coolest world of goo fan art ever!

it’s called fisty the snowfrog and it is the creation of Man Raised By Puffins, who posted it in a comment on john walker’s blog.  thanks for the telling us about it, john!

16 Responses to “coolest world of goo fan art ever!”

  1. Wetterdew Says:

    Fisty…Misty…and another Fisty…One of these frogs has got to go…

    Great sculpture!

  2. Roto13 Says:

    Ha ha ha ha, awesome. xD

  3. Matt Oakes Says:

    That’s so cool :P Bet he’s from the UK with all the snow we’ve had today and yesterday :P

  4. Man Raised By Puffins Says:

    Man, if I had known it was going to end up here I’d have put in a bit more effort.

    Yeah, I’m from the UK. The snow wasn’t the right consistency for rolling up a big ol’ snowman so I had a crack at something smaller scale instead.

  5. DEFE Says:

    That’s a great sculpture. Here in Southern California, maybe I could make my own Fisty out of mud or something…

  6. Tayron Says:


  7. ahmad Says:

    hey all and the guy of 2dboy i have a prob. every time i open the game it tells me fatel error :S what do i do?

  8. ahmad Says:

    ohh by the way its awesome ;D

  9. J. Says:

    Hahaha! Great! :P
    I <3 World of Goo!

  10. Hunty Says:

    Hey Kyle! I just discovered ScribBall, a Mac game which appears to be heavily inspired by Super Tummy Bubble. Thought you’d like to know about it if you didn’t already!

  11. Dodomaster Says:

    Hey, thats not fisty, its fristy.

  12. Archydemon Says:

    It’s the coolest thing i’ve ever seen!
    Great respect to 2D boy! =)

  13. gexly Says:

    Thats good idea for new kind of Goo :)

  14. Wolf Says:

    So many people obsessed with WOW…my obsesion is WOG :D :D

  15. Mashakosha Says:

    Woo, go puffins! We know you! J-server forever!

  16. Soggy2002 Says:

    Oh my. I wonder, Wolf, if you have any idea how accidentally awful that sounds… I know it stands for World of Goo, but, yeah…means something else. xD