvedor é de U$ 20,00. Apesar disso, vemos que os produtores tiveram a preocupação de portar o game para […]

  364. Abdreas Says:

    Thank you so much for releasing a linux version. Finally a game that I don’t have to reboot to play. Thank you so much and congratulations for a excellent game.

  365. I Bring Nothing to the Table » Blog Archive » “There are no commercial games for Linux.” “OBJECTION!” [Objection!] Says:

    […] important thing to mention, the developers had the following to say on their blog: “More copies of the game were sold via our website on the day the Linux version released […]

  366. Danny Says:

    Yay, I will buy it when I have some money! Thanks for realizing there is a market for Linux games. Now if only more companies would realize that!

  367. DotMana » » World Of Goo : linux version released Says:

    […] Go go goo goo balls ! […]

  368. Bytes in the Margin Says:

    […] a good puzzle game thats easy to play in short chunks of time, I highly recommend World of Good. 2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! » Blog Archive » World of Goo Linux Version is Ready!The Linux version of World of Goo is finally ready for download! It’s available exclusively from […]

  369. Game information for Linux users | S Gateway Blog Says:

    […] World of Goo. This is a great puzzle game that will keep you busy for hours, there’s also a free playable demo version. […]

  370. &nbsp Linux Gamers Demonstrate Demand & Support Suppliers » GBGames - Thoughts on Indie Game Development Says:

    […] that game to be released long after the Windows version was. When the port was finally released, more games were sold on that day than any other day. This day beat the previous record by 40%. There is a market for Linux games after […]

  371. GBGames: Linux Gamers Demonstrate Demand & Support Suppliers | Games For You Says:

    […] that game to be released long after the Windows version was. When the port was finally released, more games were sold on that day than any other day. This day beat the previous record by 40%. There is a market for Linux games after […]

  372. Dave Says:

    I purchased World of Goo for $3.74 on clearence at Target a couple days ago (I’m cheap, I wanted to play it, and didn’t want to pirate it), and am looking into (finally) migrating to Linux. According to your site, I won’t be able to play it on Linux unless I purchase it again (which is impossible due to me not having a credit/debit card). I loved the game, but I don’t exactly love that.

  373. oivoodoo Says:

    Can I buy this game via webmoney payment system?

  374. FalconStream Says:

    Very Nice! Thanks.

  375. Irnil Says:

    Really awesome game! I’m your fan)

  376. WhiteDawn Says:

    I am glad developers like you are supporting linux, I’m definitely purchasing this ASAP.

  377. Lukaszeq Says:

    I just bought World of Goo in a box, relased in Poland by City Interactive. What should I do to receive Linux version? Many thanks for reply!

  378. verborghs Says:

    thank you, bought your game on one of my consoles (which I have (primarily) because very few games are supported on linux.) Will vote with wallet in future.

  379. WalterCool Says:

    A game for Linux??

    Nice, any development for Linux worth a lot… im going to check it out and buy it if works fine.

    Good job 2dboy =D (For wii seems great, demo was cool, but i prefer a linux version)

  380. Vattic_ Says:

    Thank you so much for supporting linux :)

  381. CB Says:

    Thank you for supporting Linux

    [quote]There is a market for Linux games after all :)[/quote]

    Of course there is :) if it wasn’t for the games windows would have been gone long ago :) :)

  382. Hemisphere Games Linux, the Numbers – Says:

    […] stat emerges: our best sales day ever (by 29%) was right after the Linux release, similar to what 2dboy experienced with World of Goo. That said, the spike is also somewhat narrower than what it was for the Windows […]

  383. Linux Gaming News » Blog Archive » Osmos Sales In Detail Says:

    […] stat emerges: our best sales day ever (by 29%) was right after the Linux release, similar to what 2dboy experienced with World of Goo. That said, the spike is also somewhat narrower than what it was for the Windows […]

  384. Why Do We Hate the Penguin? - Zachary Knight Says:

    […] Linux version of the game Linux versions account for 4.6% of the full downloads from their site. (source) During their Birthday Pay What You Want Sale, Linux downloads accounted for 17% of all downloads. […]

  385. Andrew Says:

    Now what we need is steam on linux. that would just be sweet

  386. dylan rollins \ christian lambert Says:

    can we make word of goo2 2d boy will git proffit we also r asking 4 a grant 4 the game thank you

  387. dylan rollins \ christian lambert Says:

    p.s giting inpation 4 a reply

  388. Hossein Says:

    It’s great
    thank you

  389. Trevor Philip Says:

    This was the best game I downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Centre!

    thanks so much 2D Boy! :D

  390. maya Says:

    The best game i ever played. truly.